Mourning for Osman

Is that correct that Damascians (the people of Sham) mourned for Osman one year? If you say crying and mourning for dead person is not correct, so why did they mourn for him in the presence of Muavieh and he did not only prevent them, but also he supported them. Zahabi said: Muavieh hung Osmans clothes and some of his cut fingers over his Menbar (the chair for orator), and some of Damascians (the people of Sham) swore not to go to bed, rest and have intercourse with their wives until they avenged his deathand kill the Osmans murderers or be killed, and they cried over him for one year. (History of Islam, p.452) The question is: WHY MOURNING OVER THE THIRD CALIPH IS NOT WRONG AND DOES NOT IRRITATE THE DEAD IN HIS GRAVE AND IT IS A RELIGIOUS ACTION, BUT MOURNING FOR IMAM HUSSAIN (peace be upon him), THE MASTER OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN PARADISE, IS WRONG AND HERESY?!

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