SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Hamas criticised Obama’s speech in the UN

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – A Hamas Leader criticised Obama’s speech in the United Nations (UN) where he used the phrase “Jewish country”. According to ISNA, Salah Bardawil one the Hamas leaders in his interview with the Quds Press from London stressed that using such phrase is a dangerous act and threatens the Palestinian issue and is like ignoring all UN’s resolutions.

He added that Obama is talking about a Jewish country whilst other American authorities are using the same phrase which is extremely dangerous thing to do because this will prevent the Palestinian refugees from returning to their homeland. Bardawil believes that using the phrase means to ignore all the UN’s resolutions. He pointed that continuing the negotiations between Palestinian Authority with the Zionist side is a waste of time. Bardawil made it clear that the Palestinian Authority is not paying any attention to the Palestinians rights and must end the talks with the Zionists.

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