What is the meaning of MOLA in Ghadir tradition?

Answer The word MOLA is known with several meanings: a helper, Sir, a chief, a protector, an owner, a leader to be obeyed and a friend. In Prophets well known words- I am whose MOLA, from now on Ali is theirs- however, the meaning of MOLA varies. It means: Imamate, leadership and the meaning of friend has the second priority. Follow the instances for a better understanding. 1. Prophet Mohammad, before saying the well known words, asked people whether he is prior to them, has the power to protect their life and wealth or not. All people unanimously responded Yes. Thus, Prophet Mohammad proved the exact sanctity for Imam Ali, either. 2. It is a little bit out of logic that Prophet Mohammad had congregated, and kept 100,000 people in a hot desert of Arabia to tell them to like Imam Ali while he had pointed this several times formerly. So we come to this consequence that this adjournment was for something very important- the succession. 3. The third one is Qurans notification to Prophet Mohammad; your prophet hood wont be done if you dont announce Imam Alis sainthood. These words are shown the significance of Imam Alis succession or else the matter of friendship had been mentioned too many times-chapter Al.hajarat, verse 10- that all believers are brother so they like each other and Imam Ali is not excluded, thus there were and there is no need of emphasizing further. 4. All right, lets accept what was meant as MOLA was friend. But what matters here? The real meaning of friend is to obey and honor him, to say that his enemy is mine, his friend is mine. You cant assert that I am Imam Alis friend and simultaneously his enemys friend so in this way you are not a real friend. 5. Both shies and Sunni document that the first people congratulated Imam Ali on his succession were ABUBAKR USMAN. They said that from now on you are ours and others MOLA. It means that every body, friend or enemy, accepted Imam Ali as Prophet Mohammads succession. 6. Despite the fact that the matter of succession was perfectly conspicuous, Imam Alis enemies brought up this doubt so as to have the honor themselves. To sum, it is obvious to all, Prophet Mohammad considered Imam Ali as MOLA is meant his successor not only a friend. It will suffice to just have a fair glance over history and verify what was said.

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