SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Secret trip of US Military Attaché to Yemeni island

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The secret trip by the US military Attaché in Yemen and his companions in a private plane to the Island of Socotra was for the purpose of meeting the heads of Yemeni army, security organisations as well as local authorities. According to Fars news agency Benjamin Buchholz and Waleed Nasr, the US military attaches in Yemen together with Abdul Qader Saif the Cultural Attaché  and 3 other persons entered the Island of Socotra in a private plane.

Their private plane travelled from the US base in Djibouti to the Yemeni island and the secret visit lasted only for a few hours. The US delegation was welcomed to the island by the Yemeni army chiefs, the head of security services and the head of navy. The local authorities were surprised of the secret visit by the Americans as they kept in dark by Yemeni military. According to the reports the purpose of the visit announced as discussions about anti-terrorism and the US military activities in the Yemeni island. During the visit the plane’s personnel did not leave the plane and after the meeting took the US delegate back to the American base in Djibouti.

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