SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Wahhabi cleric called for murder of Shia women and children

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Mohammad bin Saud form Saudi Sharia University in his page in a social site called ‘Saad Aldarihem’ and on the twitter invited the Iraqi insurgents to murder Shia women and children in order to cause more fear in Iraqi society. Aldarihem wrote if the Iraqi insurgents could have increased the murders of women and children surely the Iraqi Shias would have been more scared of them. Following the publication of these writings by the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi cleric in Twitter, the flood of criticism followed and some even called him a criminal.

In a response to Aldarihem, Saud Kateb from Almadina Newspaper wrote, I take Allah as witness that those who insult Islam more than Jews, Christians and other groups are these extremists who invite to murder and bloodsheds. Abdullah bin Bakhit from Akkaz Newspaer wrote, will this person go free without a trial? Should we not be aware that these terrorists live in our country? Khalimeh Mozzafar from Alwatan Newspaper asked for the expulsion of this Wahhabi from university and his trial. He also asked the Saudi Interior Ministry to put Aldarihem on trial and said these thoughts lead to terrorism and murders in the name of Islam. He also wrote that Mohammad bin Saud is a criminal and must be expled from the Sharia University.

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