Shafaqna Exclusive Interview with Dr James B Thring

Shafaqna Exclusive Interview with Dr James B Thring

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) — Dr James B Thring is the founder of the Ministry of Peace, a London based NGO promoting peace activities throughout the world. The Ministry of Peace is a private initiative to lobby for peace against war criminals. Dr Thring is also the founder of Legal Action Against War.

Shafaqna: In June 2012 Ministry of Peace tried to organise a Seminar entitled "Peace with Iran" in the House of Lords and according to press release by organisers due to pressures from some lobbies this event had to be cancelled. Please could you explain who these lobbies are and why they have so much power that they can cancel a peaceful and informative event?

Dr Thring: Yes, we arranged the meeting for 13th June in the House to challenge the disinformation put out by MPs in a debate on 21st February about whether to lift the military threat against Iran.  As a result they voted overwhelmingly to keep the military threat. Most of those MPs were invited, along with the media and various peace groups, about 200 in all, although only 20-40 were expected.  The false charges were challenged in our booklet ‘Peace with Iran’ which was sent to all 650 MPs and many Lords, giving the facts and exposing the hypocrisies against Iran.  For example they had called Iran a ‘dictatorship’ when she is almost as democratic as the US or UK which, under Zionist pressure, are dictating sanctions on the entire Iranian people, based on disinformation, less politely known as lies.  They accused Iran of ‘Human Rights abuses’ which are unfounded and ignore the Human Rights suffering in Iran caused by the Zionist-orchestrated UN siege. Some claimed she was ‘building nuclear weapons’ and posed ‘a threat to the region’,  ignoring the US National Intelligence Estimates confirming each year that she is not. They also ignored the chilling fact that the Zionists already have had at least 200 illegal nuclear warheads since 1986 which are a real existential threat to the region.


Two days before the meeting, Lord Nazir Ahmed, who kindly agreed to chair it, was threatened with further suspension from the Labour Party if he went ahead. On the same day, the Jewish Chronicle rang Lords’ Information asking who was coming to the meeting and threatened violence. Lord Ahmed was forced to cancel, although invitees were unlikely to cause violence it might well have come from the Zionist pressure groups.

Why the Jewish lobby has so much power that it can cancel a peaceful debate stems from the Zionist project, planned for centuries. It was boosted by Benjamin Disraeli, backed by Lord Rothschild, who infamously boasted; “Give me control of a nation’s finances and I care not who makes its laws”.  His enormous wealth helped finance the Napoleonic Wars, the South African Wars, the Suez Canal and many other projects which made the lawmakers compliant to his agenda.  He persuaded them to lift restrictions on non-English admissions to the Houses of Parliament.

Now over a third of MPs belong to Labour, Conservative or Lib-Dem Friends of Israel.  Moreover, wealthy Zionist fundamentalists fund the Parties, obliging them to serve their agendas, even at the expense of the UK’s security and economy.  Despite all this power and control of the media, the case against Israel’s pre-emptive attack on Iran is so strong that it cannot survive honest debate. It is based on phantom fears arising from criminal abuses of the Palestinians which it knows incites resentment and ultimately retribution.  It has therefore built up terrifying powers via the media and amongst influential people to discourage criticism and hide its crimes and conspiracies. When this fails it diverts the opprobrium on to the whistle-blowers instead. Ours is a case in point: We have been tarred by the Jewish Chronicle with attending ‘Far Right’ meetings, although there is no known wing in England as far right as the Likud policy of admitting only Jews as citizens and draconically discriminating against everyone else.

Shafaqna: In your opinion what harm these pressure groups can cause to democracy and peace in UK and all over the world?

Dr Thring: The Israeli lobby does deep harm to democracy and peace.  Government by a foreign potentate is not democratic, especially one that has criminal records for wiping entire countries, like Palestine, off the map.  It is not democratic for debate in the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ to be denied by this same special interest group.  It does the name of democracy much harm when this special interest group if found to be hosting covert meetings about war with the UK Defence Minister Liam Fox, as exposed by the Werrity scandal.  It thus harms the voice of a democracy that has been infiltrated and misled by such undemocratic powers so that it cannot persuade any emerging nation that democracy is a safe, socially egalitarian and peace-loving form of governance.  Without this established and effective mechanism there is no authority to dictate or persuade other peoples in conflict that we have a cogent solution.  Even our laws have been twisted so that War Criminals can no longer be arrested by a Magistrate’s Warrant.  The International Criminal Court Act (2002) obliges signatories to make such arrests but so far, only minor, comparatively innocent antagonists have been arrested whilst the High Priests of War like Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Chainey, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Tony Blair have escaped justice or even accusation.

Shafaqna: The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq caused a lot of damage and bloodshed and destroyed livelihood of these nations to a great extent. What were the aims of these wars? And what are the achievements for the politicians and people of the countries that started these wars?

Dr Thring: The unlawful murder of tens of thousands of Afghans and about two million Iraqis and despicable devastation of their homeland have achieved exactly the opposite of what we were told were the aims. The alleged aims were to wipe out ‘terrorism’ and to end a ‘brutal dictatorship’. In reality, it is likely to have generated reprisals by individuals cruelly labelled as ‘terrorists’ when they are just simple people driven to despair by tragic loss and hopeless injustice. Those accused of terror in the USA in September 2001, were unlikely to have been the culprits: When the Afghan government asked for evidence, President Bush failed to educe any. And instead of capturing and trying Osama bin Laden he was murdered and dumped in the sea.

The suspicion falls more heavily on the Zionist lobby once more; Michael Collins Piper’s ‘The High Priests of War’ identified them as friends of the Zionist entity. Their covert aim was probably to save Israel fighting each Muslim country as it came to the aid of Palestine, which is at the heart of the Islamic world, as Ayatollah Khamenei recently affirmed. Their plan was “to get American forces to destroy Iraq’s army before it arrived on the borders of Israel”, as exposed by Victor Ostrowski in ‘The Other Side of Deception’.  They needed a ‘Pearl Harbour’ event to initiate what Samuel Huntingdon portrayed as a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ to whip up US public antagonism towards Islam. ‘9-11’ was thus blamed on nefarious Muslims.  But the World Trade towers were due to be demolished as out-of-date and containing asbestos which made them expensive to pull down. Their owner, Larry Silverstein, had insured them a few months beforehand for $2B each. His friend, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, left the Pentagon to sell remote guidance equipment for aircraft. There is evidence that the planes were guided into the towers and the Pentagon via an AWACS plane, needing no hi-jackers on board. This suggests the attack was orchestrated by Zionists for the sake of Israel.  Dr Zabrosky, former Director of the US Army War College, stated; “It was a Mossad operation”.  The incrimination of Iraq and Afghanistan is foretold in the neo-Con strategy ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences’ which cites those countries to be targeted by ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ as part of an ‘Axis of Evil’, and followed by attacks on Sudan, Somalia, Libya, North Korea and Iran. We now see the real ‘axis of evil’ in the alliance of Zion, the US and NATO.

The perpetrators of these wars have thus largely achieved their covert brutal aims; the emasculation of the leaderships of four of their seven victims and are busy denigrating, isolating and targeting the rest. But has it made Israel any safer?  Probably not: There are still huge forces in Asia unhappy with US-Zionist domination.  And it will be much more difficult to denounce, isolate and invade over 100 nations in the Non-Aligned Movement including India, Brazil and most of Latin America who are also unhappy with this ruthless, avaricious hegemony.

Shafaqna: In your opinion what is the idea of "the New Middle East" that US politicians talk about in recent years? Do you think US can achieve to implement this idea?

Dr Thring: ‘The New Middle East’ appears to be another face of the strategy to depose ‘dictators’ (regimes which try to dictate to the Zionist US corporations, bankers and media) and put compliant puppets in their place.  Where this cannot be achieved by deception, bribery and corruption they have resorted to siege, murder and destruction.  Now that the global community is waking up to these megalomaniacs Crimes Against Humanity the felons are covertly resorting to ‘carrot and stick’. The carrot is the idea that ‘democracy’, as an alternative to ‘dictatorship’, can bring freedom. Carl Gershman’s National Endowment for Democracy helps those who acquiesce. Jarred Cohen’s Alliance of Youth Movements provides incentives and ammunition for the uprisings. And Rothschild, Brzezinski and Soros coordinate the changes via their International Crisis Group.

This has partly succeeded in Egypt, Sudan and Libya and to a lesser extent in Syria, Yemen and other countries. They have succeeded by creating chaos as a cover for asset-stripping and deal-making as the oil prospectors and global bankers creep in to claim or steal resources.  The plan appears to have back-fired in some cases where the Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power or al-Qaida has filled a void.  But no doubt they are under close surveillance both within and without. If there is trouble it can be soothed with money from the arms sales and the proceeds of the pillaged resources. Russia and China, the only powers big enough to stop Israeli aggression and dictatorship and defend the Muslim populations, will face extreme denigration by the media and may back off. Zionists and their US corporate oligarchs will have won again.

Shafaqna: The idea of starting a new war with Iran is frightening for the people of the world. Why the politicians who supposed to be elected by people are not listening to the people and judging by media close to governments in US, UK and Israel war seems to be getting closer?

Dr Thring: It is a Crime Against Humanity that another whole nation of innocent people can be cruelly deprived of their means of subsistence, from oil, trade and finance, by, of all bodies, the UN ‘Security Council’.  But Netanyahu’s threat of military attack with nuclear fall-out implications, possibly in September, is so far outside international law and such a global threat to peace, that it must be halted. The Republic of Iran has not, as Israel claims, threatened to ‘wipe the Zionist entity off the map’, it has simply voiced the opinion about what may happen.  Even if Iran had a nuclear weapon it would be suicide to launch it against Israel’s arsenal and risk further devastation from the USA. Even Jews around the world, as well as in Israel, are distancing themselves from the unwholesome belligerence of their leaders. Its over-throw is over-due. Even senior Generals and Mossad agents are baulking at the imminent war. If Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and potentially, Bashir al-Assad can be removed by violent external force, rather than democratic process, so can Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak.  It will take the determination of China, Russia and the entire Non-Aligned Nations to threaten the Israeli regime with criminal sanctions and then military force under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to affect a halt on this pariah state.  And they will need to use Article 27 of the Charter to suspend any Member which is a party to the dispute, i.e. the USA.—




By Abbas Hamrang


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