SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Iranian Jewish Community said they are disgusted by the racist remarks of criminal Netanyahu

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – A statement issued by Mereh Sedgh a Member of the Iranian Parliament representing Jewish Community condemned the recent speech by the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime of Israel at the United Nations. In a part of the statement the Iranian Jewish community said “once again remarks by one of the leaders of the Zionist regime showed the animosity of the Zionists towards the religion of the Prophet Moses (AS) and freedom seeking nation of Iran.”

The statement stressed that a group of the arrogant powers with their inhuman sanctions and another group with their baseless claims showed their worries about the heroic achievements of the Iranian nation. The statement by Mereh Sedgh on behalf of the Iranian Jewish community said “the Iranian Jewish community unanimously and with one voice declares its abhorrence at the racist and baseless claims of this criminal person (Netanyahu) and together with the followers of all the divine religions within the sacred state of the Islamic Republic of Iran announce to the world our intention to stand against any type of tyranny.”

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