A Question about FARAJ prayer

Question: In the following verse of Koran, It is mentioned that God is sufficient for the people; sufficient is the Lord to guide and to help. Or Is not Allah sufficient for his slaves?, but in one of our prayers ( Faraj Prayer) we recite: O Mohammad, O Ali! Suffice me surely you are the ones who suffice. And help me, because you are the sufficient helpers. It continues, O, my master! O, Sahib- al- Zaman! Come to rescue me! Come to rescue me! Come to rescue me! It seems that we are seeking help from the Great Prophet (p.b.u.h h.f), Imam Ali and Imam Mahdi (sahib- al- Zaman), also we want these great people to be sufficient for our life. Are these two not contradictory? Answer: this fact that God is sufficient for his slaves is not contradictory with asking other people for help. God helps humans in two ways: one is helping directly without an intermediary and another is helping through interceding of some creatures which God himself has created them, and has given this power to them. God the almighty inherently has the power to help and essentially any power is on his part, so helping others by means is done on behalf of Gods power and permission. Helping others indirectly by means, is like helping living creatures to be alive by sun, helping the plants to grow by rain, helping human beings to commute by animals. In all of these situations, God is helping by an intermediate, In the Holy Koran Allah the Almighty says: It is us who have created for them- among the things which our hands have fashioned- cattle, which are under their dominion. These creatures are the helpers too, but no one says, their help is inconsistent with Gods help because they help exactly as God does with his permission; they gain the power of helping from the very beneficent God. Therefore we see in Holy Koran, some verses express helping is limited to God: There is no help except from Thee whom we worship, and Thine aid we seek. while in other verses, other creatures are asked for help. For example: Seek (Allahs) help with patient perseverance and prayer, Help ye one another in righteousness and piety or If they seek your aid in religion, it is your duty to help them. These verses show the view of Koran, There is no inconsistency between exclusivity of Gods help and donating the power to people by God . Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h h.f), Imam Ali and Imam Mahdis help is exactly as God. The thing which is inconsistent with Towhid (monotheism) is that we consider a person has this power inherently, that is independent from Gods will and permission. In any ordinary situation, all people seek help from each other, the nature and industry, and no one says its inconsistent with Gods help. So there isnt any difference in seeking help from the universe or metaphysics.

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