Osaman as Zon-noorain (own two lights)

Is it correct that this hadith There are not any trees except it has been written on their leaves: ther is no god except Allah, Mohammad is His Messenger, Abu Bakr is Sedigh (honest), Omar is Farough (makes separate), Osman is zonnoorain (own two lights) is fake and made by Ali ibn Jamil Roghi. Tabarani has quoted it and said: It is a fake hadith and Ali ibn Jamil was a forger and did many fake hadiths. He is the only person who has quoted this hadith. And Maeruf Ibn Maeruf Balkhi and Abdol Aziz Ibn Amr Khorasani who is unknown robbed it from him. (Al- MOjam ol Kabir, v.11, p.64, h.11093) Abu Naeim Esfehani has quoted this hadiths from Ali ibn Jamil forger. (Helyatol Olia, v.3, p.304) Also Khatli has quoted it by Abdol Aziz Ibn Amr Khorasani in A-Dibaaj that as Zahabi confirmed it he is unknown. And the narration is invalid and the problem is Abdol Aziz. (Mizan ol Eetedal, v.2, p.632) Ibn Adi has quoted it from Maeruf Balkhi, but the n he said This Maeruf is different from that Maeruf and perhaps he robbed it from Ali ibn Jamil. (Al-Kamel Fi Zoafae Rejal, v.5, p.325) Zahabi said in Mizan ol Eetedal This hadiths is forged and fake but it is famous of Ali ibn Jamil. Abol Ghasem Bashran has quoted this hadith in Emali from Mohammad ibn Abd ibn Aamer ibn Samarghandi, but he was a very great liar and hadiths forger. (History of Baghdad, v.5, p.371) Ibn Adi said He followed some hadiths that cannot be trusted. (Al-Kamel Fi Zoafae Rejal, v.5, p.371) Khatib Baghdadi has quoted from Hossein ibn Ibrahim Ehtiati that Ali ib Jamil was a forger. (Mizan ol Eetedal, v.1, p.540) Zahabi after mentioning this hadiths from the same way, said This hadiths is invalid and the accused person is Hossein Ehtiati. (Mizan ol Eetedal, v.1, p.540) And in another place he said This hadiths is invalid. (Mizan ol Eetedal, v.4, p.146) Also ibn Kasir quoted it from Tabarani in Al-Bedayae val Nahayae, and then said This hadiths is weak because in the references of the hadiths there are some people who are under suspicious, and it is not without fault. (Al-Bedayae val Nahayae, v,7, p.230)

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