SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Head of Salafi Party warned against spread of Shia Islam in Egypt

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Waleed Ismaeil the Head of Salafi Party in Egypt claimed that Shias are using Sufi methods to spread Ja’afari school of thought! The Salafi leader in his statement pointed to the charitable activities of Shia Muslims in Egypt and called it Sufi ways to attract people to their religion. He also warned Egyptian authorities to prevent Shias from building their own Mosques and Husseiniehs. Ismaeil asked Egyptian security forces to stop Shias from doing any charity work! The Salafi/Takfiri groups are trying very hard to confront the spread of Shia Islam in Egypt and are exerting a lot of pressures on Shia Muslims in that country.

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