SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Anti-Shia books being distributed in Hajj

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Many pilgrims who are travelling towards Mecca facing a storm of anti-Shia campaign by the Wahhabis. According to Kalame Akhbar the Wahhabis in Mecca have stared a widespread campaign against Shia Muslims. One example of this anti-Shia campaign is the distribution of a book (Al-Kafi fi Tahzir Al-Basharia min Deen Al-Athna Asharia; Al-Saratanal Shiei wal looby Al-Rafezi) which describes Shia Islam as a type of cancer as well as warning other Muslims to be vigilant of Shia pilgrims. A lot of pressure is also exerted on Shia pilgrims by the Saudis.

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