SHAFAQNA Exclusive: A tragedy that the world media ignored

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The estimates show that nearly 50000 Alavides have been killed so far in Syria and it seems that they are facing a revenge campaign against them. According to Shafaqna reports from village of Alhaterieh in Alghadmoos region with population of 1500 so far 2% of the population has been killed and they call this village the place of martyrs and braves. However it is thought that the number of people killed in the village is more than the 2%. Women of the area wearing black and are constantly morning their dear ones who are killed daily. No one knows the exact number of those that have been killed so far. Some families do not even receive the body of their dear ones and just get a verbal message.

Current estimates show that just from the Alavide tribe nearly 50000 or half of the war casualties have been killed. This figure gets significant when it is revealed that only 15% of Syria is Alavides and most of the dead are men. The truth of the matter is that the number of dead from the Alavides is much more than the figures reveal and the world media have totally ignored them. Unfortunately it seems that there is no one to defend the rights of Alavides. The countries of the region only talk about the number of dead from Sunnis and ignore the casualties from Alavides and other minorities. The minorities in Syria say that it is a sad situation when in today’s world; tribalism is blinding the society’s vision.

Source: Al-Hayat

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