SHAFAQNA Exclusive: President Assad has formed the war room

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Lebanese Al-Diar newspaper reported that the President of Syria has personally taken the command of military from an unknown base. It is reported that Assad is directing the operations together with a group of high ranking generals. Assad’s family and the families of other Syrian authorities are now living in underground shelters. The Syrian security forces have asked all the landlords who possess strong underground places to make them ready for other citizens’ use by providing facilities such as water. The Lebanese newspaper reported of the high moral of the people and the military and said they are all ready for any possible attack. The paper said the reason that Israel is monitoring the situation from the sideline is that it is worried of thousands of Syrian ballistic missiles as well as the Hezbollah entering the conflict. In addition Hezbollah has put all its forces in high alert.

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