SHAFAQNA Exclusive: A religious researcher says all the paths to Allah lead to human joy and delight

SHAFAQNA Exclusive: A religious researcher says all the paths to Allah lead to human joy and delight

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Hojatul-Islam Mahdi Bahrami a religious researcher says, the foundation of Islam is living in joy and delight. Of course this joy will be on the path to Allah. Good deeds lead to happiness because Allah is satisfied with those. He added that sadness and sorrow is an inherent feeling which separate humans from the material world and bring them closer to the Creator. He explained how Quran and narrations promise that if sorrow falls on someone in return an elevation of the position nearer to Allah will occur. This researcher said that, sorrow is an inner feeling like other feelings such as enjoyment which exist in humans.

Humans from the start of the creation have had this feeling. Sorrow is a kind of grief, an obstacle which is formed mostly against humans’ material attachments. Hojatul-Islam Bahrami pointed to the fact that Islam has simple ways of getting rid of sorrow but sometimes humans run away from these ways. If people act within Islamic guidance, they can rid themselves of sorrow. If believers are grief stricken, Islam gives them glad tidings of the resurrection where they will have rewards for their hardships or their sins will be forgiven. This religious scholar added that when believers think this way, they will have more patience and become more resistant against problems in life.

Regarding those who accuse Shia Islam to be the religion of sadness he commented by saying that this idea is totally wrong. Based on narrations, one of the ways which relieves humans from sorrow is crying. When in some ceremonies we cry for Ahlul Bait, this will result in our inherent happiness. This religious scholar believes that crying in such occasions has a deep effect on the human’s soul and practically is beneficial to the physical health as well as having rewards for the future life in the next world. In his final remarks, Hojatul-Islam Bahrami said those ceremonies and celebrations which are held based on Islamic values will result in satisfaction of Allah. Amongst other precious acts, observation of relationship (SALEHE-RAHEM) amongst family members, relatives and friends is emphasized in Islam.

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