Do shias believe in destiny?

Answer: Clergy man (Ayte-al-allah) Jafar Sobhani One of the absolute Islamic believes is destiny which is sourced from both the book (Koran) and prophets family, also this is logically acceptable. We created everything as it is needed, this verse from Koran is the definite definition for decree of God. Thus, created world is the world of fate and schematization. Every humans life is organized before handed. The verse, he is who has created you from soil then determined your long-life, will define the divine decree. According to these verses no Muslim can deny the destiny. To avoid those who have less information about this matter, we would better not go further in details. Accordingly Imam Ali has addressed this group: This way is dark and dim, do not go through it; it is a bottomless sea, do not dive in it; this is a heavenly secret; do not harm yourself to unlock it. So, human is not excluded from this scheduled universe; what matters here is not to confuse destiny and compulsion. There is a vital distinction between compulsion and destiny. All schools of thoughts included the religion Islam (shia) agree that Gods organization in this world is not the opposite of human power of decision.

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