SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Shia Muslims in Egypt cannot celebrate Eid-ul-Ghadeer due to objection by extremists

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Mahmoud Jaber a Shia Leader in Egypt said despite very difficult situation Shia Muslims are determined to celebrate Eid-ul-Ghadeer. He added that this great occasion is often celebrated in Hussainiehs but as there are not any in Egypt the Eid is celebrated in Shia houses. Jaber pointed to the fact that Eid-ul-Ghadeer is mentioned in both Shia and Sunni references and whilst there may be differences in interpretations no one has denied its occurrence. Mahmoud Jaber stressed that Shia Muslims cannot celebrate Eid-ul-Ghadeer openly in Egypt because of the extremists Takfiri groups who are violently against Shia Islam.

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