Expropriation of People’s Properties

Expropriation of peoples properties on the pretext of expanding Masjed ol- Haram (Forbidden Mosque): Tabari has mentioned in the chapter that related to the events of 26th hegira that: in this year Osman expanded Masjed ol- Haram (Forbidden Mosque) and made it larger. He bought some houses of the neighbors of Masjed ol- Haram (Forbidden Mosque), but those who did not accept to sell their houses, Osman made them evacuate their houses and he demolished their houses and he set the prices of them in treasure house (beit -ol- Mal). When the owners of those houses protested about Osmans illegal action, he ordered to imprison them. And then he said: do you know what makes you so rude to me? Nothing except my tolerance and patience! Omar did the same thing to you, but you did not protest about it. After that, Abdollah ibn Khalid asked Osman to free the unfortunate owners who lost their properties by Osmans order. It seems that the caliph did not respect for people and their properties and it seems that he did not hear the Prophets (peace be upon him and his relatives) hadith that: Do not touch Muslims properties unless they allow you genially. (Tabaris History, v.5, p.47, Yaghubis History, v.2, p.142, Al-Kamel, v.3, p.51, and Al-Ghadir, v.8, p.129)

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