SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Iraqi Prime Minister said Al-Qaida and the Ba’ath Party are two sides of the same coin

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Nouri Al-Maleki said that the Ba’ath Party and the Al-Qaida are two sides of the same coin and target Iraqi citizens without exceptions. He added that the Iraqi history has never witnessed as much crime, killings and executions as at the time of Ba’athist regime which came to power on the basis of tribalism. The Iraqi Prime Minister told the children of those martyred by Al-Qaida “we must fight Al-Qaida as our fathers fought Ba’ath Party and you the children of martyrs through fighting Al-Qaida cherish your fathers’ heritage because Iraq is a trust given to Iraqi nation.”

Nouri Al-Maleki indicated that the political process is continuing in the country despite the problems and the reconstruction of the nation is underway based on justice. He said those who act against the Iraqi nation continue the criminal ways of the deposed Ba’athist regime, a regime that some spiteful countries still support. The Iraqi Prime Minister reiterated that the terrorists continue the ways of Ba’athists and we continue the ways of those who fought them and became martyrs.

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