Munajat (Supplication) 2 - Notes of Martyr Mutahhari

Munajat (Supplication) 2
(mp3 version)

Martyrdom story of imam Ali (AS), the commander of the Faithful

Invocations of Ramadan:
        - Du'a Iftitah
        - Du'a Sahar
        - Du'a Abu Hamzah Al-Thumali
        - Short du'as for each day of Ramadan

Du'a Kumayl
Du'a Nudbah
Munajat Sh'abaniyyah
Du'a Ahd

Other invocations

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Noor Library – Notes of Martyr Mutahhari

Full text of the notes of Martyr Mutahhari in 9 volumes with various capabilities

Full text of the Holy Qur’an with the calligraphy of ‘Uthman Taha, with the options to do Standard and Advanced searches in the verses

Accessibility to the 15-volume Lisan al-`Arab Dictionary to look up the difficult words

Looking up in the Program dictionary through roots and derivatives
Accessibility to various parts of the Program through dynamic research
Comparing the required texts with each other at the same time
Searching for the words in the text of the notes
Research through Selective and Tree lists
Various research capabilities like: Adding bookmarks, indexes, highlights, and annotations

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