SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Saudi’s role in Syrian chemical attack

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The Russian diplomatic sources reported that a Saudi group called “the black operational team” took part in the chemical attack in Damascus suburbs last August. Interfax news agency announced that data from a few official sources revealed the activities of a group belonging to Saudi regime which crossed the border from Jordan and with the help of “Lewaol Islam” group carried out the deadly chemical attack. A Russian diplomatic source told Interfax that this attack had a significant effect on Syrian situation.

“Lewaol Islam” is a hardline extremist group operating near Syrian capital and is led by a Salafi cleric from Saudi Arabia. The same group accepted responsibility for bombing a government meeting in Damascus in June 2012 when some of the senior Syrian government members like Defence Minister, his deputy and Deputy President were killed. The published reports show the role of Saudis in the sarin gas attack on Syria which led to western countries accusing Assad’s government and threatening to act militarily against Damascus.

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