SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Wedding ceremony held on the day of Ashura by Saudi Mufti!

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Omar bin Abdul Aziz Al-e-Sheikh the son of the Grand Mufti of the Saudi Arabia celebrated his wedding anniversary on the day of Ashura and many Wahhabi Muftis attended the lavish ceremony. Afkar News said when Wahhabi Muftis can justify alcohol drinking by the Saudi rulers or kissing the hands of the western women in their official and unofficial meetings as respecting western values, how can holding a wedding ceremony for his son by the Grand Mufti on the day of the martyrdom of the Grandson of the Prophet (PBHU) can be justified?

Omar is the youngest son of the Grand Mufti of Saudis and married last year on the day of Ashura and after a year celebrated again on the day of Ashura in a club in Riyadh. Abdul Aziz Al-e-Sheikh is a descendant of Abdulwahhab the Founder of Wahhabi sect and has been appointed as the Grand Mufti of the Wahhabis as well as the Head of Saudi Scholars Council by the King of the Saudi Arabia. He is the chief of those who often issue peculiar and suspicious Fatwas and oppose any type of movement against the Zionist regime. The Grand Mufti of Saudis considers Imam Hussein (AS) uprising against Yazid as Haram (forbidden by the religion). He also considers any demonstrations against the Saudi rulers as Haram and calls it heresy.

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