Muharram a chance to promote sectarian harmony in Pakistan

Liaqat Baloch of Jamaat-e-Islami said Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions sacrificed their lives in Karbala to save the Muslims from divide and uniting them.

He added that Muslims in Pakistan belonging to all school of thoughts must unite and follow the path shown by Grandson of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

“We will defeat our enemies through unity and would not allow them to accomplish their evil designs against Pakistan and Islam,” he said.

Liaqat Baloch expressing his views says that National Solidarity Council with religious leaders from different school of thoughts is trying its best to create sectarian harmony in Pakistan.

He urged Muslims in Pakistan to remain vigilant against western conspiracies to divide them.

Jamaat-e-Islami leader expressed satisfaction over the strict security arrangements in Pakistan for Ashura but said that better coordination between law enforcing agencies and the public could create healthier atmosphere.

“We have been facing security issues for past many years especially on occasion of Ahsura so it is good that our police and armed forces are trying their best to provide security to the Muharram processions so that no one can exploit the religious gatherings for its ulterior motives,” he noted.


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