SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Chomsky exposed the US plan to divide Syria into three parts

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – According to ISNA in a comment regarding the US probable attack on Syria, Noam Chomsky the American intellectual and analyst said the Syrian situation is extremely frightening and it is getting worse and no hope can be seen in the horizon. He added that the possible event which may take place in Syria is that the country to be divided into three parts; a Kurdish area similar to autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan with possible close relations with Turkey.

The rest of Syria will be divided into two parts; one part will be allocated to anti-Assad groups and the other half to Assad government. Chomsky believes that Israel will benefit mostly from the situation in Syria. He added that Israel is looking to divisions inside Syria to reach its aims. Chomsky pointed to a recent New York Times article by an Israeli authority who said Israel enjoys seeing Arabs being killed by other Arabs.

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