SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Saudi Arabia is planning to send 2 newly formed divisions to Syria

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Saudi Arabia with the help of Pakistan, Jordan, UAE and France has formed 2 divisions of 5 to 10000 personnel each and will soon send these terrorists to Syria. According to Al-Aalam Saudis will fund the training for the terrorists inside Pakistan and they will be trained by Pakistani army personnel. The reason for this military campaign is that the Saudis have lost the hope of Obama attacking Syria and now they want to overthrow the Syrian government on their own.

Foreign Policy wrote, based on what Yazid Sayeq an expert from Carnegie Centre in Beirut said about Saudi’s plan to form 2 divisions of forces to fight Syrian government shows that Riyadh is intending to move forward with the Syrian file without the US participation. Pointing to sources from the US Information Organization the Foreign Policy wrote that there are some obstacles on the way of Saudis such as the tensions inside Pakistan and the neighbours of Syria like Jordan. But the most serious problem is coordinating all the factions within the armed rebel forces fighting inside Syria.

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