SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Egyptian cleric suggests the expulsion of Muslim Brotherhood members to Turkey and Qatar

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – An Egyptian cleric said the Muslim Brotherhood group is like the Jews at the beginning of Islam and asked them to be departed to Turkey and Qatar. Sheikh Mazhar Shahin the Head of Omaral Mokkaram Mosque situated in the Tahrir Square of the Cairo wrote in his Facebook page that the Prophet (PBUH) at the start of his prophethood allowed the Jews to live with Muslims in peace and harmony but they did not obey and were eventually departed from Medina.

He suggested to give Muslim Brotherhood a 2 months period to repent otherwise depart all of them to Turkey and Qatar. Shahin added that the Brotherhood members will have good lives in Turkey and Qatar and they can bring back Khalafa and choose Turkish Prime Minister Ardogan or Qatari Emir as their Khalifa. He said it is better 150000 terrorists leave Egypt and let the other 90 million to live in peace. Turkey and Qatar continue to support Muslim Brotherhood group even after the removal of Morsi and Cairo considers this as interference in the internal affairs of Egypt.

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