SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Reform Party of UAE protests at the situation of political prisoners

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The Reform Party in the United Arab Emirates revealed the harsh treatments of political prisoners and demanded from the Emirati regime to stop breaches of human rights in the country’s prisons. According to Al-Aalam in its 25th statement the Reform Party announced the deplorable and insulting behaviour of Emirati regime towards the political prisoners. The statement said after the unfair political trials of 61 prisoners which led to their unjust convictions they faced insulting treatments as well as their basic human rights being abused by the regime’s security forces.

The statement also condemned the deplorable behaviour of prisons authorities particularly in the last week of Ramadan and stressed that the prisoners were prevented from praying and suffered due to electricity cut in the hot weather as well blocking light to reach cells. The Reform Party announced that 6 of its prominent members Mohammad Al-Mansori, Mohammad Al-Abduli, Ali-Alkendi, Saalem Hamdoun Al-Shahi, Najeeb Al-Amiri and Master Al-Ghabisi have gone on hunger strike to protest the situation in prison and their health conditions are at critical stage.

The Emirati party holds the Internal Ministry responsible for the health and wellbeing of all the prisoners especially those on hunger strike and asked the government to end the human rights abuses. The Party’s statement stressed that the Emirati regime is accountable to the international court of human rights regarding the abuse of prisoners’ human rights.

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