The First Time That Quran Was Burned in Islamic History

One of the most important issues is insulting to Holy Book of Allah, Quran. But before we discuss the reason for this horrible action, it is necessary to talk about the background of it. Is it the first time that this dreadful event happened or there were some other dreadful events before too? The answer is very brief, YES. Burning of Holy Quran had happened during Osman ibn Affans government, the Third Sunnis Caliph, and it was happened by his order, there was not one volume but many Qurans. The source of this narration is Bokharis Sahih, the most important books of Sunnis in Hadiths. According to Osmans order, one volume of Quran was written, and then some copies of it were made and sent to other places. After that, Osman ordered to gather and burn all of Qurans except the volume that was made, from the Quran in leaves form to those which became a book.

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