SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Committing sin is war against God, says Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Committing sin is war against God, says Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Ayatollah Javadi believes no one commits sin unless it is accompanied with hidden and secretive disbelief. When they asked the infallible Imam, how is it possible that a believer becomes a disbeliever, the reply was that, the moment a believer says if it was not for such a person I would have been destroyed or this problem would not have been solved, enters into disbelief. This is a hidden disbelief. He added, we should say thank Allah that through such a person my problem is solved. The distinguished Quran commentator said that the end of ‘Surah Baqareh (cow)’ mentions usury as a fight against Allah.

Ayatollah Javadi pointed to the fact that fight against Allah is not just disturbing the economical or security of the society. Anyone who is committing sin is declaring war against Allah and if this sickness is not cured then it is not certain that person dies as a believer. He continued by saying that the issue of death is not an ordinary matter; no illness is more painful than death. Describing death is like when the spirit from all of the body, toe to brain is plucked off, whilst the human is alive, what pain can be worse than this. He explained further by mentioning some real life examples and said when we pinch the flesh in our hand it is painful, when they want to pull a tooth, an anesthetic is used because they want to take the spirit from the live body. But for a believer the pain of dying is the most enjoyable because when we see Ahlul Bait (members of the Prophet’s household) we forget about our body.

Ayatollah Javadi pointed out that when one gets ill, forgets many things, the self-evident truths of religion are there for us not to forget, five times a day prayers are repeated every day for us not to forget and in the grave when the most obvious questions are asked, many are not able to answer. After bearing punishments, later on some will remember that their prophet is the one who the Quran was revealed to him. He added that we have a battle with death in front of us; committing sin is war with God and this is more important for people in higher authorities. In his final remarks Ayatollah Javadi said one who gains position through sin, his glory is without reason and his downfall is with reason. The day of resurrection is the time of the appearance of the truth. Therefore be fair, die with clean hands, all parts of human body are the God’s army, and if God wishes to break someone will use the same army.

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