SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Italian newspaper: Israel a partner for Saudis against Iran

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In a report about the coordination and union between Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera wrote “the enemy Israel is now a valuable partner against an isolated enemy called Iran.” The report says that the richest and the most conservative Sunni regime, Saudi Arabia which women do not have any freedom and the human rights is a nuisance issue has forged a united front with Israel against Iran.

The paper says Riyadh and Tel Aviv have a common enemy called Iran which is the leader of the Shia world and they cannot tolerate the return of Iran to the world stage. Corriere della Sera added that in order to hurt Shias, the Saudis imposed a war in Syria because they see Assad belonging to the Shia world. The Saudis even suggested to the USA that they will pay for all the expenses if Americans attack Syria and Netanyahu supported the Saudi’s proposal. The report said that the secret contacts between Israel and Saudi Arabia increased more and more which eventually led to the military cooperation aiming at isolating Iran.

The Italian paper reported that the Saudis are now investing to equip themselves with atomic weapons and hence the Middle East is becoming more and more dangerous. Corriere della Sera points to the cautious ways by the Russians and the Americans and say that they have reached agreement on Syria and that was the reason behind the rejection of temporary seat in the Security Council by the Saudis. This rejection by the Saudis also caused rifts between Sunni Arab countries as they do not have a representative in the Security Council any more.

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