SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Zionist extrimists and army members assaulted Masjid-ul-Aqsa

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Media sources reported an assault on Masjid-ul-Aqsa by the Zionist extrimists and army personnel. Al-Mayadeen news network reported that a call up by some Zionist extrimists groups followed yesterday by an assault by the extrimists and women members of the Israeli army in uniforms on Masjid-ul-Aqsa....


SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Egypt declined permission for Turkish Foreign Minister to meet Morsi

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Egypt rejected Turkey’s request for its Foreign Minister Davood Oglu to meet the deposed President Mohammad Morsi. Turkish Zaman newspaper quoted diplomatic sources saying Ankara is ready to meet with the military backed government in Cairo if the Egyptians allow Davood Oglu to meet Morsi. The Egy...


SHAFAQNA Exclusive: American state formalized Islamic Eids in its academic calendar

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The state of Connecticut in North East of The USA has formalized Islamic Eids in its academic calendar. According to IKNA Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha have been formally recognised as two of the biggest Islamic occasions in the north east of the USA and the education authorities of the Connecticut s...

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