<div>Bahraini activist's appeal hearing pushed to November 22</div>

This is the third hearing in Rajab’s appeal against a 2-year prison sentence, which he received after being convicted of “spreading false news” in July.

The charges stem from television interviews that Rajab gave years earlier, during which he broached Manama’s rights violations.

The next hearing has been scheduled for November 22 when the court is expected to issue its ruling in the case.

Upon the conclusion of Wednesday’s proceedings, Rajab was reportedly taken back to prion in a vehicle normally used for transporting death row inmates.

The vehicle was not air-conditioned and the rights activist was forced to endure extremely high desert temperatures, leading to shortness of breath.

Rajab faces an additional 15 years in prison over a range of other charges including those related to tweets criticizing the bombardment of Yemen and Manama’s use of torture.


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