SHAFAQNA Exclusive: A Shia woman has been taken hostage by Bahraini Police to arrest her husband

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – According to ABNA in its latest anti-human actions the Bahraini regime has taken a Shia woman hostage in order to arrest her husband. The family of the woman who was transferred to Al-Wosta Police Centre went to demand her immediate release but the Bahraini security forces refused to give any information regarding the safety of the woman hostage.

The website Aali wrote, the Bahraini woman crashed her car on Thursday afternoon near the Shodkand Square and the Police took her to the Traffic Police Centre. The Police found out that the crashed car belonged to the woman’s husband who the Police wanted to arrest. The Bahraini Police have told the Shia woman that she will remain a hostage until her husband gives himself up. Al-e-Khalifeh forces also arrested the woman’s brother in law but later on released him on bail.

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