Childhood and Youth of Hadhrat Abbas (as)

Name : al-Abbas (a.s.)

Title : Alamdar-e-lashkar-e-Hussain (as.), Qamar bani Hashim

Agnomen : Abul Fazl


Father : Imam Ali Amir al-Muminin (a.s.)

Mother : Fatima bint-e-Huzzam ibn-e-Khalid (a.s.)

Birth : 4th Shabaan 26 AH.

Death : Martyred in Karbala (Iraq) at the age of 36, on Friday, 10th Muharram 61 AH and buried there.

Birth and Childhood

Hazrat Ali (a.s.) married Fatimah Bint-e-Huzaam Ibne Khalid (a.s.) in 24 Hijrah. Fatimah gave birth to Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) on the 4th Shabaan, 26th Hijrah. In 27th Hijrah Ja'far was born and in 29th Hijrah Uthmaan was born. Abdullah was born in 32nd Hijrah. Because she had four sons Fatima Binti Huzaam was known as Ummul Baneen (Mother of Sons).

Ummul Baneen, from the very first day she entered Hazrat Ali's (a.s.) house, treated the children of Bibi Fatimah (s.a.) with utmost respect. She brought up her own sons to look upon Imam Hassan (a.s.), Imam Hussain (a.s.), Bibi Zainab (s.a) and Bibi Kulthoom (a.s.), not as brothers and sisters but as masters and mistresses.

Imam Hussain (a.s.) was very attached to Hazrat Abbas (a.s.). When Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) was born, Hazrat Ali (a.s.) asked Imam Hussain (a.s.) to recite the adhaan and the iqamah in the ears of the child. When he was on the arms of Imam Hussain (a.s.), the infant smiled and raised his arms. There were tears in Imam Hussein’s (as.) eyes. Was it because he knew that the child was trying to say: "O Mawla I have come and will happily give these my arms and my life for you and Islam"
In early childhood Hazrat Abbas (as.) would follow Imam Hussain (a.s.) like a shadow. If Imam Hussain (a.s.) looked thirsty, Abbas (a.s.) would rush to bring him water. If Imam Hussain (a.s.) seemed hot, Abbas (a.s.) would fan him with the hem of his cloak.

At the battle of Siffeen in the 34th Hijrah, Abbas (a.s.) was only eight years old. Imam Hussain (a.s.) was fighting in the battle field. When Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) saw an enemy soldier approaching Imam Hussain (a.s.) from behind, he took a sword and rushed into the battle field and killed the enemy, at the same time crying out in a loud voice, "How can any one dare attack my Mawla while I am alive." He continued to fight maintaining his position behind Imam Hussain (a.s.). Muawiya saw this and asked, "Who is that boy?" When he was told he was Abbas ibne Ali, he said, "By God! No one can fight like that at that age except a son of Ali!"

His Youth

Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) grew up to be a tall and handsome man. He was so tall, that when he sat on a horse his feet touched the ground. He was so handsome that he was known as Qamar-e-Bani Hashim, the Moon of the family of Hashim.

Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) was also a valiant warrior. It was said that Muawiya did not dare invade Madina because of five men who were with Imam Hussain (a.s.) and could, together with their Imam, conquer a whole army. These were Muhammad Hanafia, a brother of Imam Hussain (a.s.), Hazrat Muslim ibn-e-Aqeel (a.s.), Abdullah Ibn-e-Jaffer (a.s.), Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) and Hazrat Ali ibn-al-Hussain (a.s.), our fourth Imam, Zainul 'Abideen (a.s.).

When Imam Hussain (a.s.) decided to leave Madina in the month of Rajab 60 Hijrah, he did not encourage Muhammad Hanafia and Abdullah Ibn-e-Jaffer to accompany him. He wanted to make sure that no one at the time or in the future would suggest that Hussain (a.s.) wanted to fight for the khilafah.

Just before Imam Hussain (a.s.) left Madina, Ummul Baneen (a.s.) summoned all her four sons and said to them, "My sons you must remember that while I love you, Imam Hussain (a.s.) is your Master. If Imam (a.s.) or his sisters or his children get injured or hurt while you are still alive, I will never forgive you."

There were tears in Hazrat Abbas's (a.s.) eyes as he promised his mother that he and his brothers would lay down their lives for Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his children.

Titles of Hazrat Abbas (a.s.)

1-Qamar-e-Banihashem (The Moon Of Banihashem's Progeny)

This was his most famous nickname. The reason behind that was his good looking face which was resembled to the moon.

2-Saqqa' (The One Who Brings Water)

This is his another famous nickname.Since he was dealing with bringing water to Imam Hussein (A.S)'s camps and supplying Imam's thirsty children with water, he was given this nickname.

3-Hamel-ul-Lava' (The One Who Carries the Flags)

This nick name was given to him because he was the one who carried the flag in Imam Hussein (A.S)'s troop.

4-Raees-e-Askar-al-Hussein (the Commander of Imam Hussain(a.s.)'s troops)

This nickname was given to him because he was the commander of Imam Hussain (as.)'s troops.



Banner Ziyarat of Hazrat Abbas in Karbala

Greetings of Allah, and greetings of His favourite angels, His commissioned Prophets, His pious servants, all martyrs, and truthfuls, and also true blessings, giving you joy and confidence, be on you, O the son of the Ameer ul Moomineen. I bear witness that you resigned yourself to the will of Allah.





Sincerely accepted as true, faithfully kept your promise, showed yourself as a reliable friend, with regard to the grandson of the Prophet, (blessings of Allah be on him and on his children), be (Husayn) was his (Prophet’s) chosen grandson, the sagacious guide, the successor who promoted the religion the wrongfully oppressed, so Allah rewarded you on behalf of His Messenger, Ameer ul Moomineen, Hasan and Husayn, (blessings of Allah be on them), the bet recompense that your resignation, thoughtfulness, and support (to Allah’s religion) have earned for you. How excellent is the reward available in the life eternal ! Curse of Allah be on those who killed you, curse of Allah be on those who ignored your rights; gave no importance to your sanctity; curse of Allah be on those who stood between you and the river of Furaat. I bear witness that you were wrongfully killed.Verily Allah has fulfilled the promise He made with you. I am here, O the son of the Ameer ul Momineen to present myself before you. I put faith in you, and I follow you, I am your obedient disciple, I am always ready to serve you, till Allah summons me, He is the Bet of all who direct (others) to do something. I am on your side, in your group, not among your enemies, I believe in you, and I am sure that (in the promised days) you all shall return; those who opposed you and killed you were the infidels; may Allah destroy those who gave the orders to kill you and those who carried it out. Peace be on you, O the pious obedient servant of Allah, His Messenger, Ameerul Moominee, Husan and Husayn, blessings and greetings of Allah be on them. Peace be on you, mercy and blessings of Allah be on you; His protection and His patronage be for you, also on your body and soul. I bear witness and invoke Allah to be a witness that, verily, you lived and died as the warriors of Badr and the soldiers of Allah, in the cause of Allah, faithfully served Him in the battlefield against His enemies, did your best to support His intimate friends, and defend His beloved favourites; so, may Allah, reward you the best reward, continuous, exemplary and conclusive, which He gives to those who uphold the oath of loyalty, give answer to His call, and obey His command. I bear witness that, verily, you indeed served the cause 9of Allah), and made utmost efforts to pursue its purpose. Allah, therefore , has included you among the martyrs, and let your soul rest in peace with the souls of the fortunate, awarded you a spacious space in His Paradise, in the seventh Heaven, paid tribute to you by making mention of your name in the highest circle, chosen you to move in the company of the Prophets, the truthfuls, the martyrs and the pious, and those are the best companions. I bean witness that, verily, you did not lag behind, did not turn away the face; verily, you were fully aware of the truth at the time of leaving this world, following in the pious infallibles’ and the Prophets’ footsteps, so, may Allah assemble us together (His Messenger, His representatives, you and us), all those who have surrendered to Allah. Verily, He is the most Merciful

سَلاَمُ اللَّهِ وَ سَلاَمُ مَلاَئِكَتِهِ الْمُقَرَّبِينَ وَ أَنْبِيَائِهِ الْمُرْسَلِينَ وَ عِبَادِهِ الصَّالِحِينَ وَ جَمِيعِ الشُّهَدَاءِ وَ الصِّدِّيقِينَ‏

(وَ( الزَّاكِيَاتُ الطَّيِّبَاتُ فِيمَا تَغْتَدِي وَ تَرُوحُ عَلَيْكَ يَا ابْنَ أَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ‏

أَشْهَدُ لَكَ بِالتَّسْلِيمِ وَ التَّصْدِيقِ وَ الْوَفَاءِ وَ النَّصِيحَةِ لِخَلَفِ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ آلِهِ الْمُرْسَلِ‏

وَ السِّبْطِ الْمُنْتَجَبِ وَ الدَّلِيلِ الْعَالِمِ وَ الْوَصِيِّ الْمُبَلِّغِ وَ الْمَظْلُومِ الْمُهْتَضَمِ‏

فَجَزَاكَ اللَّهُ عَنْ رَسُولِهِ وَ عَنْ أَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَ عَنِ الْحَسَنِ وَ الْحُسَيْنِ صَلَوَاتُ اللَّهِ عَلَيْهِمْ أَفْضَلَ الْجَزَاءِ

بِمَا صَبَرْتَ وَ احْتَسَبْتَ وَ أَعَنْتَ فَنِعْمَ عُقْبَى الدَّارِ

لَعَنَ اللَّهُ مَنْ قَتَلَكَ وَ لَعَنَ اللَّهُ مَنْ جَهِلَ حَقَّكَ وَ اسْتَخَفَّ بِحُرْمَتِكَ وَ لَعَنَ اللَّهُ مَنْ حَالَ بَيْنَكَ وَ بَيْنَ مَاءِ الْفُرَاتِ‏

أَشْهَدُ أَنَّكَ قُتِلْتَ مَظْلُوماً وَ أَنَّ اللَّهَ مُنْجِزٌ لَكُمْ مَا وَعَدَكُمْ‏

جِئْتُكَ يَا ابْنَ أَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَافِداً إِلَيْكُمْ وَ قَلْبِي مُسَلِّمٌ لَكُمْ وَ تَابِعٌ‏

وَ أَنَا لَكُمْ تَابِعٌ وَ نُصْرَتِي لَكُمْ مُعَدَّةٌ حَتَّى يَحْكُمَ اللَّهُ وَ هُوَ خَيْرُ الْحَاكِمِينَ‏

فَمَعَكُمْ مَعَكُمْ لاَ مَعَ عَدُوِّكُمْ إِنِّي بِكُمْ وَ بِإِيَابِكُمْ (وَ بِآبَائِكُمْ) مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ‏

وَ بِمَنْ خَالَفَكُمْ وَ قَتَلَكُمْ مِنَ الْكَافِرِينَ قَتَلَ اللَّهُ أُمَّةً قَتَلَتْكُمْ بِالْأَيْدِي وَ الْأَلْسُنِ‏

Enter holy shrine and recite:

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ أَيُّهَا الْعَبْدُ الصَّالِحُ‏

الْمُطِيعُ لِلَّهِ وَ لِرَسُولِهِ وَ لِأَمِيرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَ الْحَسَنِ وَ الْحُسَيْنِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِمْ وَ سَلَّمَ‏

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكَ وَ رَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُ وَ مَغْفِرَتُهُ وَ رِضْوَانُهُ وَ عَلَى رُوحِكَ وَ بَدَنِكَ‏

أَشْهَدُ وَ أُشْهِدُ اللَّهَ أَنَّكَ مَضَيْتَ عَلَى مَا مَضَى بِهِ الْبَدْرِيُّونَ وَ الْمُجَاهِدُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ‏

الْمُنَاصِحُونَ لَهُ فِي جِهَادِ أَعْدَائِهِ الْمُبَالِغُونَ فِي نُصْرَةِ أَوْلِيَائِهِ الذَّابُّونَ عَنْ أَحِبَّائِهِ‏

فَجَزَاكَ اللَّهُ أَفْضَلَ الْجَزَاءِ وَ أَكْثَرَ الْجَزَاءِ وَ أَوْفَرَ الْجَزَاءِ

وَ أَوْفَى جَزَاءِ أَحَدٍ مِمَّنْ وَفَى بِبَيْعَتِهِ وَ اسْتَجَابَ لَهُ دَعْوَتَهُ وَ أَطَاعَ وُلاَةَ أَمْرِهِ‏

أَشْهَدُ أَنَّكَ قَدْ بَالَغْتَ فِي النَّصِيحَةِ وَ أَعْطَيْتَ غَايَةَ الْمَجْهُودِ

فَبَعَثَكَ اللَّهُ فِي الشُّهَدَاءِ وَ جَعَلَ رُوحَكَ مَعَ أَرْوَاحِ السُّعَدَاءِ

وَ أَعْطَاكَ مِنْ جِنَانِهِ أَفْسَحَهَا مَنْزِلاً وَ أَفْضَلَهَا غُرَفاً وَ رَفَعَ ذِكْرَكَ فِي عِلِّيِّينَ (فِي الْعَالَمِينَ)

وَ حَشَرَكَ مَعَ النَّبِيِّينَ وَ الصِّدِّيقِينَ وَ الشُّهَدَاءِ وَ الصَّالِحِينَ وَ حَسُنَ أُولَئِكَ رَفِيقاً

أَشْهَدُ أَنَّكَ لَمْ تَهِنْ وَ لَمْ تَنْكُلْ وَ أَنَّكَ مَضَيْتَ عَلَى بَصِيرَةٍ مِنْ أَمْرِكَ مُقْتَدِياً بِالصَّالِحِينَ وَ مُتَّبِعاً لِلنَّبِيِّينَ‏

فَجَمَعَ اللَّهُ بَيْنَنَا وَ بَيْنَكَ وَ بَيْنَ رَسُولِهِ وَ أَوْلِيَائِهِ فِي مَنَازِلِ الْمُخْبِتِينَ فَإِنَّهُ أَرْحَمُ الرَّاحِمِينَ‏


Dua'a Abu Hamza Thumali - Part 2

Dua'a Abu Hamza Thumali - Part 2


English Transliteration Arabic
O Allah: I beseech You by the liability of Islam allahumma bidhimmatil-islami atawassalu ilayk(a) اللّهُمَّ بِذِمَّةِ الإسْلامِ أَتَوَسَّلُ إلَيْكَ
And I rely upon You by the sanctity of the Qur’an wabihurmatil-qur-ani a’tamidu ‘alayk(a) وَبِحُرْمَةِ الْقُرْآنِ أَعْتَمِدُ عَلَيْكَ
And I hope for proximity to You by my love for the Prophet—the Ummi (inhabitant of Mecca), the Qurayshite, the Hashimite, the Arab, the Tuhamite, the Meccan, and the Madanite wabihubbin-nabiyyil-ummiyyil-qurashiyyil-hashimiyyil-‘arabiyyit-tuhamiyyil-makkiyyil-madaniyyi arjuz-zulfata ladayk(a) وَبِحُبِّي النَّبِيَّ الأُمِّيَّ الْقُرَشِيَّ الْهَاشِمِيَّ الْعَرَبِيَّ التُّهَامِيَّ الْمَكِّيَّ الْمَدَنِيَّ أَرْجُو الزُّلْفَةَ لَدَيْكَ
So, do not disturb my familiarity with faith fala tuhishis-ti`nasa emane فَلا تُوحِشْ اسْتِينَاسَ إيمَانِي
And do not make my reward the same as that given to those who serve one other than You wala taj'al thawabe thawaba man ‘abada siwak(a) وَلا تَجْعَلْ ثَوَابِي ثَوَابَ مَنْ عَبَدَ سِوَاكَ
Certainly, some people outwardly declared the faith so that they could prevent their blood from being shed fa-inna qawman amanu bi-alsinatihim liyahqinu bihe dima-ahum فَإنَّ قَوْماً آمَنُوَا بِأَلْسِنَتِهِمْ لِيَحْقِنُوَا بِهِ دِمَاءَهُمْ
However, they attained their goals fa-adraku ma ammalu فَأَدْرَكُوَا مَا أَمَّلُوَا
Verily, we have believed in You in heart and tongue so that You may excuse us wa-inna amanna bika bi-alsinatina waqulubina lita’fuwa ‘anna وَإنَّا آمَنَّا بِكَ بِأَلْسِنَتِنَا وَقُلُوبِنَا لِتَعْفُوَ عَنَّا
Hence, make us attain our goals fa-adrikna ma ammalna فَأَدْرِكْنَا مَا أَمَّلْنَا
And make firm our hoping for You in our hearts wathabbit raja-aka fe sudurina وَثَبِّتْ رَجَاءَكَ فِي صُدُورِنَا
And make not our hearts to deviate after You have guided us aright wala tuzigh qulubana ba’da idh hadaytana وَلا تُزِغْ قُلُوبَنَا بَعْدَ إذْ هَدَيْتَنَا
And grant us from You mercy; wahab lana min ladunka rahma(tan) وَهَبْ لَنَا مِنْ لَدُنْكَ رَحْمَةً
Surely, You are the most liberal Giver. innaka antal-wahhab(u) إنَّكَ أَنْتَ الْوَهَّابُ
By Your Majesty I swear, O my Lord, even if you chide me, I shall never leave Your Door and I shall never stop flattering You fawa’izzatika lawintahartane ma barihtu min babika wala kafaftu ‘an tamalluqik(a) فَوَعِزَّتِكَ لَوِ انْتَهَرْتَنِي مَا بَرِحْتُ مِنْ بَابِكَ وَلا كَفَفْتُ عَنْ تَمَلُّقِكَ
This is because I have full acquaintance with Your (indescribable) generosity and bounty lima ulhima qalbe minal-ma’rifati bikaramika wasa’ati rahmatik(a) لِمَا أُلْهِمَ قَلْبِي مِنَ الْمَعْرِفَةِ بِكَرَمِكَ وَسَعَةِ رَحْمَتِكَ
To whom may a servant go save to his Lord? ila man yadhhabul-‘abdul illa ila mawlah(u) إلَى مَنْ يَذْهَبُ الْعَبْدُ إلاّ إلَى مَوْلاهُ
And to whom may a mortal resort save to his Creator? wa-ila man yaltaji-ul-makhluqu illa ila khaliqih(e) وَإلَى مَنْ يَلْتَجِئُ الْمَخْلُوقُ إلاّ إلَى خَالِقِهِ
O my God: even if You tie me with chains ilahe law qarantane bil-asfad(i) إلهِي لَوْ قَرَنْتَنِي بِالأَصْفَادِ
And deprive me of the stream of Your bounties in the presence of people wamana’tane saybaka min baynil-ash-had(i) وَمَنَعْتَنِي سَيْبَكَ مِنْ بَيْنِ الأَشْهَادِ
And divulge all my scandalous acts before the eyes of all Your servants wadalalta ‘ala fadha-ihe ‘uyunal-‘ibad(i) وَدَلَلْتَ عَلَى فَضَائِحِي عُيُونَ الْعِبَادِ
And order me to be entered Hell wa-amarta be ilan-nar(i وَأَمَرْتَ بِي إلَى النَّارِ
And prevent me from communicating the Pious ones wahulta bayne wabaynal-abrar(i) وَحُلْتَ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَ الأَبْرَارِ
(in spite of all that) I will never stop hoping for You maqata’tu raja-e mink(a) مَا قَطَعْتُ رَجَائِي مِنْكَ
And I will never stop expecting Your pardon wama saraftu ta-`mele lil-‘afwi ‘ank(a) وَمَا صَرَفْتُ تَأْمِيلِي لِلْعَفْوِ عَنْكَ
And Your love will never exit my heart wala kharaja hubbuka min qalbe وَلا خَرَجَ حُبُّكَ مِنْ قَلْبِي
I never forget Your graces that I enjoy ana la ansa ayadeka ‘inde أَنَا لا أَنْسَى أَيَادِيَكَ عِنْدِي
And Your having concealed my defects in the worldly abode wasitraka ‘alayya fe darid-dunya وَسِتْرَكَ عَلَيَّ فِي دَارِ الدُّنْيَا
O my Master: (please) expel the love for the world out of my heart sayyide akhrij hubbad-dunya min qalbe سَيِّدِي أَخْرِجْ حُبَّ الدُّنْيَا مِنْ قَلْبِي
And join me with the Chosen One and his Family weajma’ bayne wabaynal-mustafa wa-alih(e) وَاجْمَعْ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَ الْمُصْطَفَى وَآلِهِ
The choicest of Your creatures and the seal of the Prophets—Muhammad, blessings of Allah be on him and on his Family khiyaratika min khalqika wakhatamin-nabiyyena muhammadin sallal-lahu ‘alyhi wa-alih(e) خِيَرَتِكَ مِنْ خَلْقِكَ وَخَاتَمِ النَّبِيِّينَ مُحَمَّدٍ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَى آلِهِ
And move me to the rank of repentance with You wanqulne ila darajatit-tawbati ilayk(a) وَانْقُلْنِي إلَى دَرَجَةِ التَّوْبَةِ إلَيْكَ
And help me weep for myself after I have come upon the last of my age wa-a’inne bil-buka-i ‘ala nafse faqad afnaytu ‘umure وَأَعِنِّي بِالْبُكَاءِ عَلَى نَفْسِي فَقَدْ أَفْنَيْتُ عُمْرِي
Being in the manner of those who despair of any self-decency waqad nazaltu manzilatal-ayisena min khayre وَقَدْ نَزَلْتُ مَنْزِلَةَ الآيِسِينَ مِنْ خَيْرِي
Who is then worse than I am faman yakunu aswa-a halan minne َمَنْ يَكُونُ أَسْوَأَ حَالاً مِنِّي
When I will be taken to a grave that I have not paved for my long stay in ana nuqiltu ‘ala mithli hale ila qabrin lam umahhid-hu liraqdate إنْ أَنَا نُقِلْتُ عَلَى مِثْلِ حَالِي إلَى قَبْرٍ لَمْ أُمَهِّدْهُ لِرَقْدَتِي
And I have not furnished with righteous deed for my extended abode walam afrish-hu bil-‘amalis-salihi lidhaj’ate وَلَمْ أَفْرُشْهُ بِالْعَمَلِ الصَّالِحِ لِضَجْعَتِي؟
Why should I not weep while I do not know what my destiny will be? wamale la abke wala adre ila ma yakunu masere وَمَا لِي لا أَبْكِي وَلا أَدْرِي إلَى مَا يَكُونُ مَصِيرِي
And while I notice that my self is cheating me wa-ara nafse tukhadi’une وَأَرَى نَفْسِي تُخَادِعُنِي
And my days are deceiving me wa-ayyame tukhatilune وَأَيَّامِي تُخَاتِلُنِي
And the wings of death are fluttering over my head waqad khafaqat ‘inda ra-se ajnihatul-mawt(i) وَقَدْ خَفَقَتْ عِنْدَ رَأْسِي أَجْنِحَةُ الْمَوْتِ
So, why should I not weep? famale la abke َمَا لِي لا أَبْكِي؟
I weep for my soul’s departing my body abke likhuruji nafse أَبْكِي لِخُرُوجِ نَفْسِي
I weep for the darkness of my grave abke li¨ulmati qabre أَبْكِي لِظُلْمَةِ قَبْرِي
I weep for the narrowness of my vault abke lidheqi lahde أَبْكِي لِضِيقِ لَحْدِي
I weep for Munkar and Nakeer (the two angels interrogating in graves) being interrogating me abke lisu-ali munkarin wanakerin iyyaya أَبْكِي لِسُؤَالِ مُنْكَرٍ وَنَكِيرٍ إيَّايَ
I weep for my coming out of my grave (on the Resurrection Day) naked, humiliated, carrying my burdens on my back abke likhuruji min qabre ‘uryanan dhalelan hamilan thiqle ‘ala ¨ahre أَبْكِي لِخُرُوجِي مِنْ قَبْرِي عُرْيَاناً ذَلِيلاً حَامِلاً ثِقْلِي عَلَى ظَهْرِي
Distributing my sights to my right and my left an¨uru marratan ‘an yamene wa-ukhra ‘an shimale أَنْظُرُ مَرَّةً عَنْ يَمِينِي وَأُخْرَى عَنْ شِمَالِي
Behold! The creatures will each be engaged with matters other than mine idhil-khala-iqu fe sha`nin ghayri sha`ne إذِ الْخَلائِقُ فِي شَأْنٍ غَيْرِ شَأْنِي
Every man that day will have concern enough to make him heedless of others likullim-ri-in minhum yawma-`idhin sha`nun yughneh(i) لِكُلِّ امْرِئٍ مِنْهُمْ يَوْمَئِذٍ شَاْنٌ يُغْنيهِ
Many faces on that day shall be bright, laughing, joyous wujuhun yawma`idhin musfiratun dhahikatun mustabshira(tun) وُجوُهٌ يَوْمَئِذٍ مُسْفِرَةٌ ضاحِكَةٌ مُسْتَبْشِرَةٌ
And many faces on that day, on them shall be dust. Darkness, and humiliation, shall cover them wawujuhun yawma`idhin ‘alayha ghabaratun tarhaquha qataratun wadhilla(tun) وَوُجوُهٌ يَوْمَئِذٍ عَلَيْها غَبَرَةٌ تَرْهَقُها قَتَرَةٌ وَذِلَّةٌ
O my Master: on You I depend and rely sayyide ‘alayka mu’awwile wamu’tamade سَيِّدِي عَلَيْكَ مُعَوَّلِي وَمُعْتَمَدِي
And in You I put my hope and faith waraja-e watawakkule وَرَجَائِي وَتَوَكُّلِي
And to Your mercy I hang wabirahmatika ta’alluqe وَبِرَحْمَتِكَ تَعَلُّقِي
You direct Your mercy towards whomsoever You like tusebu birahmatika man tasha-(u) تُصِيبُ بِرَحْمَتِكَ مَنْ تَشَاءُ
And You guide, out of Your honoring, whomsoever You will watahde bikaramatika man tuhibb(u) وَتَهْدِي بِكَرَامَتِكَ مَنْ تُحِبُّ
So, all praise be to You for You have purified my heart from polytheism falakal-hamdu ‘ala ma naqqayta minash-shirki qalbe فَلَكَ الْحَمْدُ عَلَى مَا نَقّيْتَ مِنَ الشّرْكِ قَلْبِي
And all praise be to You for You have made my tongue express utterly walakal-hamdu ‘ala basti lisane وَلَكَ الْحَمْدُ عَلَى بَسْطِ لِسَانِي
How can I praise You properly while my tongue is too short to do so? afabilisane hadhal-ka(a)lli ashkuruk(a) أَفَبِلِسَانِي هذَا الْكَالِّ أَشْكُرُكَ
And how can I please You while the extent of my efforts is too short to do so? am bighayati juhde fe ‘amale urdhek(a) أَمْ بِغَايَةِ جُهْدِي فِي عَمَلِي أُرْضِيكَ؟
What extent can my tongue reach if compared to the limitless extent of thanking You? wama qadru lisane ya rabbi fe janbi shukrik(a وَمَا قَدْرُ لِسَانِي يَا رَبِّ فِي جَنْبِ شُكْرِكَ
And what amount can my efforts reach if compared to the limitless amount of Your graces and favors? wama qadru ‘amale fe janbi ni’amika wa-ihsanik(a) وَمَا قَدْرُ عَمَلِي فِي جَنْبِ نِعَمِكَ وَإحْسَانِكَ؟
O my God! It is certainly Your benevolence that has given me hope ilahe inna judaka basata amale إلهِي إنَّ جُودَكَ بَسَطَ أَمَلِي
And it is my thanks to You that have granted approval for my deeds washukraka qabila ‘amale وَشُكْرَكَ قَبِلَ عَمَلِي
O my Master: For You do I desire wayyide ilayka raghbate سَيِّدِي إلَيْكَ رَغْبَتِي
And You do I fear wa-ilayka rahbate وَإلَيْكَ رَهْبَتِي
And to You do I look forward wa-ilayka ta-`mele وَإلَيْكَ تَأْمِيلِي
It is my hope that has driven me towards You waqad saqane ilayka amale وَقَدْ سَاقَنِي إلَيْكَ أَمَلِي
And to You, O Unique, do I direct my determination wa’alayka ya wahide ‘akaftu himmate وَعَلَيْكَ يَا وَاحِدِي عَكَفَتْ هِمَّتِي
And towards that which You have are my desires directed wafema ‘indakan-basatat raghbate وَفِيمَا عِنْدَكَ انْبَسَطَتْ رَغْبَتِي
And for You is the ultimate of my hope and fear walaka khalisu raja`e wakhawfe وَلَكَ خَالِصُ رَجَائِي وَخَوْفِي
And with You have I become familiar wabika anisat mahabbate وَبِكَ أَنِسَتْ مَحَبَّتِي
And to You have I submitted my hand wa-ilayka alqaytu biyade وَإلَيْكَ أَلْقَيْتُ بِيَدِي
And to the rope of the obedience to You have I extended my fears wabihabli ta’atika madadtu rahbate وَبِحَبْلِ طَاعَتِكَ مَدَدْتُ رَهْبَتِي
O my Master: only through mentioning You have my heart lived ya mawlaya bidhikrika ‘asha qalbe يَا مَوْلايَ بِذِكْرِكَ عَاشَ قَلْبِي
And only through my confidential conversations with You have I cooled the pains of my fear wabimunajatika barradtu alamal-khawfi ‘anne وَبِمُنَاجَاتِكَ بَرَّدْتُ أَلَمَ الْخَوْفِ عَنِّي
So, O my Master; O my Trusty Patron; O the Ultimate Hope; faya mawlaya waya mu`ammile waya muntaha su`le فَيَا مَوْلايَ وَيَا مُؤَمَّلِي وَيَا مُنْتَهَى سُؤْلِي
separate me from my transgressions which prevent me from adhering to the obedience to You farriq bayne wabayna dhanbiyal-mani'i le min luzumi ta’atik(a) فَرِّقْ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَ ذَنْبِيَ الْمَانِعِ لِي مِنْ لُزُومِ طَاعَتِكَ
I only pray You on account of my eternal faith in You fa-innama as-aluka liqademir-raja`i fek(a) فَإنَّمَا أَسْأَلُكَ لِقَدِيمِ الرَّجَاءِ فِيكَ
And my desire for Your mercy and kindness that You have made incumbent upon Yourself wa’a¨emit-tama’i minkal-ladhe awjabtahu ‘ala nafsika minar-ra`fati warrahma(ti) وَعَظِيمِ الطَّمَعِ مِنْكَ الَّذِي أَوْجَبْتَهُ عَلَى نَفْسِكَ مِنَ الرَّأْفَةِ وَالرَّحْمَةِ
So, the whole affair is Yours alone, there is no partner with You at all fal-amru laka wahdaka la shareka lak(a) فَالأَمْرُ لَكَ وَحْدَكَ لا شَرِيكَ لَكَ
All the creatures are dependent upon You and are in Your grip wal-khalqu kulluhum ‘iyaluka wafe qabdhatik(a) وَالْخَلْقُ كُلُّهُمْ عِيَالُكَ وَفِي قَبْضَتِكَ
And all things are submissive to You wakullu shay`in khadhi’un lak(a) وَكُلُّ شَيْءٍ خَاضِعٌ لَكَ
Blessed be You, Lord of the worlds tabarakta ya rabbal-‘alamen(a) تَبَارَكْتَ يَا رَبَّ الْعَالَمِينَ.
O my God: have mercy on me when my argument is proven nil ilahirhamne idhan-qata’at hujjate إلهِي ارْحَمْنِي إذَا انْقَطَعَتْ حُجَّتِي
And when my tongue can no longer find any answer wakalla ‘an jawabika lisane وَكَلَّ عَنْ جَوَابِكَ لِسَانِي
And when my mind scatters as soon as You begin to interrogate me watasha ‘inda su`alika iyyaya lubbe وَطَاشَ عِنْدَ سُؤَالِكَ إيَّايَ لُبِّي
So, O my great hope, do not forsake me when my need terribly increases faya ‘a¨ema raja`e la tukhayyibne idhashtaddat faqate فَيَا عَظِيمَ رَجَائِي لا تُخَيِّبْنِي إذَا اشْتَدَّتْ فَاقَتِي
And do not reject me on account of my ignorance wala taruddane lijahle وَلا تَرُدَّنِي لِجَهْلِي
And do not stop conferring upon me on account of my lack of patience wala tamna’ne liqillati sabre وَلا تَمْنَعْنِي لِقِلَّةِ صَبْرِي
Grant me for I am poor a’tine lifaqre أَعْطِنِي لِفَقْرِي
And have mercy upon me for I am weak warhamne lidha’fe وَارْحَمْنِي لِضَعْفِي
O my Master: on You do I rely and lean sayyide ‘alayka mu’tamade wamu’awwile سَيِّدِي عَلَيْكَ مُعْتَمَدِي وَمُعَوَّلِي
And You are my hope and in You do I have faith waraja`e watawakkule وَرَجَائِي وَتَوَكُّلِي
And to Your mercy do I attach myself wabirahmatika ta’alluqe وَبِرَحْمَتِكَ تَعَلُّقِي
And in Your courtyard do I dwell wabifina`ika ahuttu rahle وَبِفِنَائِكَ أَحُطُّ رَحْلِي
And out of Your benevolence do I declare my request wabijudika aqsidu talibate وَبِجُودِكَ أَقْصِدُ طَلِبَتِي
And with Your generosity, O my Lord, do I begin my prayers wabikaramika ay rabbi astaftihu du’a`e وَبِكَرَمِكَ أَيْ رَبِّ أَسْتَفْتِحُ دُعَائِي
And with You do I desire for meeting my needs waladayka arju faqate وَلَدَيْكَ أَرْجُو فَاقَتِي
And through Your wealth do I settle my poverty wabighinaka ajburu ‘aylate وَبِغِنَاكَ أَجْبُرُ عَيْلَتِي
And under the shade of Your pardon do I stand watahta ¨illi ‘afwika qiyame وَتَحْتَ ظِلِّ عَفْوِكَ قِيَامِي
And towards Your benevolence and generosity do I raise my sight wa-ila judika wakaramika arfa’u basare وَإلَى جُودِكَ وَكَرَمِكَ أَرْفَعُ بَصَرِي
I persistently look for Your favors wa-ila ma’rufika udemu na¨are وَإلَى مَعْرُوفِكَ أُدِيمُ نَظَرِي
So, do not let the flames of the Fire consume me while You are my ultimate hope fala tuhriqne binnari wa-anta mawdhi’u amale فَلا تُحْرِقْنِي بِالنَّارِ وَأَنْتَ مَوْضِعُ أَمَلِي
And do not embed me in the deep black abyss while You are the delight of my eyes wala tuskinnil-hawiyata fa-innaka qurratu ‘ayne وَلا تُسْكِنِّي الْهَاوِيَةَ فَإنَّكَ قُرَّةُ عَيْنِي
O my Master: do not thwart my idea about Your grace and favors, for in You I trust ya sayyide la tukadhdhib ¨anne bi-ihsanika wama’rufika fa-innaka thiqate يَا سَيِّدِي لا تُكَذِّبْ ظَنِّي بِإحْسَانِكَ وَمَعْرُوفِكَ فَإنَّكَ ثِقَتِي
And do not deprive me of Your rewards, for You best know my poverty wala tahrimne thawabaka fa-innakal-‘arifu bifaqre وَلا تَحْرِمْنِي ثَوَابَكَ فَإنَّكَ الْعَارِفُ بِفَقْرِي.
O my God: if my death is drawing near while my deeds have not yet drawn me near You, then let my confession of having committed sins be my means of justification ilahe in kana qad dana ajale walam yuqarribne minka ‘amale faqad ja’altuli’-tirafa ilayka bidhanbe wasa`ila ‘ilale إلهِي إنْ كَانَ قَدْ دَنَا أَجَلِي وَلَمْ يُقَرِّبْنِي مِنْكَ عَمَلِي فَقَدْ جَعَلْتُ الإعْتِرَافَ إلَيْكَ بِذَنْبِي وَسَائِلَ عِلَلِي
O my God: if You forgive, then who is worthier than You in forgiveness? ilahe in ‘afawta faman awla minka bil-‘afw(i) إلهِي إنْ عَفَوْتَ فَمَنْ أَوْلَى مِنْكَ بِالْعَفْوِ؟
And if You punish, then who is fairer than You in judgment? wa-in ‘adhdhabta faman a’dalu minka fil-hukm(i) وَإنْ عَذَّبْتَ فَمَنْ أَعْدَلُ مِنْكَ فِي الْحُكْمِ؟
Have mercy on my misery in this world irham fe hadhihid-dunya ghurbate ارْحَمْ فِي هذِهِ الدُّنْيَا غُرْبَتِي
And on my grief at the time of death wa-‘indal-mawti kurbate وَعِنْدَ الْمَوْتِ كُرْبَتِي
And on my loneliness in the grave wafil-qabri wahdate وَفِي الْقَبْرِ وَحْدَتِي
And on my lonesomeness in the underground hole wafil-lahdi wahshate وَفِي اللَّحْدِ وَحْشَتِي
And on my humiliating situation when I shall be resurrected for account before You wa-idha nushirtu lil-hisabi bayna yadayka dhulla mawqife وَإذَا نُشِرْتُ لِلْحِسَابِ بَيْنَ يَدَيْكَ ذُلَّ مَوْقِفِي
And forgive my deeds that have been concealed from the other human beings waghfir le ma khafiya ‘alal-adamiyyena min ‘amale وَاغْفِرْ لِي مَا خَفِيَ عَلَى الآدَمِيِّينَ مِنْ عَمَلِي
And make permanent for me that on account of which You have covered my faults wa-adim le ma bihe satartane وَأَدِمْ لِي مَا بِهِ سَتَرْتَنِي
And have mercy on me when I am thrown on the death bed turned over at the hands of my dear ones warhamne sare’an ‘alal-firashi tuqallibune ayde ahibbate وَارْحَمْنِي صَرِيعاً عَلَى الْفِرَاشِ تُقَلِّبُنِي أَيْدِي أَحِبَّتِي
And do a favor to me when I am laid on the table of the dead bathroom turned over at the hands of my righteous neighbors watafadhdhal ‘alayya mamdudan ‘alal-mughtasali yuqallibune salihu jerate وَتَفَضَّلْ عَلَيَّ مَمْدُوداً عَلَى الْمُغْتَسَلِ يُقَلِّبُنِي صَالِحُ جِيرَتِي
And act kindly to me when I am carried while my relatives hold the edges of my coffin watahannan ‘alayya mahmulan qad tanawalal-aqriba`u atrafa janazate وَتَحَنَّنْ عَلَيَّ مَحْمُولاً قَدْ تَنَاوَلَ الأَقْرِبَاءُ أَطْرَافَ جِنَازَتِي
And be generous with me when I am carried, alone, to my hole wajud ‘alayya manqulan qad nazaltu bika wahedan fe hufrate وَجُدْ عَلَيَّ مَنْقُولاً قَدْ نَزَلْتُ بِكَ وَحِيداً فِي حُفْرَتِي
And have mercy on my loneliness in that (new) dwelling so that I will not feel at ease with anyone other than You warham fe dhalikal-baytil-jadedi ghurbate hatta la asta`nisa bighayrik(a) وَارْحَمْ فِي ذَلِكَ الْبَيْتِ الْجَدِيدِ غُرْبَتِي حَتَّى لا أَسْتَأْنِسَ بِغَيْرِكَ
O my Master; if you leave me for myself, I will certainly perish ya sayyide in wakaltane ila nafse halakt(u) يَا سَيِّدِي إنْ وَكَلْتَنِي إلَى نَفْسِي هَلَكْتُ
O my Master; to whom will I resort if you do not overlook my slips? sayyide fabiman astaghethu in lam tuqilne ‘athrate سَيِّدِي فَبِمَنْ أَسْتَغِيثُ إنْ لَمْ تُقِلْنِي عَثْرَتِي؟
And to whom will I run for help if I miss Your care for me in my stay (in grave)? fa-ila man afza’u in faqadtu ’inayataka fe dhaj’ate فَإلَى مَنْ أَفْزَعُ إنْ فَقَدْتُ عِنَايَتَكَ فِي ضَجْعَتِي؟
And to whom will I refer if You do not relieve my grief? wa-ila man altaji`u in lam tunaffis kurbate وَإلَى مَنْ أَلْتَجِئُ إنْ لَمْ تُنَفِّسْ كُرْبَتِي؟
O my Master! Who will be with me? sayyide man le سَيِّدِي مَنْ لِي
And who will have mercy on me if You do not? waman yarhamune in lam tarhamne وَمَنْ يَرْحَمُنِي إنْ لَمْ تَرْحَمْنِي؟
And whose favor will I expect if I miss Your favors on the day of my neediness? wafadhla man u`ammilu in ‘adimtu fadhlaka yawma faqate وَفَضْلَ مَنْ أُؤَمِّلُ إنْ عَدِمْتُ فَضْلَكَ يَوْمَ فَاقَتِي؟
And to whom will I flee from my sins when my deadline comes? wa-ila manil-fararu minadh-dhunubi idhan-qadha ajale وَإلَى مَنِ الْفِرَارُ مِنَ الذُّنُوبِ إذَا انْقَضَى أَجَلِي؟
O my Master; do not punish me while I please You hopefully sayyide la tu’adhdhibne wa-ana arjuk(a) سَيِّدِي لا تُعَذِّبْنِي وَأَنَا أَرْجُوكَ.
O my God: (please do) give success to my expectations ilahe haqqiq raja-e إلهِي حَقِّقْ رَجَائِي
And dispel my fear wa-amin khawfe وَآمِنْ خَوْفِي
As for my numerous sins, I hope for nothing other than Your pardon fa-inna kathrata dhunube la arju feha illa ‘afwak(a) فَإنَّ كَثْرَةَ ذُنُوبِي لا أَرْجُو فِيهَا إلاّ عَفْوَكَ
O my Master: I am asking You for things that I do not deserve sayyide ana as-aluka ma la astahiqq(u) سَيِّدِي أَنَا أَسْأَلُكَ مَا لا أَسْتَحِقُّ
And You are verily the Lord of righteousness and the Lord of forgiveness wa-anta ahlut-taqwa wa-ahlul-maghfira(ti) وَأَنْتَ أَهْلُ التَّقْوَى وَأَهْلُ الْمَغْفِرَةِ
So, forgive me and dress me, out of Your relief, a garment covering all my defects faghfir le wa-albisne min na¨arika thawban yughatte ‘alayyat-tabi’at(i) فَاغْفِرْ لِي وَأَلْبِسْنِي مِنْ نَظَرِكَ ثَوْباً يُغَطِّي عَلَيَّ التَّبِعَاتِ
And forgive them for me so that I will not responsible for them wataghfiruha le wala utalabu biha وَتَغْفِرُهَا لِي وَلا أُطَالَبُ بِهَا
Verily, You are the Lord of eternal favoring innaka dhu mannin qadem(in) إنَّكَ ذُو مَنٍّ قَدِيمٍ
And the Lord of great pardon wasafhin ‘a¨em(in وَصَفْحٍ عَظِيمٍ
And the Lord of liberal exoneration watajawuzin karem(in) وَتَجَاوُزٍ كَرِيمٍ
O my God: You make Your flowing graces reach those who never pray You and those who deny Your Lordship ilahe antal-ladhe tufedhu saybaka ‘ala man la yas-`aluka wa’alal-jahidena birububiyyatik(a) إلهِي أَنْتَ الَّذِي تُفِيضُ سَيْبَكَ عَلَى مَنْ لا يَسْأَلُكَ وَعَلَى الْجَاحِدِينَ بِرُبُوْبِيَّتِكَ
So, O my Master, what should You do to those whom pray You and believe undoubtedly that You manage all creation and all affairs! fakayfa sayyide biman sa`alaka wa-ayqana annal-khalqa laka wal-amra ilayk(a) فَكَيْفَ سَيِّدِي بِمَنْ سَأَلَكَ وَأَيْقَنَ أَنَّ الْخَلْقَ لَكَ وَالأَمْرَ إلَيْكَ؟
Blessed by You and Exalted be You, O the Lord of the worlds tabarakta wata’alayta ya rabbal-‘alamen(a) تَبَارَكْتَ وَتَعَالَيْتَ يَا رَبَّ الْعَالَمِينَ
O my Master, I, Your servant standing at Your door owing to neediness, am knocking at it suppliantly sayyide ‘abduka bibabika aqamat-hul-khasasatu bayna yadayka yaqra’u baba ihsanika bidu’a-ih(e) سَيِّدِي عَبْدُكَ بِبَابِكَ أَقَامَتْهُ الْخَصَاصَةُ بَيْنَ يَدَيْكَ يَقْرَعُ بَابَ إحْسَانِكَ بِدُعَائِهِ
So, do not turn Your generous Face away from me fala tu’ridh biwajhikal-karemi ‘anne فَلا تُعْرِضْ بِوَجْهِكَ الْكَرِيمِ عَنِّي
And (do) accept that which I utter, for I have prayed using this supplication waqbal minne ma aqulu faqad da’awta bihadhad-du’a(i) وَاقْبَلْ مِنِّي مَا أَقُولُ فَقَدْ دَعَوْتُ بِهذَا الدُّعَاءِ
Hoping that You will not reject me since I have full awareness with Your kindness and mercifulness wa-ana arju an la taruddane ma’rifatan minne bira`fatika warahmatik(a) وَأَنَا أَرْجُو أَنْ لا تَرُدَّنِي مَعْرِفَةً مِنِّي بِرَأْفَتِكَ وَرَحْمَتِكَ.
O my God: It is You Whom is never disturbed by any suppliant ilahe antal-ladhe la yuhfeka sa`il(un) إلهِي أَنْتَ الَّذِي لا يُحْفِيكَ سَائِلٌ
And Whose kingdom is never decreased owing to donations wala yanqusuka na`il(un) وَلا يَنْقُصُكَ نَائِلٌ
You are as exactly as You describe Yourself and is above all that which we say anta kama taqulu wafawqa ma naqul(u) أَنْتَ كَمَا تَقُولُ وَفَوْقَ مَا نَقُولُ
O Allah: I beseech You for comely patience allahumma inne as-`aluka sabran jamela(n) اللّهُمَّ إنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ صَبْراً جَمِيلاً
And for immediate relief wafarajan qareba(n) وَفَرَجاً قَرِيباً
And for truthful wording waqawlan sadiqa(n وَقَوْلاً صَادِقاً
And for splendid reward wa-ajran ‘a¨ema(n) وَأَجْراً عَظِيماً
I pray You, O Lord, for all goodness, be it known by me or unknown as-`aluka ya rabbi minal-khayri kullihe ma ‘alimtu minhu wama lam a’lam أَسْأَلُكَ يَا رَبِّ مِنَ الْخَيْرِ كُلِّهِ مَا عَلِمْتُ مِنْهُ وَمَا لَمْ أَعْلَمْ
I pray You, O Allah, for the goodness that Your righteous servants have besought from You as-`alukal-llahumma min khayri ma sa-alaka minhu ‘ibadukas-salihun(a) أَسْأَلُكَ اللّهُمَّ مِنْ خَيْرِ مَا سَأَلَكَ مِنْهُ عِبَادُكَ الصَّالِحُونَ
O the  All-excellent One that is asked ya khayra man su`il(a) يَا خَيْرَ مَنْ سُئِلَ
And the All-benevolent of those who may give wa-ajwada man a’ta وَأَجْوَدَ مَنْ أَعْطَى
(Please do) respond to my request as regards myself and my family a’tine su`le fe nafse wa-ahle أَعْطِنِي سُؤْلِي فِي نَفْسِي وَأَهْلِي
And my parents and my children wawalidayya wawulde وَوَالِدَيَّ وَوُلْدِي
And my comrades and my brothers-in-faith, wa-ahli huzanate wa-ikhwane fek(a) وَأَهْلِ حُزَانَتِي وَإخْوَانِي فِيكَ
And (do) bless my living wa-arghid ‘ayshe وَأَرْغِدْ عَيْشِي
And (do) manifest my integrity wa-a¨-hir muruwwate وَأَظْهِرْ مُرُوَّتِي
And (d) set aright all my affairs wa-aslih jame’a ahwale وَأَصْلِحْ جَمِيعَ أَحْوَالِي
And include me with those whom You decide to live long waj’alne mimman atalta ‘umurah(u) وَاجْعَلْنِي مِمَّنْ أَطَلْتَ عُمْرَهُ
And those whose deeds are righteous wahassanta ‘amalah(u) وَحَسَّنْتَ عَمَلَهُ
And those for whom You have perfected Your favors and those with whom You are pleased wa-atmamta ‘alayhi ni’mataka waradheta ‘anh(u) وَأَتْمَمْتَ عَلَيْهِ نِعْمَتَكَ وَرَضِيتَ عَنْهُ
And those whom You have granted comfortable life with permanent pleasure wa-ahyaytahu hayatan tayyibatan fe adwamis-surur(i) وَأَحْيَيْتَهُ حَيَاةً طَيِّبَةً فِي أَدْوَمِ السُّرُورِ
And with reputable honor and perfect contentment wa-asbaghil-karamati wa-atammil-‘aysh(i) وَأَسْبَغِ الْكَرَامَةِ وَأَتَمِّ الْعَيْشِ
Verily, You do whatever You will innaka taf’alu ma tasha(u) إنَّكَ تَفْعَلُ مَا تَشَاءُ
While none else can ever do what one wills wala yaf’alu ma yasha-u ghayruk(a) وَلا يَفْعَلُ مَا يَشَاءُ غَيْرُكَ.
O Allah: give me exclusively the grace of private mention of You allahumma khussane minka bikhassati dhikrik(a) اللّهُمَّ خُصَّنِي مِنْكَ بِخَاصَّةِ ذِكْرِكَ
And do not let any of the things by which I seek Your nearness in the hours of the night and the ends of the days wala taj'al shay-an mimma ataqarrabu bihe fe ana-il-layli wa-atrafin-nahar(i) وَلا تَجْعَلْ شَيْئاً مِمَّا أَتَقَرَّبُ بِهِ فِي آنَاءِ اللَّيْلِ وَأَطْرَافِ النَّهَارِ
Take the form of ostentation or showing off riya-an wala sum’a(tan) رِيَاءً وَلا سُمْعَةً
Or pretension or insolence wala asharan wala batara(n) وَلا أَشَراً وَلا بَطَراً
And include me with the humble ones waj’alne laka minal-khashi’en(a) وَاجْعَلْنِي لَكَ مِنَ الْخَاشِعِينَ
O Allah: grant me affluent means of livelihood allahumma a’tinis-sa’ata fir-rizq(i) اللّهُمَّ أَعْطِنِي السَّعَةَ فِي الرِّزْقِ
And security in my homeland wal-amni fil-watan(i) وَالأَمْنَ فِي الْوَطَنِ
And delight in my family, property, and children waqurratal-‘ayni fil-ahli wal-mali wal-walad(i) وَقُرَّةَ الْعَيْنِ فِي الأَهْلِ وَالْمَالِ وَالْوَلَدِ
And permanence of Your graces wal-muqama fe ni’amika ‘inde وَالْمُقَامَ فِي نِعَمِكَ عِنْدِي
And healthy trunk wassihhata fil-jism(i) وَالصِّحَّةَ فِي الْجِسْمِ
And strong body walquwwata fil-badan(i) وَالْقُوَّةَ فِي الْبَدَنِ
And sound creed was-salamata fid-den(i) وَالسَّلامَةَ فِي الدِّينِ
And dedicate my affairs to the obedience to You and to Your Messenger, Muhammad—Allah’s blessings be upon him and his Family—as long as You give me life wasta’milne bita’atika wata’ati rasulika muhammadin sallal-llahu ‘alayhi wa’ala-alihe abadan masta’martane وَاسْتَعْمِلْنِي بِطَاعَتِكَ وَطَاعَةِ رَسُولِكَ مُحَمَّدٍ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَى آلِهِ أَبَداً مَا اسْتَعْمَرْتَنِي
And make me one of the most rewarded servants of You waj’alne min awfari ‘ibadika ‘indaka naseba(n) وَاجْعَلْنِي مِنْ أَوْفَرِ عِبَادِكَ عِنْدَكَ نَصِيباً
In each and every item of goodness that You have descended and You will descend during the month of Ramadan and in the Grand Night fe kulli khayrin anzaltahu watunziluhu fe shahri ramadhana fe laylatil-qadr(i) فِي كُلِّ خَيْرٍ أَنْزَلْتَهُ وَتُنْزِلُهُ فِي شَهْرِ رَمَضَانَ فِي لَيْلَةِ الْقَدْرِ
As well as all that which You decide to descend throughout the year, including mercy that You spread wama anta munziluhu fe kulli sanatin min rahmatin tunshiruha وَمَا أَنْتَ مُنْزِلُهُ فِي كُلِّ سَنَةٍ مِنْ رَحْمَةٍ تَنْشُرُهَا
And good health with which You adorn wa’afiyatin tulbisuha وَعَافِيَةٍ تُلْبِسُهَا
And misfortune that You repel wabaliyyatin tadfa’uha وَبَلِيَّةٍ تَدْفَعُهَا
And good deeds that You admit wahasanatin tataqabbaluha وَحَسَنَاتٍ تَتَقَبَّلُهَا
Help me against them. wasayyi-atin tatajawazu ‘anha وَسَيِّئَاتٍ تَتَجَاوَزُ عَنْهَا
And bestow upon me with the pilgrimage to Your Holy House in this year plus all years warzuqne hajja baytikal-harami fe ‘amina hadha wafe kulli ‘am(in) وَارْزُقْنِي حَجَّ بَيْتِكَ الْحَرَامِ فِي عَامِنَا هذَا وَفِي كُلِّ عَامٍ
And grant me prosperous sustenance out of Your limitless bounty warzuqne rizqan wasi’an min fadhlikal-wasi’(i) وَارْزُقْنِي رِزْقاً وَاسِعاً مِنْ فَضْلِكَ الْوَاسِعِ
And dismiss, O my Master, all evils from me wasrif ‘anne ya sayyidil-aswa`(a) وَاصْرِفْ عَنِّي يَا سَيِّدِي الأَسْوَاءَ
And help me settle my debts as well as my evildoings so that I will be saved from their liabilities waqdhi ‘anniyad-dayna wa¨-¨ulamati hatta la ata-adhadha bishay`in minh(u) وَاقْضِ عَنِّي الدَّيْنَ وَالظًُّلامَاتِ حَتَّى لا أَتَأَذَّى بِشَيْءٍ مِنْهُ
And save me from the hearings and sights of my enemies, those who envy me, and those who intend to oppress me wakhudh ‘anne bi-asma’i wa-absari a’da-e wahussade wal-baghena ‘alayya وَخُذْ عَنِّي بِأَسْمَاعِ وَأَبْصَارِ أَعْدَائِي وَحُسَّادِي وَالْبَاغِينَ عَلَيَّ
And (please do) back me against them wansurne ‘alayhim وَانْصُرْنِي عَلَيْهِمْ
And give delight to my eye and joy to my heart wa-aqirra ‘ayne wafarrih qalbe وَأَقِرَّ عَيْنِي وَفَرِّحْ قَلْبِي
And grant me relief and exit against my grief and misery waj’al le min hamme wakarbe farajan wamakhraja(n) وَاجْعَلْ لِي مِنْ هَمِّي وَكَرْبِي فَرَجاً وَمَخْرَجاً
And make all those who intend evil to me, among all Your creatures, be under my feet waj’al man aradane bisu-in min jame’i khalqika tahta qadamayy(a) وَاجْعَلْ مَنْ أَرَادَنِي بِسُوءٍ مِنْ جَمِيعِ خَلْقِكَ تَحْتَ قَدَمَيَّ
And protect me against the evil of Satan wakfine sharrash-shaytan(i) وَاكْفِنِي شَرَّ الشَّيْطَانِ
And the evil of the ruling authority washarras-sultan(i) وَشَرَّ السُّلْطَانِ
And the consequences of my evildoings wasayyi-ati ‘amale وَسَيِّئَاتِ عَمَلِي
And purify me from all my sins watahhirne minadh-dhunubi kulliha وَطَهِّرْنِي مِنَ الذُّنُوبِ كُلِّهَا
And save me from Hellfire on account of Your pardon wa-ajirne minan-nari bi’afwik(a) وَأَجِرْنِي مِنَ النَّارِ بِعَفْوِكَ
And allow me to enter Paradise on account of Your mercy wa-adkhilniyal-jannata birahmatik(a) وَأَدْخِلْنِي الْجَنَّةَ بِرَحْمَتِكَ
And marry me off the women of Paradise on account of Your grace wazawwijne minal-huril-‘eni bifadhlik(a) وَزَوِّجْنِي مِنَ الْحُورِ الْعِينِ بِفَضْلِكَ
And join me to Your righteous intimate servants—Muhammad and his Family, the purified, the immaculate, and the pious wa-alhiqne bi-awliya-akas-salihena muhammadin wa-alihil-abrarit-tayyibenat-tahirena-akhyar(i) وَأَلْحِقْنِي بِأَوْلِيَائِكَ الصَّالِحِينَ مُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِهِ الأَبْرَارِ الطَّيِّبِينَ الطَّاهِرِينَ الأَخْيَارِ
May Your peace, mercy, and blessings be upon their bodies and souls salawatuka ‘alayhim wa’ala ajsadihim wa-arwahihim warahmatul-lahi wabarakatuh(u) صَلَوَاتُكَ عَلَيْهِمْ وَعَلَى أَجْسَادِهِمْ وَأَرْوَاحِهِمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللّهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
O my God and my Master; I swear by Your Mighty and Your Glory, if You will interrogate me for my sins, I will demand with Your pardon ilahe wasayyide wa’izzatika wajalalika la-in talabtane bidhunube la-utalibannaka bi’afwik(a) إلهِي وَسَيِّدِي وَعِزَّتِكَ وَجَلالِكَ لَئِنْ طَالَبْتَنِي بِذُنُوبِي لأُطَالِبَنَّكَ بِعَفْوِكَ
And if You interrogate me for my meanness, I will demand with Your kindness wala-in talabtane bilu-me la-utalibannaka bikaramik(a) وَلَئِنْ طَالَبْتَنِي بِلُؤْمِي لأُطَالِبَنَّكَ بِكَرَمِكَ
And if You order me to be taken to Hellfire, I will tell all the inhabitants therein that I love You wala-in adkhaltaniyan-nara la-ukhbiranna ahlan-nari bihubbe lak(a) وَلَئِنْ أَدْخَلْتَنِي النَّارَ لأُخْبِرَنَّ أَهْلَ النَّارِ بِحُبِّي لَكَ
O my God and Master; if you forgive only Your intimate servants and those who obey You, to whom then will the guilty resort? ilahe wasayyide in kunta la taghfiru illa li-awliya-ika wa-ahli ta’atika fa-ila man yafza’ul-mudhnibun(a) إلهِي وَسَيِّدِي إنْ كُنْتَ لا تَغْفِرُ إلاّ لأوْلِيَائِكَ وَأَهْلِ طَاعَتِكَ فَإلَى مَنْ يَفْزَعُ الْمُذْنِبُونَ؟
And if You honor none but those who act loyally to You, then whose shelter will the evildoers seek? wa-in kunta la tukrimu illa ahlal-wafa-i bika fabiman yastaghethul-muse-un(a) وَإنْ كُنْتَ لا تُكْرِمُ إلاّ أَهْلَ الْوَفَاءِ بِكَ فَبِمَنْ يَسْتَغِيثُ الْمُسِيئُونَ؟
O my God: if You decide to put me in Hellfire, this will definitely please Your enemies! ilahe in adkhaltanin-nara fafe dhalika sururu ‘aduwwik(a) إلهِي إنْ أَدْخَلْتَنِي النَّارَ فَفِي ذلِكَ سُرُورُ عَدُوِّكَ
But if You decide Paradise for me, then this will certainly please Your Prophet! wa-in adkhaltanil-jannata fafe dhalika sururu nabiyyik(a) وَإنْ أَدْخَلْتَنِي الْجَنَّةَ فَفِي ذلِكَ سُرُورُ نَبِيِّكَ
And I, by Allah I swear, know for sure that the pleasure of Your Prophet is more favorable for You than the pleasure of Your enemies wa-ana wallahi a’lamu anna surura nabiyyika ahabbu ilayka min sururi ‘aduwwik(a) وَأَنَا وَاللّهِ أَعْلَمُ أَنَّ سُرُورَ نَبِيِّكَ أَحَبُّ إلَيْكَ مِنْ سُرُورِ عَدُوِّكَ
O Allah: I pray You for filling up my heart with love for You allahumma inne as-aluka an tamla-a qalbe hubban lak(a) اللّهُمَّ إنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ أَنْ تَمْلأ قَلْبِي حُبّاً لَكَ
And with fear of You wakhashyatan mink(a) وَخَشْيَةً مِنْكَ
And with belief in Your Book watasdeqan bikitabik(a) وَتَصْدِيقاً بِكِتَابِكَ
And with faith in You wa-emanan bik(a) وَإيمَاناً بِكَ
And with terror from You wafaraqan mink(a) وَفَرَقاً مِنْكَ
And with eagerness to You washawqan ilayk(a) وَشَوْقاً إلَيْكَ
O the Lord of Glory and Honor: (please do) make me love meeting You ya dhal-jalali wal-ikrami habbib ilayya liqa-ak(a) يَا ذَا الْجَلالِ وَالإكْرَامِ حَبِّبْ إلَيَّ لِقَاءَكَ
And (please do) love my meeting wa-ahbib liqa-e وَأَحْبِبْ لِقَائِي
And make my meeting You entail comfort, relief, and honoring waj’al le fe liqa-ikar-rahata wal-faraja wal-karama(ta) وَاجْعَلْ لِي فِي لِقَائِكَ الرَّاحَةَ وَالْفَرَجَ وَالْكَرَامَةَ
O Allah: join me with the righteous ones among the past generations allahumma alhiqne bisalihi man madha اللّهُمَّ أَلْحِقْنِي بِصَالِحِ مَنْ مَضَى
And include me with the righteous ones of this generation, and guide me to the path of the righteous ones waj’alne min salihi man baqiya wakhudh be sabelas-salihen(a) وَاجْعَلْنِي مِنْ صَالِحِ مَنْ بَقِيَ وَخُذْ بِي سَبِيلَ الصَّالِحِينَ
And help me against myself in the same way as You help the righteous ones control themselves wa-a’inne ‘ala nafse bima tu’enu bihis-salihena ‘ala anfusihim وَأَعِنِّي عَلَى نَفْسِي بِمَا تُعِينُ بِهِ الصَّالِحِينَ عَلَى أَنْفُسِهِمْ
And seal my deed with the best of it wakhtim ‘amale bi-ahsanih(e) وَاخْتِمْ عَمَلِي بِأَحْسَنِهِ
And decide Paradise as the reward of my deeds on account of Your mercy waj’al thawabe minhul-jannata birahmatik(a) وَاجْعَلْ ثَوَابِي مِنْهُ الْجَنَّةَ بِرَحْمَتِكَ
And help me manage the good things that You have endowed upon me wa-a’inne ‘ala salihi ma a’taytane وَأَعِنِّي عَلَى صَالِحِ مَا أَعْطَيْتَنِي
And make me firm, O Lord, and do not make be return to evildoing after You have saved me from it, O the Lord of the worlds wathabbitne ya rabbi wala taruddane fe su-inis-tanqadhtane minhu ya rabbal-‘alamen(a) وَثَبِّتْنِي يَا رَبِّ وَلا تَرُدَّنِي فِي سُوءٍ اسْتَنْقَذْتَنِي مِنْهُ يَا رَبَّ الْعَالَمِينَ
O Allah: I beseech You for faith that does not stop until I meet You allahumma inne as-aluka emanan la ajala lahu duna liqa-ik(a) اللّهُمَّ إنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ إيمَاناً لا أَجَلَ لَهُ دُونَ لِقَائِكَ
As long as You grant me life, (please do) connect me to that faith ahyine ma ahyaytane ‘alayh(i) أَحْيِنِي مَا أَحْيَيْتَنِي عَلَيْهِ
And when You decide to grasp my soul, make me carry that faith with me watawaffane idha tawaffaytane ‘alayh(i) وَتَوَفَّنِي إذَا تَوَفَّيْتَنِي عَلَيْهِ
And when You resurrect me, make me carry it with me wab-‘athne idha ba’athnate ‘alayh(i) وَابْعَثْنِي إذَا بَعَثْتَنِي عَلَيْهِ
And release my heart from showing off, suspicion, and pretension in the affairs of Your religion wa-abri` qalbe minar-riya-i wash-shakki was-sum’ati fe denik(a) وَأَبْرِئْ قَلْبِي مِنَ الرِّيَاءِ وَالشَّكِّ وَالسُّمْعَةِ فِي دِينِكَ
So that my deed will be purely intended for Your sake hatta takuna ‘amale khalisan lak(a) حَتَّى يَكُونَ عَمَلِي خَالِصاً لَكَ.
O Allah: grant me discerning awareness in Your religion allahumma a’tine baseratan fe denik(a) اللّهُمَّ أَعْطِنِي بَصِيرَةً فِي دِينِكَ
And understanding of Your laws wafahman fe hukmik(a) وَفَهْماً فِي حُكْمِكَ
And insight in Your knowledge wafiq-han fe ‘ilmik(a) وَفِقْهاً فِي عِلْمِكَ
And two folds of Your mercy wakiflayni min rahmatik(a) وَكِفْلَيْنِ مِنْ رَحْمَتِكَ
And piety that impedes me from disobeying You wawara’an yahjuzune ‘an ma’asek(a) وَوَرَعاً يَحْجُزُنِي عَنْ مَعَاصِيكَ
And make my face glitter on account of Your light wabayyidh wajhe binurik(a) وَبَيِّضْ وَجْهِي بِنُورِكَ
And make me desire for nothing but that which You hold waj’al raghbate fema ‘indak(a) وَاجْعَلْ رَغْبَتِي فِيمَا عِنْدَكَ
And when I die, make me die following Your Path and carrying the principles of Your Prophet—Allah’s blessings be upon him and his Family wataffane fe sabelika wa’ala millati rasulika sallal-llahu ‘alayhi wa’ala-alih(e) وَتَوَفَّنِي فِي سَبِيلِكَ وَعَلَى مِلَّةِ رَسُولِكَ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَى آلِهِ
O Allah: I seek Your protection against laziness and failure allahumma inne a’udhu bika minal-kasali wal-fashal(i) اللّهُمَّ إنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنَ الْكَسَلِ وَالْفَشَلِ
And against grief, cowardice, and stinginess walhammi wal-jubni wal-bukhl(i) وَالْهَمِّ وَالْجُبْنِ وَالْبُخْلِ
And against inattentiveness, brutality, and poverty wal-ghaflati wal-qaswati wal-maskana(ti) وَالْغَفْلَةِ وَالْقَسْوَةِ وَالْمَسْكَنَةِ
And against neediness and destitution walfaqri wal-faqa(ti) وَالْفَقْرِ وَالْفَاقَةِ
And against all misfortunes and all shameful deeds, whether open or secret wakulli baliyyatin wal-fawahishi ma ¨ahara minha wama batan(a) وَكُلِّ بَلِيَّةٍ وَالْفَوَاحِشِ مَا ظَهَرَ مِنْهَا وَمَا بَطَنَ
And I seek Your protection against having unsatisfied self wa-a’udhu bika min nafsin la taqna’(u) وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ نَفْسٍ لا تَقْنَعُ
And against having insatiate stomach wabatnin la yashba’(u) وَبَطْنٍ لا يَشْبَعُ
And against having fearless heart waqalbin la yakhsha’( وَقَلْبٍ لا يَخْشَعُ
And against unanswered prayers wadu’a-in la yusma’(u) وَدُعَاءٍ لا يُسْمَعُ
And against futile deed wa’amalin la yanfa’(u) وَعَمَلٍ لا يَنْفَعُ
And I ask You, O Lord, to guard myself, my religion, my properties, and all that which You have granted me against Satan, the accursed wa-a’udhu bika ya rabbi ‘ala nafse wadene wamale wa’ala jame’i ma razaqtane minash-shaytanir-rajem(i) وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ يَا رَبِّ عَلَى نَفْسِي وَدِينِي وَمَالِي وَعَلَى جَمِيعِ مَا رَزَقْتَنِي مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيمِ
Verily You are the All-hearing, the All-knowing. innaka antas-same’ul-‘alem(u) إنَّكَ أَنْتَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ
O Allah: definitely, none can ever save me against You allahumma innahu la yujerune minka ahad(un) اللّهُمَّ إنَّهُ لا يُجِيرُنِي مِنْكَ أَحَدٌ
And I can never find any shelter against You wala ajidu min dunika multahada(n) وَلا أَجِدُ مِنْ دُونِكَ مُلْتَحَداً
So, (please) do not make anything that brings about Your punishment control over me fala taj'al nafse fe shay-in min ‘adhabik(a) فَلا تَجْعَلْ نَفْسِي فِي شَيْءٍ مِنْ عَذَابِكَ
And do not let me lead myself to perdition wala taruddane bihalaka(tin) وَلا تَرُدَّنِي بِهَلَكَةٍ
And do not make me deserve the painful chastisement wala taruddane bi’adhabin alem(in) وَلا تَرُدَّنِي بِعَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ.
O Allah: accept from me allahumma taqabbal minne اللّهُمَّ تَقَبَّلْ مِنِّي
And grant me reputation wa-a’li dhikre وَأَعْلِ ذِكْرِي
And elevate my rank warfa’ darajate وَارْفَعْ دَرَجَتِي
And exonerate my offenses wahuttta wizre وَحُطَّ وِزْرِي
And do not refer to me with my faults wala tadhkurne bikhate-ate وَلا تَذْكُرْنِي بِخَطِيئَتِي
And let the reward of my session waj’al thawaba majlise وَاجْعَلْ ثَوَابَ مَجْلِسِي
And the reward of my utterance wathawaba mantiqe وَثَوَابَ مَنْطِقِي
And the reward of my prayer be Your pleasure and Paradise wathawaba du’a-e ridhaka wal-janna(ta) وَثَوَابَ دُعَائِي رِضَاكَ وَالْجَنَّةَ
And give my, O Lord, all that which I have asked for from You and grant me more favor, for I seek none but You, O the Lord of the worlds wa-a’tine ya rabbi jame’a ma sa-altuka wazidne min fadhlika inne ilayka raghibun ya rabbal-‘alamen(a) وَأَعْطِنِي يَا رَبِّ جَمِيعَ مَا سَأَلْتُكَ وَزِدْنِي مِنْ فَضْلِكَ إنِّي إلَيْكَ رَاغِبٌ يَا رَبَّ الْعَالَمِينَ.
O Allah: You have ordered us in Your book that we should overlook those who wrong us allahumma innaka anzalta fe kitabika an na’fuwa ’amman ¨alamana اللّهُمَّ إنَّكَ أَنْزَلْتَ فِي كِتَابِكَ أَنْ نَعْفُوَ عَمَّنْ ظَلَمَنَا
We have wronged ourselves; so, forgive us, for You are worthier of forgiveness than we are waqad ¨alamna anfusana fa’fu ‘anna fa-innaka awla bidhalika minna وَقَدْ ظَلَمْنَا أَنْفُسَنَا فَاعْفُ عَنَّا فَإنَّكَ أَوْلَى بِذلِكَ مِنَّا
And You have ordered us not to reject any beggar being on our doors wa-amartana an la narudda sa-ilan ‘an abwabina وَأَمَرْتَنَا أَنْ لا نَرُدَّ سَائِلاً عَنْ أَبْوَابِنَا
Here I am begging You; so, do not reject me; rather respond to my need waqad ji`tuka sa`ilan fala taruddane illa biqadha-i hajate وَقَدْ جِئْتُكَ سَائِلاً فَلا تَرُدَّنِي إلاّ بِقَضَاءِ حَاجَتِي
And You have ordered us to act nicely to those under our authorities wa-amartana bil-ihsani ila ma malakat aymanuna وَأَمَرْتَنَا بِالإحْسَانِ إلَى مَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُنَا
And we are surely under Your authority; so, release us from Hellfire wanahnu ariqqa-uka fa-a’tiq riqabana minan-nar(i) وَنَحْنُ أَرِقَّاؤُكَ فَأَعْتِقْ رِقَابَنَا مِنَ النَّارِ
O my Shelter whenever I am aggrieved ya mafza’e ‘inda kurbate يَا مَفْزَعِي عِنْدَ كُرْبَتِي
O my Aid whenever hardships hit me waya ghawthe ‘inda shiddate وَيَا غَوْثِي عِنْدَ شِدَّتِي
To You have I resorted ilayka fazi’t(u) إلَيْكَ فَزِعْتُ
And with You have I sought refuge and haven wabikas-taghathtu waludht(u) وَبِكَ اسْتَغَثْتُ وَلُذْتُ
To none save You shall I ever resort la aludhu bisiwak(a) لا أَلُوذُ بِسِوَاكَ
And from none save You shall I ever seek for relief wala atlubul-faraja illa mink(a) وَلا أَطْلُبُ الْفَرَجَ إلاّ مِنْكَ
So, (please do) aid me and relieve my hardship, O He Who accepts the little (deed) and overlooks the much (wrong) fa-aghithne wafarrij ‘anne ya man yaqbalul-yasera waya’fu ‘anil-kather(a) فَأَغِثْنِي وَفَرِّجْ عَنِّي يَا مَنْ يَقْبَلُ الْيَسِيرَ وَيَعْفُو عَنِ الْكَثِيرِ
Accept my little (deed) and overlook my much (wrong) iqbal minnil-yasera wa’fu ‘annil-kather(a) اقْبَلْ مِنِّي الْيَسِيرَ وَاعْفُ عَنِّي الْكَثِيرَ
You are certainly the All-merciful, the All-forgiving innaka antal-ghafurur-rahem إنَّكَ أَنْتَ الرَّحِيمُ الْغَفُورُ.
O Allah: I pray You for faith that covers my heart allahumma inne as-aluka emanan tubashiru bihe qalbe اللّهُمَّ إنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ إيمَاناً تُبَاشِرُ بِهِ قَلْبِي
And for honest conviction so that I will believe that none will inflict me save that which You have already known wayaqenan sadiqan hatta a’lama annahu lan yusebane illa ma katabta le وَيَقِيناً صَادِقاً حَتَّى أَعْلَمَ أَنَّهُ لَنْ يُصِيبَنِي إلاّ مَا كَتَبْتَ لِي
And make me be satisfied with my livelihood that You have decided for me waradhdhine minal-‘ayshi bima qasamta le وَرَضِّنِي مِنَ الْعَيْشِ بِمَا قَسَمْتَ لِي
O the most Merciful of all those who show mercy ya rahamar-rahimen(a) يَا أَرْحَمَ الرَّاحِمِينَ



Dua'a Abu Hamza Thumali - Part 1

Dua'a Abu Hamza Thumali - Part 1

Abu Hamza Thumali (r.a) was a close companion of Imam Sajjad (AS) He has related that during the month of Ramadhan Imam Sajjad (AS) used to spend a greater part of the night in prayers and when it used to be the time of beginning of the fast he recited the following dua'a. This dua'a has been recorded in the book Misabh .
In ‘Misbah al-Mutahajjid’, it has been narrated on the authority of Abu-hamzah al-Thamaliy that Imam `Ale ibn al-husayn Zayn al-`ªbiden (a.s) used to offer prayers the whole nights of Ramadhan. At the last hour of Ramadhan nights, he used to say the following supplication:


English Transliteration Arabic

In the name of Allah,
The Beneficent, The Merciful

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

O Allah: Do not discipline me by means of Your punishment ilahe la tu-addibne bi’uqubatik(a) إلهِي لا تُؤَدِّبْنِي بِعُقُوبَتِكَ
And do not subject me to Your planned strategy wala tamkur be fe helatik(a) وَلا تَمْكُرْ بِي فِي حِيلَتِكَ
How can I attain welfare, O Lord, while it is not found anywhere save with You min ayna liyal-khayru ya rabbi wala yujadu illa min ’indik(a) مِنْ أَيْنَ لِيَ الْخَيْرُ يَا رَبِّ وَلا يُوجَدُ إلاّ مِنْ عِنْدِكَ؟
And how can I find redemption while it cannot be attained save through You, wamin ayna liyan-najatu wala tusta’ta’u illa bik(a) وَمِنْ أَيْنَ لِيَ النَّجَاةُ وَلا تُسْتَطَاعُ إلاّ بِكَ؟
Neither he who has done righteous deeds can dispense with Your aid and mercy lalladhe ahsanas-taghna ‘an ‘awnika warahmatik(a لا الَّذِي أَحْسَنَ اسْتَغْنَى عَنْ عَوْنِكَ وَرَحْمَتِكَ
Nor can he who did evildoings, dare to challenge you and did not arrive at Your pleasure find an exit out of Your power walalladhe asa-a wajtara-a ‘alayka walam yurdhika kharaja ‘an qudratik(a) وَلا الَّذِي أَسَاءَ وَاجْتَرَأَ عَلَيْكَ وَلَمْ يُرْضِكَ خَرَجَ عَنْ قُدْرَتِكَ
Repeat this phrase as many times as possible in one breath:
O Lord… ya rabbi... يَا رَبِّ …
Through You have I known You bika ‘arabftuk(a) بِكَ عَرَفْتُكَ
You showed me the way to You and invited me to come towards You wa-anta dalaltane ‘alayka wada'awtane ilaky(a) وَأَنْتَ دَلَلْتَنِي عَلَيْكَ وَدَعَوْتَنِي إلَيْكَ
Had it been not You, I would have never known who You are walawla anta lam adri ma ant(a) وَلَوْلا أَنْتَ لَمْ أَدْرِ مَا أَنْتَ
All praise be to Allah alone Who gives answer to me whenever I pray Him alhamdu lillahil-ladhe ad-’uhu fayujebune الْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي أَدْعُوهُ فَيُجِيبُنِي
Although I am slow whenever He invites me wa-in kuntu bate-an hena yad-‘une وَإنْ كُنْتُ بَطِيئاً حِينَ يَدْعُونِي
All praise be to Allah alone Who gives me whenever I ask Him walhamdu lillahil-ladhe as-aluhu fayu’tene وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي أَسْأَلُهُ فَيُعْطِينِي
Although I become close-fisted when He asks me wa-in kuntu bakhelan hena yastaqridhune وَإنْ كُنْتُ بَخِيلاً حِينَ يَسْتَقْرِضُنِي
All praise be to Allah alone Whom I call whenever I need something walhamdu lillahil-ladhe unadehi kullama shi-`tu lihajate وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي أُنَادِيهِ كُلَّمَا شِئْتُ لِحَاجَتِي
And Whom I secretly converse whenever I want without need for an intercessor wa-akhlu bihe haythu shi-`tu lisirre bighayri shafe’(in) وَأَخْلُو بِهِ حَيْثُ شِئْتُ لِسِرِّي بِغَيْرِ شَفِيعٍ
He thus settles my need fayaqdhe le hajate فَيَقْضِي لِي حَاجَتِي
All praise be to Allah alone other than Whom I never pray alhamdu lillahil-ladhe la ad-‘u ghayrah(u) الْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي لا أَدْعُو غَيْرَهُ
And even if I pray anyone else, he shall never be able to respond to my prayer walaw da’awtu ghayrahu lam yastajib le du’a-e وَلَوْ دَعَوْتُ غَيْرَهُ لَمْ يَسْتَجِبْ لِي دُعَائِي
All praise be to Allah alone for other than Whom I do not hope walhamdu lillahil-ladhe la arju ghayrah(u) وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي لا أَرْجُو غَيْرَهُ
And even if I hope for anyone else, he shall certainly disappoint me walaw rajawtu ghayrahu la-akhlafa raja-e وَلَوْ رَجَوْتُ غَيْرَهُ لأخْلَفَ رَجَائِي
All praise be to Allah alone Who has accepted me to depend upon Him and, thus, bestowed favors upon me walhamdu lillahil-ladhe wakalane ilayhi fa-akramane وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي وَكَلَنِي إلَيْهِ فَأَكْرَمَنِي
All praise be to Allah alone Who has accepted me to depend upon Him and, thus, bestowed favors upon me walhamdu lillahil-ladhe wakalane ilayhi fa-akramane وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي وَكَلَنِي إلَيْهِ فَأَكْرَمَنِي
He has not left me to the people who will thus definitely humiliate me walam yakilne ilan-nasi fayuhenune وَلَمْ يَكِلْنِي إلَى النَّاسِ فَيُهِينُونِي
All praise be to Allah alone Who has sought my friendship while He can dispense with me walhamdu lillahil-ladhe tahabbaba ilayya wahuwa ghaniyyun ‘anne وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي تَحَبَّبَ إلَيَّ وَهُوَ غَنِيٌّ عَنِّي
(All) praise be to Allah (alone) Who showed Himself gentle and considerate towards me as if I have not sinned walhamdu lillahil-ladhe yahlumu ‘anne hatta ka-anne la dhanba le وَالْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذِي يَحْلُمُ عَنِّي حَتَّى كَأَنِّي لا ذَنْبَ لِي
Accordingly, my Lord is the only One Whom I should thank and He is the worthiest of being thanked by me farabbe ahmadu shay-in ‘inde wa-ahaqqu bihamde فَرَبِّي أَحْمَدُ شَيْءٍ عِنْدِي وَأَحَقُّ بِحَمْدِي
O Allah, I find the courses to asking from You wide open allahumma inne ajidu subulal-matalibi ilayka mushra’a(tan) اللّهُمَّ إنِّي أَجِدُ سُبُلَ الْمَطَالِبِ إلَيْكَ مُشْرَعَةً
And I find the springs to hoping for You overflowing wamanahilar-raja-i ladayka mutra’a(tan) وَمَنَاهِلَ الرَّجَاءِ لَدَيْكَ مُتْرَعَةً
And I find seeking the help of Your favor reachable for them who have hopefully looked forward to You walisti’anata bifadhlika liman ammalaka mubaha(tan) وَالإسْتِعَانَةَ بِفَضْلِكَ لِمَنْ أَمَّلَكَ مُبَاحَةً
And I find the doors of praying You vulnerable for them who cry to You wa-abwabad-du’a-i ilayka lis-sarikhena maftuha(tan) وَأَبْوَابَ الدُّعَاءِ إلَيْكَ لِلصَّارِخِينَ مَفْتُوحَةً
And I know for sure that You give favorable reply to the petitioners wa-a’lamu annaka lir-raji’ena bimawdhi’i ijaba(tin) وَأَعْلَمُ أَنَّكَ لِلرَّاجِين بِمَوْضِعِ إجَابَةٍ
And that You relentlessly succor the aggrieved walilmalhufena bimarsadi ighatha(tin) وَلِلْمَلْهُوفِينَ بِمَرْصَدِ إغَاثَةٍ
And that to long for Your beneficence and to accept Your will and judgement are well compensation for that which the close-fisted misers deny wa-anna fil-lahfi ila judika war-ridha biqadha-ika ‘iwadhan min man’il-bakhilen(a) وَأَنَّ فِي اللَّهْفِ إلَى جُودِكَ وَالرِّضَا بِقَضَائِكَ عِوَضاً مِنْ مَنْعِ الْبَاخِلِينَ
And an alternative to that which is possessed by the stingy wanduhatan ‘amma fe aydil-musta-thiren(a) وَمَنْدُوحَةً عَمَّا فِي أَيْدِي الْمُسْتَأْثِرِينَ
And that he who travels towards You will easily reach his destination wa-annar-rahila ilayka qarebul-masafa(ti) وَأَنِّ الرَّاحِـلَ إلَيْكَ قَرِيبُ الْمَسَافَةِ
And that You do not conceal Yourself against Your creatures unless their evildoings stand between them and You wa-annaka la tahtajibu ‘an khalqika illa an tahjibahumul-a’malu dunak(a) وَأَنَّكَ لا تَحْتَجِبُ عَنْ خَلْقِكَ إلاّ أَنْ تَحْجُبَهُمُ الأَعْمَالُ دُونَكَ
I am thus turning to You carrying my appeals waqad qasadtu ilayka bitalibate وَقَدْ قَصَدْتُ إلَيْكَ بِطَلِبَتِي
And I am directing towards You carrying my needs watawajjahtu ilayka bihajate وَتَوَجَّهْتُ إلَيْكَ بِحَاجَتِي
And I have sought the help of You alone waja’altu bikas-tighathate وَجَعَلْتُ بِكَ اسْتِغَاثَتِي
And I am begging You through my prayer although I do not deserve to be observed by You or to be pardoned by You wabidu’a-ika tawassule min ghayris-tihqaqin listima’ika minne walastejabin li’afwika ‘anne وَبِدُعَائِكَ تَوَسُّلِي مِنْ غَيْرِ اسْتِحْقَاقٍ لاسْتِمَاعِكَ مِنِّي وَلا اسْتِيجَابٍ لِعَفْوِكَ عَنِّي
Rather I have full confidence in Your generosity ballithiqate bikaramik(a) بَلْ لِثِقَتِي بِكَرَمِكَ
And I have relied upon the truthfulness of Your promise wasukune ila sidqi wa’dik(a) وَسُكُونِي إلَى صِدْقِ وَعْدِكَ
And I have sought shelter with my faith in Your Oneness and my certitude in the fact -which you know- that I have no Lord other than You walaja-e ilal-emani bitawhedika wayaqene bima’rifatika minne an la rabba le ghayruk(a) وَلَجَائِي إلَى الإيمَانِ بِتَوْحِيدِكَ وَيَقِينِي بِمَعْرِفَتِكَ مِنِّي أَنْ لا رَبَّ لِي غَيْرُكَ
And there is no god save You wala ilaha illa ant(a) وَلا إلهَ إلاَّ أَنْتَ
Alone without having any partner wahdaka la shareka lak(a) وَحْدَكَ لا شَرِيكَ لَكَ
O Allah: It is You Who have said, and Your sayings are always true allahumma antal-qa-ilu waqawluka haqq(un) اللّهُمَّ أَنْتَ الْقَائِلُ وَقَوْلُكَ حَقٌّ
And Your promise is always valid: wawa’duka sidq(un) وَوَعْدُكَ صِدْقٌ:
“Ask Allah of His bounty. Verily Allah is ever Merciful to you.” was-alul-llaha min fadhlihe innal-llaha kana bikum rahema(n) ”وَاسْأَلُوا اللَّهَ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيماً.“
It is not Your habit, O my Chief, that You instruct (us) to implore You and then You stop giving (us) walaysa min sifatika ya sayyide an ta-`mura bissu-ali watamna’al-‘atiyya(ta) وَلَيْسَ مِنْ صِفَاتِكَ يَا سَيِّدِي أَنْ تَأْمُرَ بِالسُّؤَالِ وَتَمْنَعَ الْعَطِيَّةَ
And You are the All-benefactor Who confers upon the people of Your Kingdom with (innumerable) donations wa-antal-mannanu bil-‘atiyyati ‘ala ahli mamlakatik(a) وَأَنْتَ الْمَنَّانُ بِالْعَطِيَّاتِ عَلَى أَهْلِ مَمْلَكَتِكَ
And You are the All-generous Who meets them with the kindness of Your compassion wal-‘a-idu ‘alayhim bitahannuni ra-`fatik(a) وَالْعَائِدُ عَلَيْهِمْ بِتَحَنُّنِ رَأْفَتِكَ.
O my God: You brought me up amid Your bounties and favors when I was little ilahe rabbaytane fe ni’amika wa-ihsanika saghera(n) إلهِي رَبَّيْتَنِي فِي نِعَمِكَ وَإحْسَانِكَ صَغِيراً
And You have mentioned me when I have grown up wanawwahta bisme kabera(n) وَنَوَّهْتَ بِاسْمِي كَبِيراً
So, O He Who brought me up in this world with His bounties, favors, and graces faya man rabbane fiddunya bi-ihsanihe watafadhdhulihe wani’amih(e) فَيَا مَنْ رَبَّانِي فِي الدُّنْيَا بِإحْسَانِهِ وَتَفَضُّلِهِ وَنِعَمِهِ
And, in the Hereafter, will have referred to me with His amnesty and generosity wa-ashara le fil-akhirati ila ‘afwihe wakaramih(e) وَأَشَارَ لِي فِي الآخِرَةِ إلَى عَفْوِهِ وَكَرَمِهِ
My acquaintance with You, O my Lord, is the path taking me to You ma’rifate ya mawlaya dalele ‘alayk(a) مَعْرِفَتِي يَا مَوْلايَ دَلِيلِي عَلَيْكَ
And my love for You is the intermediary between You and me wahubbe laka shafe’e ilayk(a) وَحُبِّي لَكَ شَفِيعِي إلَيْكَ
And I am sure of the path to which You have lead me wa-ana wathiqun min dalele bidalalatik(a) وَأَنَا وَاثِقٌ مِنْ دَلِيلِي بِدَلالَتِكَ
And I rely upon my intermediary’s success before You wasakinun min shafe’e ila shafa’atik(a) وَسَاكِنٌ مِنْ شَفِيعِي إلَى شَفَاعَتِكَ
I pray You, O my Chief, with a tongue muted by its sins ad-‘uka ya sayyidie bilisanin qad akhrasahu dhanbuh(u) أَدْعُوكَ يَا سَيِّدِي بِلِسَانٍ قَدْ أَخْرَسَهُ ذَنْبُهُ
O Lord! I confidentially speak to You with a heart degraded by its offenses rabbi unajeka biqalbin qad awbaqahu jurmuh(u) رَبِّ أُنَاجِيكَ بِقَلْبٍ قَدْ أَوْبَقَهُ جُرْمُهُ
I pray You, O Lord, with terror, desire, hope, and fear ad-‘uka ya rabbi rahiban raghiban rajiyan kha-ifa(n) أَدْعُوكَ يَا رَبِّ رَاهِباً رَاغِباً رَاجِياً خَائِفاً
Whenever I think of my sins, O my Master, I panic idha ra-aytu mawlaya dhunube fazi’t(u) إذَا رَأَيْتُ مَوْلايَ ذُنُوبِي فَزِعْتُ
But when I think of Your generosity, I feel desirous (for Your pardon) wa-idha ra-aytu karamaka tami’t(u) وَإذَا رَأَيْتُ كَرَمَكَ طَمِعْتُ
Therefore, if You forgive me, You are already the best of those who show mercy fa-in ‘afawta fakhayru rahim(in) فَإنْ عَفَوْتَ فَخَيْرُ رَاحِمٍ
And If punish me, You are then not wronging me wa-in ‘adhdhabta faghayru ¨alim(in) وَإنْ عَذَّبْتَ فَغَيْرُ ظَالِمٍ
Yet, it is Your munificence and Your generosity, O Allah, that gave me the courage to pray You despite that I have committed things that You dislike hujjate ya allahu fe jur-ate ‘ala mas-alatika ma’a ityane ma takrahu juduka wakaramuk(a) حُجَّتِي يَا اللّهُ فِي جُرْأَتِي عَلَى مَسْأَلَتِكَ مَعَ إتْيَانِي مَا تَكْرَهُ جُودُكَ وَكَرَمُكَ
And it is Your kindness and mercy that I use as my means during misfortunes inflicting me despite my shamelessness wa’uddate fe shiddate ma’a qillati haya-e ra-fatuka warahmatuk(a) وَعُدَّتِي فِي شِدَّتِي مَعَ قِلَّةِ حَيَائِي رَأْفَتُكَ وَرَحْمَتُكَ
I thus hope that my expectation will not be disappointed amid these two matters waqad rajawtu an la takheba bayna dhayni wadhayni munyate وَقَدْ رَجَوْتُ أَنْ لا تَخِيبَ بَيْنَ ذَيْنِ وَذَيْنِ مُنْيَتِي
So, make my hopes become real fahaqqiq raja-e فَحَقِّقْ رَجَائِي
And please do answer my prayers wasma’ du’a-e وَاسْمَعْ دُعَائِي
O the Greatest Besought One that has been ever besought ya khayra man da’ahu da’(in) يَا خَيْرَ مَنْ دَعَاهُ دَاعٍ
And the Most Favorable Hoped One wa-afdhala man rajahu raj(in) وَأَفْضَلَ مَنْ رَجَاهُ رَاجٍ
My expectation, O my Chief, has been great but my deed has been bad ‘a¨uma ya sayyide amale wasa-a ‘amale عَظُمَ يَا سَيِّدِي أَمَلِي وَسَاءَ عَمَلِي
So grant me Your pardon as much as my expectation fa-a’tine min ‘afwika bimiqdari amale فَأَعْطِنِي مِنْ عَفْوِكَ بِمِقْدَارِ أَمَلِي
And do not punish me for the worst of my deed wala tu-akhidhne bi-aswa-i ‘amale وَلا تُؤَاخِذْنِي بِأَسْوَءِ عَمَلِي
Verily, Your generosity is too great to be compared to the penalty of the guilty fa-inna karamaka yajillu ‘an mujazatil-mudhniben(a) فَإنَّ كَرَمَكَ يَجِلُّ عَنْ مُجَازَاةِ الْمُذْنِبِينَ
And Your tolerance is too immense to be compared to the punishment of the negligent wahilmaka yakburu ‘an mukafa-atil-muqassiren(a) وَحِلْمَكَ يَكْبُرُ عَنْ مُكَافأَةِ الْمُقَصِّرِينَ
And I, O my Chief, am seeking refuge with Your benevolence wa-ana ya sayyide ‘a-idhun bifadhlik(a) وَأَنَا يَا سَيِّدِي عَائِذٌ بِفَضْلِكَ
And I am fleeing from You towards You haribun minka ilayk(a) هَارِبٌ مِنْكَ إلَيْكَ
Hoping for the amnesty that You have promised to confer upon him who keeps good idea about You mutanajjizun ma wa’adta minas-safhi ‘amman ahsana bika ¨anna(n) مُتَنَجِّزٌ مَا وَعَدْتَ مِنَ الصَّفْحِ عَمَّنْ أَحْسَنَ بِكَ ظَنّاً
What am I? O Lord! And what importance do I have? wama ana ya rabbi wama khatare وَمَا أَنَا يَا رَبِّ؟ وَمَا خَطَرِي
Do me a favor out of Your benevolence habne bifadhlik(a) هَبْنِي بِفَضْلِكَ
And be charitable to me by means of pardoning me watasaddaq ‘alayya bi’afwik(a) وَتَصَدَّقْ عَلَيَّ بِعَفْوِكَ
O my Lord! Cover me with Your protective covering ay rabbi jallilne bisatrik(a) أَيْ رَبِّ جَلِّلْنِي بِسِتْرِكَ
And overlook reproaching me out of the generosity of Your Face wa’fu ‘an tawbekhe bikarami wajhik(a) وَاعْفُ عَنْ تَوْبِيخِي بِكَرَمِ وَجْهِكَ
In fact, if anyone other than You have watched me while committing these sins, I may not commit them falawit-tala'al-yawma ‘ala dhanbe ghayruka ma fa’altuh(u) فَلَوِ اطَّلَعَ الْيَوْمَ عَلَى ذَنْبِي غَيْرُكَ مَا فَعَلْتُهُ
And had I anticipated immediateness of punishment, I might have avoided doing them walaw khiftu ta’jelal-‘uqubati lajtanabtuh(u) وَلَوْ خِفْتُ تَعْجِيلَ الْعُقُوبَةِ لاجْتَنَبْتُهُ
Yet, this does not mean that You are the least important of those who watch over me la li-annaka ahwanun-na¨irena ilayy(a) لا لأنَّكَ أَهْوَنُ النَّاظِرِينَ إلَيَّ
Or You are the least weighty of those who observe me wa-akhaffal-mut-tali'ena ‘alayy(a) وَأَخَفُّ الْمُطَّلِعِينَ عَلَيَّ
Rather, this is because You, O my Lord, are the best of those who cover up (one’s defects) bal li-annaka ya rabbi khayrus-satiren(a) بَلْ لأنَّكَ يَا رَبِّ خَيْرُ السَّاتِرِينَ
And the wisest of those who judge wa-ahkamul-hakimen(a) وَأَحْكَمُ الْحَاكِمِينَ
And the most generous of those who act generously wa-akramul-akramen(a) وَأَكْرَمُ الأَكْرَمِينَ
The concealer of defects sattarul-‘uyub(i) سَتَّارُ الْعُيُوبِ
the Forgiver of sins ghaffarudh-dhunub(i) غَفَّارُ الذُّنُوبِ
the Knower of the unseen allamul-ghuyub(i) عَلاَّمُ الْغُيُوبِ
You conceal the defects out of Your liberality tasturudh-dhanba bikaramik(a) تَسْتُرُ الذَّنْبَ بِكَرَمِكَ
And puts off punishment because of Your forbearance watu-akhkhirul-‘uqubata bihilmik(a) وَتُؤَخِّرُ الْعُقُوبَةَ بِحِلْمِكَ
Hence, all praise be to You, for You act tolerably although You have full knowledge falakal-hamdu ‘ala hilmika ba’da ‘ilmik(a) فَلَكَ الْحَمْدُ عَلَى حِلْمِكَ بَعْدَ عِلْمِكَ
And for Your pardon even Though You have the absolute authority wa’ala ‘afwika ba’da qudratik(a) وَعَلَى عَفْوِكَ بَعْدَ قُدْرَتِكَ
It is Your forbearance to me that gives me latitude and makes me dare to break Your laws wayahmilune wayujarri-une ‘ala ma’siyatika hilmuka ‘anne وَيَحْمِلُنِي وَيُجَرِّئُنِي عَلَى مَعْصِيَتِكَ حِلْمُكَ عَنِّي
And it is Your concealing my faults that makes me act shamelessly before You wayad-‘une ila qillatil-haya-i sitruka ‘alayy(a) وَيَدْعُونِي إلَى قِلَّةِ الْحَيَاءِ سِتْرُكَ عَلَيَّ
And it is my acquaintance with the broadness of Your mercy and the magnitude of Your pardon that make me hurry to violate that which You have deemed forbidden wayusarri’une ilat-tawaththubi ‘ala maharimika ma’rifate bisa’ati rahmatika wa’a¨emi ‘afwik(a) وَيُسْرِعُنِي إلَى التَوَثُّبِ عَلَى مَحَارِمِكَ مَعْرِفَتِي بِسَعَةِ رَحْمَتِكَ وَعَظِيمِ عَفْوِكَ
O Indulgent, O Compassionate,


ya halemu ya karem(u)


يَا حَلِيمُ يَا كَرِيمُ
O Ever-living, O Eternal, ya hayyu ya qayyum(u) يَا حَيُّ يَا قَيُّومُ
O Forgiver of sins, ya ghafiradh-dhanb(i) يَا غَافِرَ الذَّنْبِ
O Accepter of repentance ya qabilat-tawb(i) يَا قَابِلَ التَّوْبِ
O Owner of matchless bounties, ya ‘a¨emal-mann(i) يَا عَظِيمَ الْمَنِّ
O He who has been doing favors since eternity. ya qademal-ihsan(i) يَا قَدِيمَ الإحْسَانِ
Where is Your magnificent concealment (of one’s faults)? ayna sitrukal-jamel(u) أَيْنَ سِتْرُكَ الْجَمِيل؟ُ
Where is Your irreversible pardon? ayna ‘afwukal-jalel(u) أَيْنَ عَفْوُكَ الْجَلِيلُ؟
Where is Your abrupt relief? ayna farajukal-qareb(u) أَيْنَ فَرَجُكَ الْقَرِيبُ؟
Where is Your immediate aid? ayna ghiyathukas-sare’(u أَيْنَ غِيَاثُكَ السَّرِيعُ؟
Where is Your boundless mercy? ayna rahmatukal-wasi’a(tu) أَيْنَ رَحْمَتُكَ الْوَاسِعَةُ؟
Where is Your Overflowing gifts? ayna ‘atayakal-fadhila(tu) أَيْنَ عَطَايَاكَ الْفَاضِلَةُ؟
Where are Your pleasant endowments? ayna mawahibukal-hane-a(tu) أَيْنَ مَوَاهِبُكَ الْهَنِيئَةُ؟
Where are Your beautiful benefits? ayna sana-i’ukas-saniyya(tu) أَيْنَ صَنَائِعُكَ السَّنِيَّةُ؟
Where is Your outstanding grace? ayna fadhlukal-‘a¨em(u) أَيْنَ فَضْلُكَ الْعَظِيمُ؟
Where are Your giant bounties? ayna mannukal-jasem(u) أَيْنَ مَنُّكَ الْجَسِيمُ؟
Where are Your eternal favors? ayna ihsanukal-qadem(u) أَيْنَ إحْسَانُكَ الْقَدِيمُ؟
Where is Your generous liberality? O Generous Giver! ayna karamuka ya karem(u) أَيْنَ كَرَمُكَ يَا كَرِيمُ؟
In Your name and in the name of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, save me bihe wabimuhammadin wa-ali muhammadin fastanqidhne بِهِ وَبِمُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ فَاسْتَنْقِذْنِي
And by Your mercy, deliver me wabirahmatika fakhallisne وَبِرَحْمَتِكَ فَخَلِّصْنِي
O All-benevolent ya muhsin(u) يَا مُحْسِنُ
O All-beneficent ya mujmil(u) يَا مُجْمِلُ
O All-gracious, O All-compassionate ya mun’imu ya mufdhil(u) يَا مُنْعِمُ يَا مُفْضِلُ
In my salvation from Your punishment, I do not rely upon my deeds rather I depend on Your liberal generosity to us lastu attakilu fin-najati min ‘iqabika ‘ala a’malina bal bifadhlika ‘alayna لَسْتُ أَتَّكِلُ فِي النَّجَاةِ مِنْ عِقَابِكَ عَلَى أَعْمَالِنَا بَلْ بِفَضْلِكَ عَلَيْنَا
Because You are verily the Lord of righteousness and the Lord of forgiveness li-annaka ahlut-taqwa wa-ahlul-maghfira(ti) لأنَّكَ أَهْلُ التَّقْوَى وَأَهْلُ الْمَغْفِرَةِ
You take the initiative in doing good out of Your graciousness tubdi-u bil-ihsani ni’ama(n)c تُبْدِئُ بِالإحْسَانِ نِعَماً
And You overlook the sins out of Your generosity wata’fu ‘anidh-dhanbi karama(n) وَتَعْفُو عَنِ الذَّنْبِ كَرَماً
We thus do not know which of Your graces we should thank fama nadre ma nashkur(u) فَمَا نَدْرِي مَا نَشْكُرُ
Should it be the handsome elegance that you spread over us, or our offensive deeds that you conceal? ajamela ma tanshuru am qabeha ma tastur(u) أَجَمِيلَ مَا تَنْشُرُ أَمْ قَبِيحَ مَا تَسْتُرُ؟
Or should it be the fabulous favor that You grant and present, or the numerous misfortunes from which You have saved and relieved? am ‘a¨ema ma ablayta wa-awlayta am kathera ma minhu najjayta wa-‘afayt(a) أَمْ عَظِيمَ مَا أَبْلَيْتَ وَأَوْلَيْتَ أَمْ كَثِيرَ مَا مِنْهُ نَجَّيْتَ وَعَافَيْتَ؟
O the Beloved of those who endear themselves to Him ya habeba man tahabbaba ilayk(a) يَا حَبِيبَ مَنْ تَحَبَّبَ إلَيْكَ
O the delight of the eyes of those who resort to Him and communicate Him incessantly waya qurrata ‘ayni man ladha bika wanqata’a ilayk(a) وَيَا قُرَّةَ عَيْنِ مَنْ لاذَ بِكَ وَانْقَطَعَ إلَيْكَ
You are the All-benevolent and we are the malevolent antal-muhsinu wanahnul-muse-un(a) أَنْتَ الْمُحْسِنُ وَنَحْنُ الْمُسِيئُونَ
So, overlook, O Lord, the offensive that we hold by means of the good that You hold fatajawaz ya rabbi ‘an qabehi ma ‘indana bijameli ma ‘indak(a) فَتَجَاوَزْ يَا رَبِّ عَنْ قَبِيحِ مَا عِنْدَنَا بِجَمِيلِ مَا عِنْدَكَ
There is not definitely any foolishness that can be uncovered by Your liberality wa-ayyu jahlin ya rabbi la yasa’uhu juduk(a) وَأَيُّ جَهْلٍ يَا رَبِّ لا يَسَعُهُ جُودُكَ
And there is no period that may be longer than Your tolerance aw ayyu zamanin atwalu min anatik(a) أَوْ أَيُّ زَمَانٍ أَطْوَلُ مِنْ أَنَاتِكَ
What value remains for our deeds if compared to Your favors! wama qadaru a’malina fe janbi ni’amik(a) وَمَا قَدْرُ أَعْمَالِنَا فِي جَنْبِ نِعَمِكَ؟
And how can we ever deem much any deeds if compared to Your generosity! wakayfa nastakthiru a’malan nuqabilu biha karamak(a) وَكَيْفَ نَسْتَكْثِرُ أَعْمَالاً نُقَابِلُ بِهَا كَرَمَكَ؟
Moreover, how may Your broad mercy be narrow for the guilty? bal kayfa yadhequ ‘alal-mudhnibena ma wasi’ahum min rahmatik(a) بَلْ كَيْفَ يَضِيقُ عَلَى الْمُذْنِبِينَ مَا وَسِعَهُمْ مِنْ رَحْمَتِكَ؟
O the Extensive Forgiver, ya wasi’al-maghfira(ti) يَا وَاسِعَ الْمَغْفِرَةِ
O He Who extends both hands with mercy ya basital-yadayni birrahma(ti) يَا بَاسِطَ الْيَدَيْنِ بِالرَّحْمَةِ
By Your Majesty I swear, O my Lord, even if you chide me, I shall never leave Your Door and I shall never stop flattering You fawa’izzatika ya sayyide law nahartane ma barihtu min babika wala kafaftu ‘an tamalluqik(a) فَوَعِزَّتِكَ يَا سَيِّدِي لَوْ نَهَرْتَنِي مَا بَرِحْتُ مِنْ بَابِكَ وَلا كَفَفْتُ عَنْ تَمَلُّقِكَ
This is because I have full acquaintance with Your (indescribable) generosity and bounty limantaha ilayya minal-ma’rifati bijudika wakaramik(a) لِمَا انْتَهَى إلَيَّ مِنَ الْمَعْرِفَةِ بِجُودِكَ وَكَرَمِكَ
And verily You do whatever You will wa-antal-fa’ilu lima tasha-(u) وَ أَنْتَ الْفَاعِلُ لِمَا تَشَاءُ
You punish whomsoever You want however You want by whatever means You want tu’adhdhibu man tasha-u bima tasha-u kayfa tasha-(u) تُعَذِّبُ مَنْ تَشَاءُ بِمَا تَشَاءُ كَيْفَ تَشَاءُ
And You have mercy upon whomsoever You want however You want by whatever means You want watarhamu man tasha-u bima tasha-u kayfa tasha-(u) وَتَرْحَمُ مَنْ تَشَاءُ بِمَا تشَاءُ كَيْفَ تَشَاءُ
None is supposed to interrogate You for whatever You do la tus-alu ‘an fi'lik(a) لا تُسْأَلُ عَنْ فِعْلِكَ
and non can ever contend with You about Your authority wala tunaza’u fe mulkik(a) وَلا تُنَازَعُ فِي مُلْكِكَ
And none can ever have a share in that which You hold wala tusharaku fe amrik(a) وَلا تُشَارَكُ فِي أَمْرِكَ
And none can ever object to Your decisions wala tudha(a)ddu fe hukmik(a) وَلا تُضَادُّ فِي حُكْمِكَ
And none can ever protest against that which You administer wala ya’taridhu ‘alayka ahadun fe tadberik(a) وَلا يَعْتَرِضُ عَلَيْكَ أَحَدٌ فِي تَدْبِيرِكَ
To You alone is creation and determination lakal-khalqu wal-`amr(u) لَكَ الْخَلْقُ وَالأَمْرُ
Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the worlds tabarakal-llahu rabbul-‘alamen(a) تَبَارَكَ اللّهُ رَبُّ الْعَالَمِينَ
O my Lord, this is the manner of him who seeks Your shelter, yarabbi hadha maqamu man ladha bik(a) يَا رَبِّ هذَا مَقَامُ مَنْ لاذَ بِكَ
And resorts to Your liberality wastajara bikaramik(a) وَاسْتَجَارَ بِكَرَمِكَ
And has been accustomed to be included with Your benevolence and graciousness wa-alifa ihsanaka wani’amak(a) وَأَلِفَ إحْسَانَكَ وَنِعَمَكَ
And You are certainly the All-munificent Whose amnesty never shrinks wa-antal-jawadul-ladhe la yadhequ ‘afwuk(a) وَأَنْتَ الْجَوَادُ الَّذِي لا يَضِيقُ عَفْوُكَ
And Whose favor never reduces wayanqusu fadhluk(a) وَلا يَنْقُصُ فَضْلُكَ
And Whose mercy never diminishes wala taqillu rahmatuk وَلا تَقِلُّ رَحْمَتُكَ
We have full confidence in You on account of Your eternal habit of pardons waqad tawaththaqna minka bis-safhil-qadem(i) وَقَدْ تَوَثَّقْنَا مِنْكَ بِالصَّفْحِ الْقَدِيمِ
And boundless kindness and limitless mercy walfadhlil-‘a¨emi war-rahmatil-wasi’a(ti) وَالْفَضْلِ الْعَظِيمِ وَالرَّحْمَةِ الْوَاسِعَةِ
Is it ever expectable, O Lord, that You may disappoint us or may act on the contrary of our expectations? afaturaka ya rabbi tukhlifu ¨ununana aw tukhayyibu amalana أَفَتُرَاكَ يَا رَبِّ تُخْلِفُ ظُنُونَنَا أَوْ تُخَيِّبُ آمَالَنَا؟
No, never. O Compassionate! This is neither our idea about You nor our desire from You! kalla ya karemu falaysa hadha ¨annuna bika wala hadha feka tama’una كَلاَّ يَا كَرِيمُ فَلَيْسَ هذَا ظَنُّنَا بِكَ وَلا هذَا فِيكَ طَمَعُنَا
O my Lord: verily we have hope, big and large, in You ya rabbi inna lana feka amalan tawelan kathera(n) يَا رَبِّ إنَّ لَنَا فِيكَ أَمَلاً طَوِيلاً كَثِيراً
Verily we have great expectation in You inna lana feka raja-an ‘a¨ema(n) إنَّ لَنَا فِيكَ رَجَاءً عَظِيماً
Albeit that we have disobeyed You, we still hope that You will cover our faults asaynaka wanahnu narju an tastira ‘alayna عَصَيْنَاكَ وَنَحْنُ نَرْجُو أَنْ تَسْتُرَ عَلَيْنَا
And we have prayed You hoping that You will respond to us wada'awnaka wanahnu narju an tastajeba lana وَدَعَوْنَاكَ وَنَحْنُ نَرْجُو أَنْ تَسْتَجِيبَ لَنَا
So, give success to our hopes, O our Lord! fahaqqiq raja-ana mawlana فَحَقِّقْ رَجَاءَنَا مَوْلانَا
We now know for sure that which we deserve in exchange of our deeds faqad ‘alimna ma tastawjibu bi-a’malina فَقَدْ عَلِمْنَا مَا نَسْتَوْجِبُ بِأَعْمَالِنَا
Yet, Your knowledge about us and our knowledge that You shall never let us down have urged us to desire for You walakin ‘ilmuka fena wa’ilmuna bi-annaka la tasrifna ‘anka haththana ‘alar-raghbati ilayk(a) وَلكِنْ عِلْمُكَ فِينَا وَعِلْمُنَا بِأَنَّكَ لا تَصْرِفُنَا عَنْكَ حَثَّنَا عَلَى الرَّغْبَةِ إلَيْكَ
Even if we do not deserve Your mercy wa-in kunna ghayra mustawhishena lirahmatik(a) وَإنْ كُنَّا غَيْرَ مُسْتَوْجِبِينَ لِرَحْمَتِكَ
However, You are the worthiest of conferring upon us and upon the guilty with the grace of Your broad benevolence fa-anta ahlun an tajuda ‘alayna wa’alal-mudhnibena bifadhli sa’atik(a) فَأَنْتَ أَهْلٌ أَنْ تَجُودَ عَلَيْنَا وَعَلَى الْمُذْنِبِينَ بِفَضْلِ سَعَتِكَ
So, confer upon us with that of which You are worYour famnun ‘alayna bima anta ahluh(u) فَامْنُنْ عَلَيْنَا بِمَا أَنْتَ أَهْلُهُ
And act generously with us for we are in need from Your conferral wajud ‘alayna fa-inna muhtajuna ila naylik(a) وَجُدْ عَلَيْنَا فَإنَّا مُحْتَاجُونَ إلَى نَيْلِكَ
O Oft-Forgiving, in Your light have we found the right path ya ghaffaru binurikah-tadayna يَا غَفَّارُ بِنُورِكَ اهْتَدَيْنَا
And due to Your favor have we dispensed with the others wabifadhlikas-taghnayna وَبِفَضْلِكَ اسْتَغْنَيْنَا
And Your grace have we experienced in morns and eves wabini’matika asbahna wa-amsayna وَبِنِعْمَتِكَ أَصْبَحْنَا وَأَمْسَيْنَا
Our sins are before You dhunubuna bayna yadayk(a) ذُنُوبُنَا بَيْنَ يَدَيْكَ
We beseech You, O Allah, to forgive them and we repent before You nastaghfirukal-llahumma minha wanatubu ilayk(a) نَسْتَغْفِرُكَ اللّهُمَّ مِنْهَا وَنَتُوبُ إلَيْكَ
Whilst You show affection to us through Your graces, we take ourselves away from You through our sins tatahabbabu ilayna binni’ami wanu’aridhuka bidh-dhunub(i) تَتَحَبَّبُ إلَيْنَا بِالنِّعَمِ وَنُعَارِضُكَ بِالذُّنُوبِ
You good descend upon us khayruka nazilun ilayna خَيْرُكَ إلَيْنَا نَازِلٌ
While our evildoing ascends to You washarruna ilayka sa’id(un) وَشَرُّنَا إلَيْكَ صَاعِدٌ
Albeit a noble angel always carries to You our offensive deeds, this has never made you stop encompassing us with Your graces walam yazal wala yazalu malakun karemun ya-teka ‘anna bi’amalin qabehin fala yamna’unka dhalika min an tahutana bini’amik(a) وَلَمْ يَزَلْ وَلا يَزَالُ مَلَكٌ كَرِيمٌ يَأْتِيكَ عَنَّا بِعَمَلٍ قَبِيحٍ فَلا يَمْنَعُكَ ذلِكَ مِنْ أَنْ تَحُوطَنَا بِنِعَمِكَ
And conferring upon us your elegances watatafadhdhalu ‘alyna bi-ala-ik(a) وتَتَفَضَّلَ عَلَيْنَا بِآلائِكَ
Glory be to You! How Forbearing, Magnificent, and Generous You are at all times! fasubhanaka ma ahlamaka wa-a’¨amaka wa-akramaka mubdi-an wamu’eda(n) فَسُبْحَانَكَ مَا أَحْلَمَكَ وَأَعْظَمَكَ وَأَكْرَمَكَ مُبْدِئاً وَمُعِيداً!
Sacred be Your Names taqaddasat asma-uk(a) تَقَدَّسَتْ أَسْمَاؤُكَ
Grand be Your praise wajalla thana-uk(a) وَجَلَّ ثَنَاؤُكَ
Munificent be Your deeds and acts wakaruma sana-i’uka wafi'aluk(a) وَكَرُمَ صَنَائِعُكَ وَفِعَالُكَ
You, O my God, are too expansive in graciousness and too great in forbearance to punish me for my evildoings and sins anta ilahe awsa’u fadhlan wa-a’¨amu hilman min an tuqayisane bifi’le wakhate-ate أَنْتَ إلهِي أَوْسَعُ فَضْلاً وَأَعْظَمُ حِلْماً مِنْ أَنْ تُقَايِسَنِي بِفِعْلِي وَخَطِيئَتِي
(Here I am asking for) Amnesty, (Here I am asking for) Amnesty, (Here I am asking for) Amnesty fal’afwal-‘afwal-‘afw(a فَالْعَفْوَ الْعَفْوَ الْعَفْوَ
O my Lord! O my Lord! O my Lord! sayyide sayyide sayyide سَيِّدِي سَيِّدِي سَيِّدِي
O Allah: make us be engaged with mentioning You allahumma ashghilna bidhikrik(a) اللّهُمَّ اشْغَلْنَا بِذِكْرِكَ
And save us from Your wrath wa-a’idhna min sakhatik(a) وَأَعِذْنَا مِنْ سَخَطِكَ
And deliver us from Your torture wa-ajirna min ‘adhabik(a) وَأَجِرْنَا مِنْ عَذَابِكَ
And grant us Your donations warzuqna min mawahibik(a) وَارْزُقْنَا مِنْ مَوَاهِبِكَ
And confer upon us with Your grace wa-an-’in ‘alayna min fadhlik(a) وَأَنْعِمْ عَلَيْنَا مِنْ فَضْلِكَ
And provide us the opportunity to go on pilgrimage to Your House warzuqna hijja baytik(a) وَارْزُقْنَا حَجَّ بَيْتِكَ
And to visit the tomb of Your Prophet waziyarata qabri nabiyyik(a) وَزِيَارَةَ قَبْرِ نَبِيِّكَ
May Your blessings, mercy, forgiveness, and pleasure be upon him and his Household salawatuka warahmatuka wamaghfiratuka waridhwanuka ‘alayhi wa’ala ahli baytih(e) صَلَوَاتُكَ وَرَحْمَتُكَ وَمَغْفِرَتُكَ وَرِضْوَانُكَ عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَى أَهْلِ بَيْتِهِ
Verily You are nigh and ready to answer innaka qarebun mujeb(un) إنَّكَ قَرِيبٌ مُجِيبٌ
And bless us with acting upon the obedience to You warzuqna ‘amalan bita’atik(a) وَارْزُقْنَا عَمَلاً بِطَاعَتِكَ
And receive us following the rule of You and Your Prophet wataffana ‘ala millatika wasunnati nabiyyik(a) وَتَوَفَّنَا عَلَى مِلَّتِكَ وَسُنَّةِ نَبِيِّكَ
Blessings of Allah be on him and on his Family sallal-llahu ‘alayhi wa’ala-alih(e) صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَى آلِهِ
O Allah: forgive me and my parents, and have mercy on them as they did care for me when I was little allahummaghfir le waliwalidayya warhamhuma kama rabbayane saghera(n) اللّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِي وَلِوَالِدَيَّ وَارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيراً
Reward them generously for their good deeds and forgive their sins ijzihima bil-ihsani ihsanan wabis-sayyi-ati ghufrana(n) اجْزِهِمَا بِالإحْسَانِ إحْسَاناً وَبِالسَّيِّئَاتِ غُفْرَاناً.
O Allah: forgive the faithful men and women, be they alive or dead allahummaghfir lilmu-`minena wal-mu-`minatil-ahya-i minhum wal-amwat(i) اللّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ الأَحْيَاءِ مِنْهُمْ وَالأَمْوَاتِ
And join us together in bliss and happiness watabi’ baynana wabaynahum bilkhayrat(i) وَتَابِعْ بَيْنَنَا وَبَيْنَهُمْ بِالْخَيْرَاتِ.
O Allah: forgive our living and dead persons allahummaghfir lihayyina wamayyitina اللّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِحَيِّنَا وَمَيِّتِنَا
And our present and absent ones washahidina wagha-ibina وَشَاهِدِنَا وَغَائِبِنَا
And our male and female ones dhakarina wa-unthana ذَكَرِنَا وَأُنْثَانَا
And our infants and adults sagherina wakaberina صَغِيرِنَا وَكَبِيرِنَا
And our masters and slaves hurrina wamamlukina حُرِّنَا وَمَمْلُوكِنَا
Liars are those who ascribe rivals to Allah kadhabal-‘adiluna billah(i) كَذَبَ الْعَادِلُونَ بِاللّهِ
And they have wandered far astray wadhallu dhalalan ba’eda(n) وَضَلّوَا ضَلالاً بَعِيداً
And they will have suffered a manifest loss wakhasiru khusranan mubena(n) وَخَسِرُوَا خُسْرَاناً مُبِيناً
O Allah: send blessings on Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad allahumma salli ‘ala muhammadin wa-ali muhammad(in) اللّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ
And seal my life with decency wakhtim le bikhayr(in) وَاخْتِمْ لِي بِخَيْرٍ
And help me overcome all that which aggrieves me in this world as well as the Hereafter wakfine ma ahammane min amri dunyaya wa-akhirate وَاكْفِنِي مَا أَهَمَّنِي مِنْ أَمْرِ دُنْيَايَ وَآخِرَتِي
And do not let him who does not have mercy upon me prevail on me wala tusallit ‘alayya man la yarhamune وَلا تُسَلِّطْ عَلَيَّ مَنْ لا يَرْحَمُنِي
And always keep on me an everlasting, protective covering waj’al ‘alayya minka waqiyan baqiya(tan) وَاجْعَلْ عَلَيَّ مِنْكَ وَاقِيَةً بَاقِيَةً
And do not divest me of the well-mannered graces that You have conferred upon me wala taslubne saliha ma an’amta bihe ‘alayy(a) وَلا تَسْلُبْنِي صَالِحَ مَا أَنْعَمْتَ بِهِ عَلَيَّ
And provide me, out of Your grace, with lawfully gotten, delightful sustenance warzuqne min fadhlika rizqan wasi’an halalan tayyiba(n) وَارْزُقْنِي مِنْ فَضْلِكَ رِزْقاً وَاسِعاً حَلالاً طَيِّباً
O Allah: keep me under Your alert surveillance allahummah-rusne biharasatik(a) اللّهُمَّ احْرُسْنِي بِحَرَاسَتِكَ
And protect me with Your support wahfa¨ne bihif¨ik(a) وَاحْفَظْنِي بِحِفْظِكَ
And take care of me with Your comprehensive care wakla-ne bikala-atik(a) وَاكْلأْنِي بِكَلاءَتِكَ
And grant me to go on pilgrimage to Your Holy House in this year as well as all coming years warzuqne hijja baytikal-harami fe ‘amina hadha wafe kulli ‘am(in) وَارْزُقْنِي حَجَّ بَيْتِكَ الْحَرَامِ فِي عَامِنَا هذَا وَفِي كُلِّ عَامٍ
And also grant me to go on pilgrimage to the tomb of Your Prophet and the Imams—peace be upon them waziyarati qabri nabiyyika wal-a-immati ‘alayhimus-salam(u) وَزِيَارَةَ قَبْرِ نَبِيِّكَ وَالأَئِمَّةِ عَلَيْهِمُ السَّلامُ
And do not deprive me, O Lord, of such honorable scenes and noble situations wala tukhline ya rabbi min tilkal-mashahidish-sharefati wal-mawaqifil-karema(ti) وَلا تُخْلِنِي يَا رَبِّ مِنْ تِلْكَ الْمَشَاهِدِ الشَّرِيفَةِ وَالْمَوَاقِفِ الْكَرِيمَةِ
O Allah: Accept my repentance so that I will not disobey you ever again allahumma tub ‘alayya hatta la a’siyak(a) اللّهُمَّ تُبْ عَلَيَّ حَتَّى لا أَعْصِيَكَ
And inspire me with goodness and good-doing wa-alhimnil-khayra wal-‘amala bih(e) وَأَلْهِمْنِي الْخَيْرَ وَالْعَمَلَ بِهِ
And with fearing You all over day and night so long as You keep me alive wakhashyataka billayli wannahari ma abqaytane وَخَشْيَتَكَ بِاللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ مَا أَبْقَيْتَنِي
O the Lord of the worlds ya rabbal-‘alamen(a) يَا رَبَّ الْعَالَمِينَ.
O Allah: each time I decide to prepare myself for offering prayers before You and converse confidentially with You, allahumma inne kullama qultu qad tahayya-`tu wata’abba-`tu waqumtu lis-salati bayna yadayka wanajaytuk(a) اللّهُمَّ إنِّي كُلَّمَا قُلْتُ قَدْ تَهَيَّأْتُ وَتَعَبَّأْتُ وَقُمْتُ لِلصَّلاةِ بَيْنَ يَدَيْكَ وَنَاجَيْتُكَ
You throw on me slumber whenever I stand for prayer alqayta ‘alayya nu’asan idha ana sallayt(u) أَلْقَيْتَ عَلَيَّ نُعَاساً إذَا أَنَا صَلَّيْتُ
And thus You deprive me of conversing with You confidentially whenever I try so wasalabtane munajataka idha ana najayt(u) وَسَلَبْتَنِي مُنَاجَاتَكَ إذَا أَنَا نَاجَيْتُ
What is the wrong with me? Whenever I feel that my inner self has become decent male kullama qultu qad saluhat sarerate مَالِي كُلَّمَا قُلْتُ قَدْ صَلُحَتْ سَرِيرَتِي
And that my session has become similar to that of those who turn much to You, waqaruba min majalisit-tawwabena majlise وَقَرُبَ مِنْ مَجَالِسِ التَّوَّابِينَ مَجْلِسِي
A misfortune would inflict me causing my feet to be shaken and standing against my showing servitude to You aradhat le baliyyatun azalat qadame wahalat bayne wabayna khidmatik(a) عَرَضَتْ لِي بَلِيَّةٌ أَزَالَتْ قَدَمِي وَحَالَتْ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَ خِدْمَتِكَ؟
O my Master, perhaps You have pushed me away from Your door! sayyide la’allaka ‘an babika taradtane سَيِّدِي لَعَلَّكَ عَنْ بَابِكَ طَرَدْتَنِي
And You have dismissed me from Your service! wa’an khidmatika nahhaytane وَعَنْ خِدْمَتِكَ نَحَّيْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have noticed that I belittled the duties that You have made incumbent upon me, and You thus set me aside! aw la’allaka ra-aytane mustakhiffan bihaqqika fa-aqsaytane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ رَأَيْتَنِي مُسْتَخِفّاً بِحَقِّكَ فَأَقْصَيْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have seen me turning away from You and thus You have turned away from me aw la’allaka ra-aytane mu’ridhan ‘anka faqalaytane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ رَأَيْتَنِي مُعْرِضاً عَنْكَ فَقَلَيْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have found me in the manner of the liars and thus You have rejected me aw la’allaka wajadtane fe maqamil-kadhibena farafadhtane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ وَجَدْتَنِي فِي مَقَامِ الْكَاذِبِينَ فَرَفَضْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have observed me showing no gratitude for Your graces and thus You have deprived me of them aw la’allaka ra-aytane ghayra shakirin lina’ma-ika faharamtane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ رَأَيْتَنِي غَيْرَ شَاكِرٍ لِنَعْمَائِكَ فَحَرَمْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have not found me in the sessions of the scholars and thus You have let me down aw la’allaka faqadtane min majalisil-‘ulama-i fakhadhaltane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ فَقَدْتَنِي مِنْ مَجَالِسِ الْعُلَمَاءِ فَخَذَلْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have seen me among the inattentive ones and thus You have made me despair of Your mercy aw la’allaka ra-aytane fil-ghafilena famin rahmatika ayastane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ رَأَيْتَنِي فِي الْغَافِلِينَ فَمِنْ رَحْمَتِكَ آيَسْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have found me fond of the sessions of the wrongdoers and thus You have referred me to them aw la’allaka ra-aytane alafu majalisal-battalena fabayne wabaynahum khallaytane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ رَأَيْتَنِي آلِفَ مَجَالِسِ الْبَطَّالِينَ فَبَيْنِي وَبَيْنَهُمْ خَلَّيْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have not willed to hear my prayers and thus You have kept me away from You aw la’allaka lam tuhibba an tasma’a du’a-e faba’adtane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ لَمْ تُحِبَّ أَنْ تَسْمَعَ دُعَائِي فَبَاعَدْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have punished me for my offenses and sins aw la’allaka bijurme wajarerate kafaytane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ بِجُرْمِي وَجَرِيرَتِي كَافَيْتَنِي
Or, perhaps, You have penalized me for my shamelessness aw la’allaka biqillati haya-e minka jazaytane أَوْ لَعَلَّكَ بِقِلَّةِ حَيَائِي مِنْكَ جَازَيْتَنِي
If You forgive me, O Lord, then You have occasionally forgiven the sinners like me fa-in ‘afawta ya rabbi fatalama ‘afawta ‘anil-mudhnibena qable فَإنْ عَفَوْتَ يَا رَبِّ فَطَالَمَا عَفَوْتَ عَنِ الْمُذْنِبِينَ قَبْلِي
Because Your compassion, O my Lord, is too great to be compared to the punishment of the negligent li-anna karamaka ay rabbi yajillu ‘an mukafatil-muqassiren(a) لأنَّ كَرَمَكَ أَيْ رَبِّ يَجِلُّ عَنْ مُكَافَاةِ الْمُقَصِّرِينَ
And I am now seeking refuge with Your generosity and fleeing for You to You wa ana ‘a-idhun bifadhlika haribun minka ilayk(a) وَأَنَا عَائِذٌ بِفَضْلِكَ هَارِبٌ مِنْكَ إلَيْكَ
Hoping for the promise that You have taken as regard pardoning those who have good idea about You mutanajjizun ma wa’adta minas-safhi ‘amman ahsana bika ¨anna(n) مُتَنَجِّزٌ مَا وَعَدْتَ مِنَ الصَّفْحِ عَمَّنْ أَحْسَنَ بِكَ ظَنّاً.
O my God: You are too expansive in favor ilahe anta awsa’u fadhla(n) إلهِي أَنْتَ أَوْسَعُ فَضْلاً
And too great in forbearance to punish me for my deed wa-a’¨amu hilman min an tuqayisane bi’amale وَأَعْظَمُ حِلْماً مِنْ أَنْ تُقَايِسَنِي بِعَمَلِي
Or to chastise me for my sin aw an tastazillane bikhate-ate أَوْ أَنْ تَسْتَزِلَّنِي بِخَطِيئَتِي
What am I? O Master! And what is my weight? wama ana ya sayyide wama khatare وَمَا أَنَا يَا سَيِّدِي وَمَا خَطَرِي؟
Excuse me out of Your favor, O my Master habne bifadhlika sayyide هَبْنِي بِفَضْلِكَ سَيِّدِي
And act to me charitably our of Your pardon watasaddaq ‘alayya bi’afwik(a) وَتَصَدَّقْ عَلَيَّ بِعَفْوِكَ
And cover me with Your covering wajallilne bisitrik(a) وَجَلِّلْنِي بِسِتْرِكَ
And let off chiding me out of the liberality of Your Face wa’fu ‘an tawbekhe bikarami wajhik(a) وَاعْفُ عَنْ تَوْبِيخِي بِكَرَمِ وَجْهِكَ
O my Master! I am the little that You have brought up sayyide anas-sagherul-ladhe rabbaytah(u) سَيِّدِي أَنَا الصَّغِيرُ الَّذِي رَبَّيْتَهُ
And I am the ignorant that You have taught wa-anal-jahilul-ladhe ‘allamtah(u) وَأَنَا الْجَاهِلُ الَّذِي عَلَّمْتَهُ
And I am the straying that You have guided wa-anadh-dha(a)llul-ladhe hadaytah(u) وَأَنَا الضَّالُّ الَّذِي هَدَيْتَهُ
And I am the humble that You have given rise wa-anal-wadhe’ul-ladhe rafa’tah(u) وَأَنَا الْوَضِيعُ الَّذِي رَفَعْتَهُ
And I am the afraid that You have given security wa-anal-kha-iful-ladhe amantah(u) وَأَنَا الْخَائِفُ الَّذِي آمَنْتَهُ
And I am the hungry that You have satiated wal-ja-i’ul-ladhe ashba’tah(u) وَالْجَائِعُ الَّذِي أَشْبَعْتَهُ
And I am the thirsty that You have watered wal-‘atshanul-ladhe arwaytah(u) وَالْعَطْشَانُ الَّذِي أَرْوَيْتَهُ
And I am the naked that You have dressed wal-‘aril-ladhe kasawtah(u) وَالْعَارِي الَّذِي كَسَوْتَهُ
And I am the poor that You have given affluence walfaqerul-ladhe aghnaytah(u) وَالْفَقِيرُ الَّذِي أَغْنَيْتَهُ
And I am the weak that You have strengthened wadh-dha’eful-ladhe qawwaytah(u) وَالضَّعِيفُ الَّذِي قَوَّيْتَهُ
And I am the lowly that You have given mighty wadh-dhalelul-ledhe a’zaztah(u) وَالذَّلِيلُ الَّذِي أَعْزَزْتَهُ
And I am the ill that You have cured was-saqemul-ladhe shafaytah(u) وَالسَّقِيمُ الَّذِي شَفَيْتَهُ
And I am the beggar that You have donated was-sa-ilul-ladhe a’taytah(u) وَالسَّائِلُ الَّذِي أَعْطَيْتَهُ
And I am the sinner that You have covered walmudhnibul-ladhe satartah(u) وَالْمُذْنِبُ الَّذِي سَتَرْتَهُ
And I am the guilty that You have excused wal-khati-ul-ladhe aqaltah(u) وَالْخَاطِئُ الَّذِي أَقَلْتَهُ
And I am the valueless that You have evaluated wa-anal-qalelul-ladhe kaththartah(u) وَأَنَا الْقَلِيلُ الَّذِي كَثَّرْتَهُ
And I am the helpless that You have backed wal-mustadh-‘aful-ladhe nasartah(u) وَالْمُسْتَضْعَفُ الَّذِي نَصَرْتَهُ
And I am the expelled that You have boarded wa-anat-taredul-ladhe awaytah(u) وَأَنَا الطَّرِيدُ الَّذِي آوَيْتَهُ
I am, O my Lord, the one who has not felt ashamed of You in secrets ana ya rabbil-ladhe lam astahyika fil-khala-(i) أَنَا يَا رَبِّ الَّذِي لَمْ أَسْتَحْيِكَ فِي الْخَلاءِ
And the one who has not considered Your watching over him in the public walam uraqibka fil-mala-(i) وَلَمْ أُرَاقِبْكَ فِي الْمَلاءِ
I am the committer of the grave transgressions ana sahibud-dawahil-‘u¨ma أَنَا صَاحِبُ الدَّوَاهِي الْعُظْمَى
I am the one who challenged his Master anal-ladhe ‘ala sayyidihijtara(`a) أَنَا الَّذِي عَلَى سَيِّدِهِ اجْتَرأَ
I am the one who disobeyed the All-great of the heavens anal-ladhe ‘asaytu jabbaras-sama(`a) أَنَا الَّذِي عَصَيْتُ جَبَّارَ السَّمَاءِ
I am the one who have given bribes violating the laws of the All-lofty One anal-ladhe a’taytu ‘ala ma’asil-jalelir-risha أَنَا الَّذِي أَعْطَيْتُ عَلَى مَعَاصِي الْجَلِيلِ الرِّشَى
I am the one who has been delighted for committing such sins anal-ladhe hena bushshirtu biha kharajtu ilayha asa أَنَا الَّذِي حِينَ بُشِّرْتُ بِهَا خَرَجْتُ إلَيْهَا أَسْعَى
I am the one who, although You have respited, has not cared anal-ladhe amhaltane famar-‘awayt(u) أَنَا الَّذِي أَمْهَلْتَنِي فَمَا ارْعَوَيْتُ
I am the one whom, Although You have covered him, has not felt ashamed wasatarta ‘alayya famas-tahyayt(u) وَسَتَرْتَ عَلَيَّ فَمَا اسْتَحْيَيْتُ
And who committed so many acts of disobedience that he has violated (all terms) wa’amiltu bil-ma’ase fata’addaytu وَعَمِلْتُ بِالْمَعَاصِي فَتَعَدَّيْتُ
And who, although You have disregarded, has not minded wa-asqattane min ‘aynika fama balayt(u) وَأَسْقَطْتَنِي مِنْ عَيْنِكَ فَمَا بَالَيْتُ
So, out of Your forbearance have You given me respite fabihilmika amhaltane فَبِحِلْمِكَ أَمْهَلْتَنِي
And You have concealed (my faults) with Your untouchable concealment as if You have been unaware with my acts wabisitrika satartane hatta ka-annaka aghfaltane وَبِسِتْرِكَ سَتَرْتَنِي حَتَّى كَأَنَّكَ أَغْفَلْتَنِي
And You have not applied to me the punishments of committing acts of disobedience (to You) as if You are ashamed to face me wamin ‘uqubatil-ma’ase jannabtane hatta ka-annakas-tahyaytane وَمِنْ عُقُوبَاتِ الْمَعَاصِي جَنَّبْتَنِي حَتَّى كَأَنَّكَ اسْتَحْيَيْتَنِي.
O my God: As I disobeyed You, I have never denied Your Lordship ilahe lam a’sika hena ‘asaytuka wa-ana birububiyyatika jahid(un) إلهِي لَمْ أَعْصِكَ حِينَ عَصَيْتُكَ وَأَنَا بِرُبُوبِيَّتِكَ جَاحِدٌ
And I have never belittled Your ordains wala bi-amrika mustakhiff(un) وَلا بِأَمْرِكَ مُسْتَخِفٌّ
And I have never wished for exposing myself to Your chastisement wala li-‘uqubatika muta’arridh(un) وَلا لِعُقُوبَتِكَ مُتَعَرِّضٌ
And I have never disparaged Your threat wala liwa’edika mutahawin(un) وَلا لِوَعِيدِكَ مُتَهَاوِنٌ
Nevertheless, sins showed themselves desirable before me and my self commended to me lakin khate-atun ‘aradhat wasawwalat le nafse لَكِنْ خَطِيئَةٌ عَرَضَتْ وَسَوَّلَتْ لِي نَفْسِي
And my whim overwhelmed me waghalabane haway(a) وَغَلَبَنِي هَوَايَ
And my impudence helped me accordingly wa-a’anane ‘alayha shiqwate وَأَعَانَنِي عَلَيْهَا شِقْوَتِي
And I have been deceived my Your covering that You have laid on me wagharrane sitrukal-murkha ‘alayy(a) وَغَرَّنِي سِتْرُكَ الْمُرْخَى عَلَيَّ
So, I have exerted efforts in violating Your orders and disobeying You faqad ‘asaytuka wakhalaftuka bijuhde فَقَدْ عَصَيْتُكَ وَخَالَفْتُكَ بِجُهْدِي
Now, who can ever save me from Your chastisement? fal-ana min ‘adhabika man yastanqidhune فَالآنَ مِنْ عَذَابِكَ مَنْ يَسْتَنْقِذُنِي
And, tomorrow, who can save me from the hands of my rivals? wamin aydil-khusama-i ghadan man yukhallisune وَمِنْ أَيْدِي الْخُصَمَاءِ غَداً مَنْ يُخَلِّصُنِي
And whose rope will I catch if You cut off the rope between You and me? wabihabli man attasilu in anta qata’ta hablaka ‘anne وَبِحَبْلِ مَنْ أَتَّصِلُ إنْ أَنْتَ قَطَعْتَ حَبْلَكَ عَنِّي؟
Shame on me for my evildoings that Your Book has recorded fawa saw-ata ‘ala ma ahsa kitabuka min ‘amaliyal-ladhe فَوَاسَوْأَتَا عَلَى مَا أَحْصَى كِتَابُكَ مِنْ عَمَلِي الَّذِي
Had it not been for Your generosity, the breadth of Your mercy, and Your warning me against being desperate—the matters that I hopefully depend on, I would have despaired whenever I remember my sins lawla ma arju min karamika wasa’ati rahmatika wanahyika iyyaya ‘anil-qunuti laqanattu ‘indama atadhakkaruha لَوْلا مَا أَرْجُو مِنْ كَرَمِكَ وَسَعَةِ رَحْمَتِكَ وَنَهْيِكَ إيَّايَ عَنِ الْقُنُوطِ لَقَنَطْتُ عِنْدَمَا أَتَذَكَّرُهَا
O the Greatest Besought One that has been ever besought ya khayra man da’ahu da(‘in) يَا خَيْرَ مَنْ دَعَاهُ دَاعٍ
And the Most Favorable Hoped One wa-afdhala man rajahu raj(in) وَأَفْضَلَ مَنْ رَجَاهُ رَاجٍ

Common A'amaal for Laylatul Qadr

19th, 21st & 23rd Nights of the Ramadhan month

Night of Qadr is the night, which is the best night among the nights of the whole year. The "A'maal" (religious performances) of this night are better than the A'maal of 1000 months.

In this night the divine Annual Decree is passed. The Angels and Roohul Ameen (A highly dignified Angel) descend on this earth, in that night. These call on the Imam of the time, and what is ordained (by Allah) for everybody is presented before the Imam.


The Common A'maals for all 3 nights are given below : -

1. To take a bath(ghusl) immediately after Magrib so that the prayers may be performed in a state of purity

2. To offer two Rakats (units)of Namaz, in every Rakat offer Surat-al-Hamd, and Surat-al-Tauhid/ Sure Ikhlaas (7) seven times, and after finishing the prayer 70 times recite: "Astagferullaah Rabbi Wa atoobo elaihe" i.e., "I seek pardon from God and ask for penitence from Him".

Seeking FORGIVENESS in the early part of the night is very beneficial .Remember your sins & seek forgiveness by reciting "Astagferullaah Rabbi Wa atoobo elaihe" 100 times ,Munajat e Taebeen & Dua Tauba (repentance) & Dua Kumayl

3. The Holy Qur'an should be opened and placed in front, then one should recite,

اَللّـهُمَّ اِنّي اَسْاَلُكَ بِكِتابِكَ وَما فيهِ وَفيهِ اسْمُكَ الاَكْبَرُ وَاَسْماؤُكَ الْحُسْنى، وَما يُخافُ وَيُرْجى اَنْ تَجْعَلَني مِنْ عُتَقائِكَ مِنَ النّارِ

O Allah treat me as one of those who are free from Hell, in the name of this Holy Book sent by Thee, whatever there be in the Book. Including Ism-e-A'azam and Asmaa-e-Husnaa and the things to be dreaded, the things that may be expected and desired, like blessings of Jannat. Do forgive through the grace of this book

"Alaahumma inni asaloka be kitaabekal munzale Wa maa feeh, wa feehismokal akbaro wa asmaakal husnaa, wa maa yokhaafo Wa yurjaa an taj-alani min otaqaaeka minan-Naar",
(SALAWAT-After this he may beg from Allah swt whatever he wants).

4. He should place the Holy Qur'an on his head and say,

اَللّـهُمَّ بِحَقِّ هذَا الْقُرْآنِ، وَبِحَقِّ مَنْ اَرْسَلْتَهُ بِهِ، وَبِحَقِّ كُلِّ مُؤْمِن مَدَحْتَهُ فيهِ، وَبِحَقِّكَ عَلَيْهِمْ، فَلا اَحَدَ اَعْرَفُ بِحَقِّكَ مِنْكَ

O Allah! I appeal to Thee in the name of this Qur'an and the Rooh that was sent along with it, and in the name of the Momin (believer) whose praise is contained in this Book and Tine obligation that is on them. No one else recognizes the right and truth more than Thee
"Allaahumma be haqqe haazal Qur'an we be haqqe man arsaltahoo beh, Wa be haqqe kulle momenin madahtahoo feeh, we be haqqeka alaihim fa-laa ahada a'arafo be haqqeka mink",
(SALAWAT-After this he should repeat 10 times each):

بِكَ يااَللهُ






بِعَلِي بْنِ الْحُسَيْنِ

بُمَحَمَّدِ بْنِ عَلِيٍّ

بِجَعْفَرِ بْنِ مُحَمَّد

بِمُوسَى بْنِ جَعْفَر

بِعَلِيِّ بْنِ مُوسى

بِمُحَمَّدِ بْنِ عَلِيٍّ

بِعَلِيِّ بْنِ مُحَمَّد

بِالْحَسَنِ بْنِ عَلِيٍّ





Ask for your needs....

5. To recite the Ziarat of Imam Hussain (AS). According to Hadis, during Night of Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (Throne) on the Seventh sky, "Allah the Benevolent forgives him, whosoever performs the Ziarat of the grave of Imam-e-Hussain (AS)."

6. Recite Duas Joshn e kabir & Joshn e Saghir.

7. To offer 100 Raq'ats of Namaz. It has been highly recommended. It is better to recite (after Surat-al-Hamd) 10 times the Surat-al-Tawhid/ Sure Ikhlaas (Qul howallah).

8. Pray for others - Think of the many people all over the world who are in great difficulty & pray for them .

9. Give/Arrange for Sadqa/Charity tonight & keep oneself awake throughout these three nights. The vigil during these nights carries great Sawab (heavenly reward). Dozing even for a short while ,may make one lose this great benefit

10. Recite Dua Nudba & Remember Imam e Zamana (atfs) much throughout the night & recite Dua for Imam atfs

11. Recite the 15 Whispered prayers from Sahifa Sajjadia

12. Reading some Fiqh rules is highly recommended

13.Recite Salaat of Jafar e Tayyar & Tahajjud Salaat at the end of the night

14. Al-Kaf`amiy has narrated that Imam Zayn al-Abiden (a.s) used to say this supplication very frequently at the Qadr Nights while sitting, standing, genuflecting, and prostrating

اللّهُمّ إِنّي أَمْسَيْتُ لَكَ عَبْداً دَاخِراً   
alluhumma inni amsaytu laka `abdan dakhiran   
O Allah: surely, I am at this evening Your passive slave;


لا أَمْلِكُ لِنَفْسِي نَفْعاً وَلا ضَرّاً   
lu amliku linafsy naf`an wa lu ¤arran   
I have no control of hurt or good to myself,


وَلا أَصْرِفُ عَنْهَا سُوءً،   
wa lu asrifu `anhu su‘an   
And I cannot drive back any evil from myself,


أَشْهَدُ بِذلِكَ عَلَى نَفْسِي،   
ash-hadu bidhalika `alu nafse   
I testify to so against myself,


وَأَعْتَرِفُ لَكَ بِضَعْفِ قُوّتِي،   
wa a`tarifu laka bi¤a`fi quwwate   
And to You do I confess of my powerlessness


وَقِلّةِ حِيلَتِي،   
wa qillati helate   
And my feebleness


فَصَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ   
fasall `alu muhammadin wa uli muhammadin   
So, (please do) send blessings upon Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,


وَأَنْجِزْ لِي مَا وَعَدْتَنِي   
wa anjiz le mu wa`adtany   
And fulfill that of which You have promised me,


وَجَمِيعَ المُؤْمِنِينَ وَالمُؤْمِنَاتِ   
wa jame`a almu´minena wal-mu´minuti   
As well as all the believing men and women,


مِنَ المَغْفِرَةِ فِي هذِهِ اللّيْلَةِ،   
mina almaghfirati fe hadhihi allaylati   
That is Your forgiveness at this night.


وَأَتْمِمْ عَلَيّ مَا آتَيْتَنِي   
wa atmim `alayya mu utaytany   
And accomplish that which You have conferred upon me,


فَإِنّي عَبْدُكَ المِسكِينُ المُسْتَكِينُ   
fa’inne `abduka almiskenu almustakenu   
For I am Your slave—the poor, the humble,


الضّعِيفُ الفَقِيرُ المَهِينُ.   
aldha`efu alfaqeru almahenu   
The weak, the needy, the humiliated.


اللّهُمّ لا تَجْعَلْنِي نَاسِياً لِذِكْرِكَ فِيمَا أَوْلَيْتَنِي،   
alluhumma lu taj`alny nusiyan lidhikrika femu awlaytane   
O Allah: (please) do not make me negligent of the mention of You as regards that which You have bestowed upon me,


وَلا غَافِلاً لإحْسَانِكَ فِيمَا أَعْطَيْتَنِي،   
wa lu ghufilan liihsunika femu a`taytane   
And do not make me inadvertent to Your favors to me as regards that which You have given me,


وَلا آيِساً مِنْ إِجَابَتِكَ وَإِنْ أَبْطَأَتْ عَنّي   
wa lu uyisan min ijubatika wa in abtat `anne   
And do not make me despair of Your responding to me, even if such response is postponed,


فِي سَرَّاءَ أَوْ ضَرَّاءَ   
fe sarru‘a awdharru‘a   
Whether I be in prosperity or adversity


أَوْ شِدّةٍ أَوْ رَخَاءٍ   
aw shiddatin aw rakhu‘in   
Or hardship or comfort


أَوْ عَافِيَةٍ أَوْ بَلاءٍ   
aw `ufiyatin aw balu‘in   
Or well-being or ordeal,


أَوْ بُؤْسٍ أَوْ نَعْمَاءَ   
aw bu´sin aw na`mu‘a   
Or misery or bliss.


إِنّكَ سَمِيعُ الدّعَاءِ.   
innaka same`u alddu`u‘i   
Verily, You are the Hearer of prayers.


Alternate Translation :

I have passed the evening as a very humble servant of Thee. I have no control over the gains and losses for my person. I cannot remove any evil from myself. I depose against my conscience. I admit my weakness and inability of managing my affairs. Bestow  Tine blessings on Mohammad (S.A.W.) and his Aal (AS).

Whatever Thou hast given me or promised, fulfill that. Verily! I am Tine humble, weak and destitute servant. O Allah! Let me not forget the blessings that Thou hast bestowed on me, and let me not be forgetful about Tine kindness. Do not deny me Tine acceptance though it may be delayed, may it pertain to sorrow or happiness, and may it be connected with peace and tranquility or hardship and vicissitudes or pertaining to blessings.

Thou hearse and accepts invocations in every condition.

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