SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Paying serious attention to the Shia genocide is essential, says an expert of Shia affairs

SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Paying serious attention to the Shia genocide is essential, says an expert of Shia affairs

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In an exclusive interview with Shafaqna, Seyyed Musa Khoie an expert of Shia affair said that the Shia world must pay attention to the propagation. He added that a Shia propagator should know what topics are necessary for today’s world. He added that unfortunately some scholars do not get involved in issues regarding Shia Islam which lead to more problems. He pointed to the potential of Shia Islam for expansion and considers this reason for terrorist attacks against it. Mr Khoie said in recent times Salafis have acted successfully in regard to creating Shia phobia but this has not worked amongst educated groups.

This expert puts the number of those converting to Shia Islam into hundreds since 1950 and mentioned that some Sunni scholars have written more valuable books about shiasm than Shias. The number of these books may be about 300 and some defend Shia Islam whilst criticising Omayyad’s inheritance. Mr Khoie said, but Wahhabis are different, they are looking for followers and they buy them with money and eventually turn them into terrorists. Some even buying poor people in North Africa and converting them into Baha’is. He added that a type of history has been given to Sunnis which is full of enmity towards Imam Ali (AS) and his progenies. Even in some instances they protest against Prophet (PBUH) in favour of Omayyads.

Mr Khoie believes the West has become an expert in creating differences amongst Muslims and working according to careful plans. He added that adopting a logical position regarding the large number of Shia killings is necessary and not enough has been done about the Shia genocides. It seems that in Iraq the West intends to inflame the Shia / Sunni issue. In 1900 when Britain entered Iraq, Shias were a majority. Then they installed a Sunni regime which eventually ended with Saddam. Now they are provoking Sunnis in Iraq to claim that Iraq and Baghdad belong to them. But they well know that the majority in Iraq are Shias. The Shia killings are happening daily in Iraq and this is a very dangerous move which can be described as genocide. They think by killing Shias they can disturb the population balance in the country.

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