SHAFAQNA Exclusive: Commemorating martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) can be a point of unity amongst Shia and Sunni Muslims, says an Islamic historian


SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In an exclusive interview with Shafaqna, Dr Mohammad Hossain Rajabi Davani, a researcher of Islamic history said, if certain divisive behaviours are avoided, commemorating martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) can be a unity point amongst Shia and Sunni Muslims. Dr Davani who was speaking on the occasion of the anniversary of martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (AS) described the daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) as a supreme example for individuals, social life, spirituality and a complete human being. He added that Lady Fatima (AS) is a role model for all mankind but as she was a woman, it is a priority for all women to take example of her.

This Islamic scholar explained that Lady Fatima (AS) was a shining example of a wife and mother whom others can learn from. She felt responsible for guiding the society and was the first woman to support the Prophet’s son in law, the leader of the pious and her husband Ali (AS). When those men who broke their allegiance to Imam Ali (AS), she actively entered the scene to defend him and the foundation of Islam. Despite all her social responsibilities, she was at the highest levels of obedience to the Almighty. Dr Davani said that considering her short life, Lady Fatima (AS) was an active teacher of her knowledge and wisdom which was obtained from her father, to others around her.

At a time when Imam Ali (AS) was under severe pressure from certain people, despite illness, Lady Fatima (AS) in a sermon invited people to understand their responsibilities towards their faith and encouraged them to break their silence and defend the Prophet’s ways. This Muslim historian described how commemorating the martyrdom of Lady Fatima (AS) can be an opportunity for Shia and Sunni Muslims to unite. He thinks both Islamic denominations should respect all members of the Prophet’s household (Ahlul Bait) in proper manners. Dr Davani believes the best way to commemorate the members of the Prophet’s household is the model left behind by the infallibles themselves. They used to invite poets to recite in the ceremonies as they listened whilst shedding tears for the sufferings of the Ahlul Bait. In his final remarks he asked for all the behaviour that offends Shia/Sunni Muslims to be avoided.

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