Library of Usoul al-Fiqh - Subject Index of Bihar al-Anwar

Library of Usoul al-Fiqh
The First Professinal Library of Principles of Jurisprudence

The full text of 76 jurisprudential books in 156 volumes by 59 outstanding authors some of which are: Kifayat al-Usoul, Fara’id al-Usoul, Qawanin al-Usoul, Ma`alim al-Din, Durar al-Fawa’id, Muntaha al-Dirayah, Nihayat al-Usoul, Tahdhib al-Usoul, `Uddat al-Usoul, Usoul al-Istinbat, Buhouth fi `Ilm al-Usoul, Majma` al-Afkar, Misbah al-Usoul, Ghayat al-Usoul, `Inayat al-Usoul, and Bahr al-Fawa’d fi Sharh al-Fara’d
Mutual relation between text and commentary
Accessibility to texts through different ways
Convenient research on the texts available in the Program using various research capabilities
Possibility of copying the selected piece of text to Notepad for saving, editing and printing
Book info of the books available in the Program


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Subject Index of Bihar al-Anwar
Double (Word & Subject) Index of Hadiths of Ahl al-Bayt (as)

Full text of Bihar al-Anwar, conformable with the 110-volume print
Accessibility to more than 21 thousand keywords, 108 thousand combined keywords, 134 thousand addresses as well as 122 thousand subjects taken from Bihar al-Anwar for doing topical researches on hadiths
Possibility of comparing two texts of one or two volumes of Bihar al-Anwar
Limiting research range by volumes and subjects
Referring the synonymous terms to each other in the System of Synonyms
Distinguishing between homonymous terms in the System of Homonyms
List of dependent concepts in the System of the Related

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