SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Saudi regime has given the green light to Takfiri groups to re-start clashes in North Lebanon

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The clashes in Northern Lebanon re-started by the Takfiri groups supported by the Saudi Arabia. The latest number of casualties put so far as 60 dead and wounded. The Lebanese Al-Akhabarieh newspaper revealed that according to a security source the Saudi regime has asked the leaders of the armed Takfiri groups to re-start their offensive operations. The Lebanese newspaper believes the Saudis think by bringing insecurity to Lebanon they can revenge defeats in Syria. The paper also wrote that Saudis wish the instability continues in Iraq and Lebanon so that they can ensure their role in the region. The security source told the Lebanese newspaper that the Saudis are giving money and military equipment to the extremists groups in Lebanon because they are worried about being isolated in the region. The clashes between the Takfiri groups and the Lebanese army are continuing and the numbers of dead and wounded are increasing.

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