Mawsou`at Fiqh Ahl al-Bayt (as) 1.2

Mawsou`at Fiqh Ahl al-Bayt (as) 1.2
The Great Library of Shiite Fiqh

The full text of 1193 jurisprudential books and treatises in 1783 volumes by 283 authors
Mutual relation between 33 books in 117 volumes together with 188 commentaries, annotations, and translations in 806 volumes
Possibility of selecting commentaries with the capability of comparing the required texts
Possibility of determining priority order of commentaries
Accessibility to texts through both Selective List and Tree
Liming research range by Books, Authors, and Subjects
Accessibility to books by such subjects as Verses dealing with the rules, fiqh based on reasoning, Comparative fiqh, Fiqh based on fatwa, Jurisprudential rules, Sources of fiqh, and history of fiqh and jurisprudents
Topical search in more than half a million jurisprudential subjects
Search for words in texts and contents of books
Selecting the verses and searching in them using special capabilities
Seven dictionaries with various search options

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