SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Saudi royal family serving the US interests says the distinguished activist

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Saad Al-Faqih the General Secretary of the Reform Party stressed that the Saudi Arabia’s foreign policies are not serving the religion or the nation and the members of the Saud household are serving the interests of the USA. Talking to Al-Hawar television Al-Faqih stressed that in kingdoms like Saudi Arabia the aim is to protect and continue the exclusive privileges which the royal family have over the people. He added that in Saudi Arabia the regime owns everything, the entire country and the nation all belong to the Al-e-Saud dynasty even the interpretation of the religion is at their disposal.

Al-Faqih said in Saudi Arabia the consultative assembly is chosen by the King and the regime indicates which issues must be discussed or approved. The assembly cannot interfere or ask questions about the financial, economic and foreign policies of the regime. Al-Faqih explained about the foreign policies of Saudi regime by announcing that it is based on 3 elements. The first element is that the regime is against the formation of any revolutionary government in the region because they are worried the revolution may be transferred to the Saudi Arabia. The second element is that the Saudi monarchy moves inside the circle of the US policies.

The third element is that the Saudi regime tries to introduce itself as the highest Sunni authority to the world and is frightened of the formation of any other Sunni government with transparent, just policies as well as having an independent judicial system. Al-Faqih revealed that the Saudi people are suffering from poverty, unemployment, crimes and lack of housing. He also revealed that 60% of the lands in the country belong to the members of the royal family and the average salary is about 5000 Rials whilst a Saudi Prince receives 1000 times that figure.

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