SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Indian Prime Minister refused to take part in the Commonwealth Summit

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In a letter to Sri Lankan President theIndian Prime Minister announced that he will not attend the Commonwealth Summit to be held between 15-17 November 2013 in Colombo. Although the content of the letter is not known but Reuters reported that Indian Prime Minister refusing to attend because he believes that the war crime against Tamil minority has not been pursued by Sri Lankan government in a proper manner. The experts believe the Prime Minister’s refusal to take part in the summit is due to the pressures from the Tamil community in India. Already the Canadian Prime Minister has declared that he will not take part in the summit because of the journalists and politicians arrests in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government which defeated Tamil Tigers separatists in 2009 is facing increasing pressures to punish those who committed war crimes.

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