SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Washington Post says Egyptian girls are smuggled to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Washington Post reported that very young girls in Egypt who live in suburbs, villages and low income areas are smuggled to Arab countries. These girls are often forced to marry early in temporary basis and without their knowledge in most cases. The American newspaper reported that about 38000 Egyptian young girls mostly in early teenage years are sold for this type of marriage around the world on daily basis. The report added that a lot of unknown dangers awaiting these young girls, a life with no education or independency.

The Washington Post reported that one third of these girls are under 15 years old and their families sell them for marriage. The report pointed to development of new type of sex tourism in Egypt as the number of rich Arab tourists particularly from the Saudi Arabia is increasing on a daily basis. An Egyptian authority told the reporters that some of the young girls marry many times before they reach 18 years of age and these types of marriages often do not last more than 7 days.

The Washington Post stressed the investigation carried out by the centre combating smuggling of the children in Egypt showed that 75% of those who participated in their poll in the villages know young girls who are sold and said that this type of trade is on the increase in Egypt. This investigation showed that the types of customers who travel to Egypt for this type of trade are often Arabs from the Persian Gulf countries and 81% of them are from the Saudi Arabia.

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