Omar Did Not Believe in Council+ Document

One heresy the second Caliph of Islam had established and there was no experience about it was a six-member council discussion but Omar did not believe it at all, but it was the only way to deprive Hazrate Ali ibn Abi Taleb (peace be upon him) of being the Caliph: Omar said: if Mr. Salem (mola abi Hozayfeh) was alive, I did not choose caliphate at all with council. Omar ibn al-Khattab said: If Abu Obeydeh ibn Jarrah was alive; I would put him as caliph. If Maz ibn Jebel was alive, I would put him the Caliph. If Khalid ibn Waleed was alive, I would put him the Caliph. Khalid ibn Walid, is the same person who raped Malik ibn Novayrehs wife and Omar swore to stone him. Omar said: If these two people were alive, and i would choose them as my caliph: Salem Abu Mola Hozaufeh and Abu Obaydeh Jarrah. His Excellency Omars own conclusion that it was not the council, i.e.: If Khalid Bin Walid and Maaz ibn Jebel and Abu Obeydeh ibn Jarrah were alive and healthy, the council did not chooss caliph. But since they are not alive, I am forced to do the caliphate by council.

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