SHAFAQNA Exclusive: President Assad says Syria is facing a long war

SHAFAQNA Exclusive: President Assad says Syria is facing a long war

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The President of Syria emphasised that his country is facing a long war because he is fighting against a kind of terrorism that the world is unable to fight against. Despite all that he believes that Syria has gained significant progress in military and political fields. According to Shafaqna reporting, President Assad who was talking to a group of people who went to see him stressed that apart from fighting terrorism we are fighting another war with those who support the various armed groups. He said we know the end of the war is not near but we are determined to fight on till defeating this strange phenomenon.

The Syrian President reiterated that his government has never closed the doors to negotiation but it must know with whom and for what it is going to negotiate. On the other hand the differences amongst opposition groups are increasing every day and each one saying a different thing. Assad added that it is best that the rebels reach an agreement amongst themselves first but we have started negotiation with the rebels which so far has not led to any agreement. However we have presented a complete project for reforms and are ready to review that.

Once again Assad reiterated that the Syrian doors are open to all except the terrorists and said we will fight them to the end. President Assad added that we will negotiate on our basis and conditions and will negotiate with all Syrian groups except the terrorists and will not accept any forced conditions. He stressed the alliance between Damascus and Moscow is at its best condition and Russia has not changed its position form the start on the Syrian problems. Finally he said that the current situation of his government is better than those who are fighting it from inside or outside the country.

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