SHAFAQNA Exclusive: The duty of media and speakers is to explain the truth and cruelties towards Hazrat Zahra (AS) and not to curse says Dr Jabbari


SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In an exclusive interview with Shafaqna, Hojatul-Islam Dr Mohammad Reza Jabbari said in order to find out about Hazrat Fatima’s (AS) behaviours in life it is enough to study the life of Prophet (PBUH) and all the narrations on this regard because she was educated by the Messenger of Allah. He added that Hazrat Zahra (AS) is the only lady amongst infallibles in Islamic era based on many evidences such as Ayah Tathir as well as various Shia / Sunni Narrations which consider that she is included in that Ayah.

Dr Jabbari pointed to other evidences regarding Hazrat Zahra (AS) such as the famous sentence by the Prophet (PBUH) which has been reported by Shia / Sunni sources. Prophet (PBUH) said Fatima is part of me if anyone bothers her, bothers me and if anyone bothers me is like bothering Allah. This is a clear evidence of the lofty position of Hazrat Fatima (AS) amongst other infallibles. He added that people can take example of Lady Fatima’s way of life as all her entire life was based on pure Islamic way.

Hojatul-Islam Jabbari believes that during the commemoration of the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima (AS) the truth about her life and all her sufferings must be explained and other matters which disturb the unity between Shia / Sunni Muslims must be avoided. In his final remarks Dr Jabbari reminded that it will be very useful if the historical events are explained justly especially when fair minded anti-Shia people can hear them and try to research further to find the full truth. He added that if we look at the history, many people found the truth through just behaviours of Shia scholars. Therefore the duty of the media and scholars is only to explain the truth about the life and the sufferings of Hazrat Zahra (AS).

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