Noor al-Wilayah

Noor al-Wilayah
A Treasury of References of Imamate and Wilayah

The full text of 187 hadith books in 442 volumes
Some 180 volumes of books having full diacritic marks: The Four Books (al-Kutub al-Arba`ah), Wasa’il al-Shi`ah, Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, and hadiths of Bihar al-Anwar

Accessibility to text of the Holy Qur’an
All Hadiths narrated about each verse
Search in hadiths related to the selected verse
Limiting the Search range to (certain) Books, Authors, Centuries, and Contents
Search by using word list
Searching for combined words
Making various lists by using “List-making” option
Four independent user environments for keeping the researches done in each environment

Linkage between texts and three Arabic dictionaries (Kitab al-`Ayn, Lisan al-`Arab, and Majma` al-Bahrayn


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