SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Iraqi Prime Minister warned Syrian Kurds not to join extremist groups

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – According to Al-Aalam in a televised interview the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maleki said from the start we warned about the terrorist groups in Syria and stressed that they are dangerous for all Syrians. Maleki added that, now the terrorists threaten all Syrians including the Kurds and I warn Kurds not to join the extremists because this will lead to insecurity for all the Kurdish population inside Syria. Maleki referred to the tribalism plan which has been designed for the region and asked all Iraqis and Syrians to strengthen their national unity in order to combat it. Maleki believes the terrorists in Iraq and Syria want to destroy the national identities of these countries and harm these nations’ dignities. Maleki pointed to the recent actions by the Iraqi security forces and said many bomb making sites have been identified and destroyed.

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