FAQ - 18


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Is cockfighting and bullfighting with permission of their owners allowed? Question:
It is permissible but disliked as long as it does not cause loss of property. Answer:
What is the [minimum] limit of the difficulty (al-haraj) that lifts the prohibition? Is exorbitant price [for a halal item] that could still be bought with [financial] strain or by getting a loan a [valid] example that would make a haram [but cheap alternative] item permissible religiously? Question:
The circumstances are different in this [case], and the criterion is the extreme hardship that is not normally tolerable. Answer:
What is the present day equivalent in mithqal or grams of the weight in gold known as “al-himsa”? Question:
Al-Himsa is 1/24 of the mithqal as-sayrafi; and the latter is 4.64 grams; so the weight of al-himsa will be 0.193 grams.

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