Why shias are exaggerating about Imam Ali and other Prophets family, like considering them as God’s hand, God’s eye?

Answer: Actions and treatments of unaware shies arent basis of judging all shies actions and words. Lets come up with an example, the word of some school of thoughts, saying Imam Ali is God, is entirely wrong. The real sheis are those considering Prophet Mohammad and Imam Ali as Gods creations. In every single prayer we are saying, I testify that Mohammad is Gods servant and Prophet, and also Gods sender. At this time we should point out that Imams and Prophets dont have any things of their own; they were and better to say are just blessed from God. The instance of Imams qualities is exactly like a person who naturally is intelligent or has extraordinary talents. We never ask these people why or how you have such abilities, in fact we do know that God has given them these blessings. As the matter of fact God himself has appointed Imams as his hand or eye on the earth and it doesnt mean that Imams are part of God like his eye or hand. In excess, Imams in this world are just like something that God dose his works through them and not only have they had anything of their own, but also they are just blessed by God. God could have blessed someone else or even he could have done his works himself but he had chosen them. In soore Tobee in Qoran, verse 105; God says: you and your works will be monitored by Prophet and Imams as it is Gods will. The most interesting part upon this matter the exaggeration of second caliph is. Please pay attention to this tale: Once during Hajj time a person was peeping and Imam Ali saw him. He, on the spur of the moment, slapped him on the face. He complained to caliph. The caliph said: Gods eye saw you and Gods hand punished you. This exaggeration about Imams is not meant as contemplating them God. But what are ignorable to say are Imams blessings from God.

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